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Welcome to Ayush Remedies, your one-stop resource for high quality herbal products, ayurvedic remedies and natural health supplements made of finest grade herbs and natural ingredients.
Ayurveda, the Science of Life and Longevity, believes in treating the root cause of health problems and this is the reason why once you undergo an ayurvedic treatment, you will start realizing how important it is to maintain the proper functioning of your body through correct eating habits, adopting ayurveda lifestyle and keeping your mind relaxed. When we take a closer look at the common health problems, we can be convinced of the fact that most of these problems can be cured with little rest, herbal supplements and common sense. Ayurvedic remedies and natural herbal products help in correcting damages done within the body due to an aggravated doshas resulting from faulty eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, as well as one's negative thought processes and stress levels.
Ayurveda suggests that individuals suffering from the problem of high cholesterol should watch what they eat. Curry leaves and turmeric are known to have properties that remove the clogging from the arteries.
In order to effectively dissolve the cholesterol deposits in the body, tulsi or holy basil is also used for consumption. Other medicines that are prescribed in case of high cholesterol are hridayarnava rasa, prabhakara vati and mrigamdavasa. In order for the ayurvedic diet and medicines for cholesterol to work, one must quit smoking and drinking, get adequate sleep and finally exercise daily. Yoga is also very beneficial in proper circulation and elimination of the cholesterol buildup in the body.
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Can I stop my medicine if you suggest me some other substitute which doesn’t have any side effect ?

Ayush Remedies is dedicated to bringing you pure, authentic and premium quality natural health products. Ayurveda utilizes the valuable properties of each plant, herb, root, flower and mineral to maintain and restore ones natural balance of health and wellbeing harmony with the rhythms of nature. You can use natural herbal products when you have to deal with one of those health problems. There are several aspects to an ayurvedic treatment which may contain one or more of the following approaches - balancing the doshas, building immunity, removing accumulated toxins and cleansing the body, treating pains, aches, and lethargy as well as providing relaxation through massages and therapies, etc. The bark of arjuna is powdered and used to dissolve the cholesterol accumulated in coronary artery.
You can eat citrus fruits, nuts such as walnuts and almonds, carrots, strawberries, apples, spinach and broccoli. It primarily helps in the cleaning of arteries that have been clogged with cholesterol deposits. It has guggulsterones which decongests clogged arteries and also prevent further rise of cholesterol levels.
It is also used in order to clean, blocked arteries which further prevents the risk of any cholesterol related problems such as heart attacks. In fact yoga asana such as padmasana, shalabhasana, and vajrasana are especially beneficial for people who are suffering from high cholesterol. We take immense care in selecting unique natural herbal products of the highest quality, made with natural ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties according to the wisdom of Ayurveda. Normally cholesterol is available in two form High density cholesterol (HDL) and low density cholesterol (LDL).

Ama are byproduct of improper digestion, absorption and metabolism which can block the bodily channels such as arteries.
When we take a closer look, we can see that most of the common health problems require little care and a herbal remedy.
If you are looking for long lasting results, you should turn to ayurvedic remedies for good.
HDL is also known as  good cholesterol as it helps in carrying LDL to the liver where it is disposed of from the body. Cholesterol are located in coronary arteries leading to condition Hridaya roga in Ayurveda.
Well, keeping cost, convenience and side effects in mind; smart people realize that herbal remedies are the best bet. Also, some allopathic medicines have to be continued for long periods and that can make way for permanent side effects.
Herbs are powerful but they are incapable of providing side effects to your body unlike allopathic medicines. Depending upon the cause of cholesterol level either diet and lifestyle, lifestyle modification, herbal therapy and body detoxification treatment is necessary for good results.

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