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Release the unconscious, limiting beliefs at the source of illness, dis-ease and relationship disharmony. Learn quick-and-easy techniques that help maintain your health, energy and self-confidence at a whole new level.
Through a series of carefully chosen, powerful questions, the belief or behaviour pattern that has been limiting you and blocking your energy is revealed.  This is your blind spot —  that which has been hidden in your unconscious mind but is, in fact, at the root of the problem or health condition you are experiencing.  When your blind spot is exposed, there is an aha! Experience a 90 minute introductory session with David Raphael and change the course of your life forever. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with David, and would encourage anyone who is interested in expanding themselves to take on this experience!
David influenced me positively and guided me throughout spiritually… What I learned most is that I can manifest anything in my life if I truly believed in it.
David is a gifted coach and healer who came into my life at just the right moment. I was beginning to awake and was looking to experience dramatic healing and found that with him.
Saturday 20 August, 2016A fully Interactive Workshop in Bi- Aura Therapy coming to Scotland on: Saturday 20 August 2016. Saturday 03 September, 2016Diploma in Energy Healing Therapy, the most powerful self-development course held in the UK. Saturday 24 September, 2016Diploma in Energy Healing Therapy, the most powerful self-development course held in the UK. Click here to see the FULL list of scheduled training courses, workshops and other up-coming events from the Bi-Aura Foundation.

Click here to see the archive of local and nationwide news articles from the Bi-Aura Foundation. Monday 24 November, 20147 years after a car accident this client was diagnosed with degeneration of the vertebrae at the base of the skull.
Monday 29 September, 2014This client attended for relief from chronic rhinitis, stress and digestive problems. The Bi-Aura Foundation is a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association and the British Complementary Medicine Association offering Energy Healing Treatment & Practitioner Training Courses in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland. The practitioner balances our energy body or aura by directing bio-energy to the part of the body where it is needed. Connemara Healing Galway Healing & Massage Angels Reiki IET Galway Connemara Here to Help you Balance your Inner Well!
It helps you reach your full emotional, financial, and creative potential, and define and live your best vision of yourself. This realization led David to become committed to assisting people to heal and empower themselves through the release of limiting thoughts, blocked emotions and outmoded behaviour patterns.
The official beginning of summer, the Solstice falls on June 21st and celebrates the themes of  light, power and love. Long before the physical body shows signs of illness the energy body, which surrounds our physical body, shows an imbalance. As a result the immune system begins to function properly and the body begins to heel itself.

Based on Qi Gong, Bio-Energy Healing allows breakthroughs in creativity, finance, health and career. One road will lead you on a path that excites and ignites the flames of your creativity, passion and love. With the increase in sunlight, our mood and energy becomes super-charged.  This makes the Summer Solstice the ideal time to examine your life and to shed light on those areas that are out of alignment. It increases your natural energy flow and allows you to over come emotional patterns as well as chronic pain, stress and disease. The other is a detour towards further distress, darkness and delay.  Unfortunately, this is the road we tend to choose when our energy and enthusiasm is already running low. What can you do when you’re feeling stressed-out, not good enough, depressed, or have simply lost your “oomph” and excitement for life?
We’ve all been there…Everyone has periods of low energy, where their inner light seems to dim. The first thing to do is to resist the urge to beat yourself up over it.  That only further douses your inner flame.

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