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US Navy Releases This Video of Russian Fighters Buzzing Their Destroyer, But… Is This Just a Propaganda Hoax? You know, Bill Nye just got done claiming the floods in Texas might be due to climate change… without any scientific evidence. And, apparently, Bill Nye is all for possibly trying climate change deniers as war criminals. Why don’t we see what happens if your bow tie mutates into a giant neck monster and assimilates with your face and the Pentagon hunts you down like a rabid zombie in the street? So does the suggestion that climate change deniers should be tried as war criminals, Bill Nye the Pseudo-Science Guy. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in.
It is better to call it geoengineering because chemtrails are passe and synonymous with conspiracy theory. But we never seen heat like today where mid April can rival a real july scorcher, and Christmas can feel more like June. It was hotter in the 30s and nobody ran around freaking out… and then it got colder again like it will every time.
The only thing is it doesn’t coll off to normal it still stays five decrees centigrade above normal for very long streches for months on end and its been happening pretty much every year.
It hasn’t cooled off yet, in your lifespan, in your locale, which is a decidely short timeframe in a relatively small area. Just as we have annual seasons, there are other cycles which occur over greater timeframes.
Wrong if it where just a few days it would be weather but when it draggs on for months and years its a shift in climate. In other words, just because the hottest day of the year is hotter than last year, the yearly average isn’t going to change in any meaningful way. Youre missing the pioint entirely, its not just one day were talking about its the entire summer being hotter than the average hottest day used to be. Because it releases natural gas aka methane which is the real greenhouse gas causing problems with the climate and if you noticed the temprature spike globally has been since the advent of fracking. No i’m not talking about day to day changes i am talking about a twenty year temprature trend by the way i agree with Bill Nye that corperate shills that spread lies should be held acountable just like the cigarette outfits fifty years ago promoting their junk science.
If we are going to prosecute corporate shills, we should start with those with the eye of the world’s mass media, such as Bill Nye. So, virtually everybody in this thread is asking for your evidence, and trying to point out that you are talking about weather, rather than climate, and this is your response? Since it seems you believe in chemtrails, at this point maybe it would be simpler to assume that your experience here is simply part of a gigantic simulation. No i’m against anyone who would deliberatly pollute the earth for profit and you should be too if you had any heart that is. Sorry to say this, i have learnd through much experience that Its impossible to enlighten someone who is blinded to the truth, if you can’t see the changes for yourself well what can i say?
You can say that if you had any convincing proof of your claims, we’d all be looking at it by now. You could start with looking up the Mandela Effect, then check out the multibple universe theory, the digital holographic universe, quantum entanglement, and the bizzare world of quantum mechanics. Annnd, you just did the textbook thing virtually all people who make wild claims with no backup data do when cornered. So, if the whole universe is merely a simulation you’re experiencing (look back, I did mention that before) then what is the point of climate-change? Millions of people know things have changed and the well planned attempts to cover the truth up will fail.

