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January 28, 2016 by Shelley · Your hair makes a big impression on your overall appearance. But the last thing I want is to feel the weight of a lotion-like conditioner weighing my hair down. Plus, if you visit Nexxus at Sam’s Club, you can hear what other REAL women are saying about this new best treatment for dry hair. Eat Your Way To Great Health & Longevity: Free eBook Reveals 101 Of The Best Superfoods To Incorporate Into Your Diet, Along With Their Amazing Health Benefits.
Your hair is literally your crowning glory and when dry can quickly become your worst nightmare.
Fortunately, whatever the cause, there are hair treatments out there to nurture your strands back to the best state it can be. You can’t go wrong with hair treatment that is enriched with omega-6 and Argan oil which are infamous for achieving intense hair softness.
This is a lovely shampoo with a lovely smell that delivers silky smooth, deliciously shiny hair that is full of bounce.
Rich in vitamin E, omega-9, omega-6, linoleic acid and unsaturated essential acids, this product is not only great for repairing and conditioning dry damaged hair, but also at promoting healthier hair growth. This is a super intensive moisture treatment and has the ability to transform even the most persistent of dehydrated hair strands. Here is a paraben and dye free shampoo that not only cares for color-treated, dry, brittle and frizzy hair, but also the environment with a bottle that is made of 50% post-consumer recycled content.
It’s important to identify what is causing the problem before recommending any treatments.
So to make dry cuticles look nice and smooth, you’ll need to eliminate all of the above by addressing each one individually. In the event that your cuticles are looking nice and smooth after the 3 weeks of a good diet and not touching your cuticles, then continue doing the same! Subscribe to SoNailicious Newsletter to get our weekly email updates or follow us via Bloglovin for daily updates. I use Plunketts NS-5 Cuticle and Nail complex for any nail issues (hangnails, rough cuticles) and it is seriously ahhhmazing. Treatment for dry and damaged hair are many, but they take a long process to nourish you hair or you need to take a lot of sittings before you see the results. Once the hair is split is does not have the nourishment that you give to the hair and also it keeps on breaking up along the hair shaft. Dry and damaged hair makes you hair dull and also you cannot try all hairstyles on that hair. Here are a few ideas on how to deal with dry skin, and how to take care of such a skin type in a better way.

For skin that is most prone to dryness, moisturizing is the best way to keep it smooth and healthy. To give extra protection to your skin, wear a wide brimmed hat and you could always use a light scarf too, to tie around your head.
If you don’t like using creams with a mixture of natural substances and chemicals, you can always use only natural substances. They’re also sharing the latest hair tips and tricks from trusted beauty influencers. Without further a due, here are the top 5 dry hair treatments to solve your dry hair problem. The Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil will replenish every strand of hair, nourishing and protecting at the same time. Free of sulphates, phosphates and parabens that can dry your hair further, the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo also won’t fade or strip color-treated hair.
Used weekly, this product will tame the driest, most over-processed and colour-treated hair and won’t even weigh your hair down.
A special formula containing lemongrass, aloe and passion fruit, the Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo gently cleanses while replenishing moisture back into your strands at the same time. It may be some kind of infection, allergy or even hormonal problem that would require a more serious treatment. Even better, apply cuticle oil before removing nail polish to protect your cuticles from acetone and other chemicals. If you have party in a few days and you are thinking to get the best repairing treatment for dry and damaged hair at home within a few hours; this one is for you. Each skin type should be treated differently, even the products which work on oily or normal skin do not work as effectively.
Apply Vaseline daily all over the body to maintain the moisture and hydration of the skin. If you feel like Vaseline is too greasy, you can also mix it with some body lotion to form a smoother mixture to apply all over your body. Even if I never leave the house, my hair still feels the effects of the dryness in the air, which makes keeping it moisturized of utmost importance.
Then, the conditioners target only the areas that need it, so your hair is not weighed down–only replenished. For silky soft hair, apply the oil sparingly before you shampoo (to moisturize your hair), before you blow-dry your hair (to protect it from heat damages), as well as after you blow-dry your hair (to smooth out frizzes).
This concentrated formula works by restoring elasticity, moisture and manageability into your strands with its rich content in antioxidant Argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids. This treatment is highly effective and would help you get rid of the dry and damaged hair, giving you softer, frizz free and shiny hair. Do not apply it on the scalp as it can cause clogging of the pores and that can cause hair fall.

Use products with Shea butter, oil or other components that prevent your skin from drying up. Always apply cream all over your body, after a shower. Always apply sun block with a sufficient SPF level on all exposed parts, at least half an hour before you venture out into the sun. Higher the temperature of the water, more the damage it causes to your skin. So try having a bath with lukewarm water.
Honey, coconut oil, and olive oil also prove to be good moisturizers for the skin and preventing the skin from drying up.You can either apply directly onto the skin or using cotton. Using petroleum jelly on daily basis is very effective at keeping your skin from becoming dry. With all the products, chemicals, and extreme temperatures we expose our hair to it’s no wonder so many of us have trouble with dryness and breakage. The causes of dry hair are numerous and can derive from anything health-related to bad hair-care habits. All you need to do is to simply apply and massage into wet hair and rinse well for stronger, healthier hair.
Only use pure olive oil (buy from a grocery shop) or almond oil from a chemist or organic food shop) to soften them. So the first and foremost step to get rid of the dry and damaged hair would be to get rid of the split ends and damaged ends. It is the best time to apply moisturizing cream, as the dampness of your skin will help lock the effects of the cream. In addition, try to have a bath within 15 minutes, so as to reduce the damage of your skin.
Make sure you’re your diet is rich with the previously mentioned vitamins by eating milk, eggs, oats, fresh fruit, olive oil. You can see the difference it makes to your skin, after continuous treatment, within a few days. Finally take the appropriate vitamin supplements – multivitamins or vitamins for skin and nails. A unique natural blend of vitamins, nutrients and our exclusive CapilsanaTM Complex, it promotes healthy hair growth and nourishes your hair from the inside out.
Let it be there for at least 15 minutes and then cover your hair in a plastic wrap or a shower cap and let them stay for at least 45 minutes before you wash them off with the mild shampoo and condition thereafter.

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