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Some bacteria can infect open wounds, others can get inside your body by being eaten or breathed in and make you ill. Many viruses can’t be cured with drugs, you just have to wait until your immune system gets strong enough to fight the virus.
Simple living things that are made up of single cells, most bacteria can carry on living outside a live host, like on bed linen or cutlery. Infections become a problem when they get into parts of body they shouldn’t, or when there are more of them than usual because our immune system is not able to fight them off.

For example, by making sure you dry between your toes to prevent athlete’s foot, as fungi like damp, warm conditions.
Parasites can live on the body, like lice in your hair or inside the body, like a tapeworm.
For example, lice can be treated with special shampoos or by combing the hair with a special comb. You can have a vaccine (like the polio vaccine) and this can protect you against catching the polio virus.

You can have a vaccine (like the tetanus vaccine) and this can protect you against catching that bacteria. You can avoid contact with people who have head lice, or avoid sharing equipment such as hairbrushes.

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