And when painted to a corner, they’d attack, change the subject, leave the conversation in disgust, or just stop talking.
For the CLIMATE to change significantly we need the average temperature, rain, or snowfall for the entire globe, or at least a hemisphere to change. Your wrong about the bigfoot, many locations have reported being harassed or worse by these entities, note i said entity not animal. But I guess you need me to be wrong about something, so people stop noticing you’re not backing up any of your temperature claims with hard evidence.
When confronted on your BS, you simply add on another layer of BS, and think you’re fooling somebody.
You’re honestly saying that this evil entity is fairly commonplace, despite never showing up on the myriad dashcam, smartphone, and CCTV cameras scattered around the world? Whether you know it or not your a shill working for the negaverse, you muddy the water so people can’t see the truth, belittle those who tell the truth, and distort the truth into a lie. How is asking you politely for evidence of your initial claims (before you started changing the subject) distorting the truth or muddying the water?
Remember when I said the only choices you had were to attack with name-calling, change the subject, or go quiet if you had no hard data? I never said a global aerage temprature rise i just said many areas are that much hotter year round, nevertheless the global average is got to be at least three degrees above normal. You know what i say is true but your pride is keeping you from realising it, or at least i hope that’s what it is. The big argument with climate change is if it is truly the climate that is changing and is it the fault of people. If you do a search on the internet for core samples and global climate or some variation of that you should find articles that explain all of this.
Firstly, can you point to some research that indicates that droughts are evidence of upwards-temperature climate change, but that severe storms, and floods are NOT evidence of the same thing? The problem is that they are trying to use the obviousness of climate change to prove human causation without any proof.
Whether climate change is real or not, suggesting that you try someone for what they believe is something only an idiot would do. Bill nye - atoms and molecules –worksheet, answer sheet, and two quizzes for bill nye - the science guy** videos ***** preview is an full sample of a similar video. Discover thousands images solid liquid gas pinterest, visual bookmarking tool helps discover save creative ideas. Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency.
Like the seasons, these cycles are not man-made, and are not something to worry about or waste effort trying to prevent. Can you provide some hard data, rather than anecdotes, to back up your “astoundingly hot” claim?
Most people wouldn’t know what a shill was, or recognize one if they saw one, but you apparently are quite experienced at being one, as opposed to identifying them.
That’s probably easier to stomach than the idea that you could be accidentally conflating weather and climate.
The simplest assumption for you is that everyone questioning you here is a heartless deliberate for-profit-polluter (or supporter thereof) in addition to being a shill.
Forst off this world has plenty of people who deliberately trash the environment and lots of paid shills to cover it up.
I know for a fact that all recent winters are warmer than 60 years ago, the glaciers are melting, its not snowing in places that used to get considerble snowfall excetra. The climate has shifted all over the planet with milder winters everywhere sure the odd old fashond winter but the trend is warmer all around.

The fact that you only believe what the establishment puts out proves your ether a shill, or a sheeple personally i hope its the latter. When persistently asked for evidence of your original claim, attack the questioner with namecalling.
You may be having warmer than normal weather in your area, but that has nothing to do with the climate. What if the weather is different in your area but where I am it isn’t that different? So even if you are experiencing warmer weather for years at a time, it isn’t outside of the normal patterns of the climate cycles. It’s a pity that there are people who would rather use fake science and phony data to push their climate change agenda instead of putting their efforts into real science. They are able to look back through time and see what conditions were like and what the climate was like. It’s pretty interesting and it will explain that our climate changes all the time and has been for a long time.
I’m against ideals that destroy the earth for profit and if you had a heart you should be concernd too. Have you actually ever met a single human being with “no heart” who was in favour of destroying the earth? The past ten years have been astoundingly hot sure the great lakes had an old fashiond winter in that time but pretty much everywhere else on earth it was hot. Also the weather is very irratic with windstorms out of season, the old folks wern’t kidding when they say the winters were much harsher when they were young.
As for killer bees they are a real problem considering bee attacks have gone way up, note killer bees are just agressive honeybees from Africa nothing supernatural at all.
And all the core samples from all over the world are all telling the same thing and they all agree with each other. Idiots do what they do as a result of a lack of knowledge or understanding-perhaps plain old stupidity, even. Now they call a minus 45 windchill cold it used to be that cold without the windchill before. What is “normal” and what is it currently, as shown by the data you will present to support your claim? There is an eleven year cycle, a thirty year cycle, a thousand year cycle and a ninety thousand year cycle.
It has been going on since long before we came along, and will be going on long after we are gone. I just ignore any nonsense that supports man made global warming because none of it makes any sense.
Tyrants do what they do knowing full well the consequences of their actions, with the aim of controlling others. The area i live in used to get minus 50 80 years ago but now minus 25 is rare so don’t tell me things havent changed.
The shorter cycles have a smaller effect and the longer cycles have a bigger effect, such as going from an ice age to a tropical climate. Are you seriously claiming you have been commenting on the web for 51 years, what timeline or solar system was that in? And these cycles have been going on like clockwork for millions of years, interrupted only by the occasional global catastrophe like super volcanoes and asteroids.

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