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Yellow tongue can be treated by brushing one's mouth with a mixture that is one part hydrogen peroxide and five parts water. A yellow coating on the tongue is usually not considered cause for alarm, and a yellow tongue alone may not require a physician's attention.
The condition known as geographic tongue sometimes causes yellowing of the tongue's surface. Tobacco smoking and insufficient dietary fiber can also contribute to the formation of a yellow tongue coating. Self-treatment for yellow tongue typically involves carefully brushing the tongue with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Most of the time, a yellow tongue can be treated at home by brushing the tongue regularly with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Sometimes, the appearance of a yellow layer on the tongue is a preliminary stage of black hairy tongue.
Tobacco smoke can stain the surface of the tongue, causing it to take on a yellow appearance.
I went to the dentist and he said that it's normal and as long as I pay attention to oral hygiene, it's fine. Our tongue actually has small bumps on it naturally and it's normal for an off-white sometimes yellow coating to appear on it sometimes.

A solution of five parts water mixed with one part hydrogen peroxide may be used to brush the tongue and rinse the mouth after brushing. Sometimes, a yellow tongue may be a symptom of liver or gallbladder disorder, in which case it may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as a yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin. It typically causes lesions that eliminate the tongue's natural papillae in one or more areas.
Black hairy tongue is also considered benign, and usually occurs when bacteria on the tongue proliferate.
Dietary fiber is often responsible for scraping excess bacteria from the tongue, so insufficient consumption of dietary fiber can allow tongue bacteria to build up. But there are also some conditions that result in yellow tongue symptoms and require medication like the article mentioned. Since I didn't know this and never really paid attention to the texture and appearance of my tongue before, I thought it was something else. Now I know better and I just clean my mouth really well.
It causes a yellow buildup on the tongue that goes away when I brush my tongue and rinse my mouth. It might also be due to tea and coffee.
Tobacco smoking should be minimized or avoided altogether, and an increase in dietary fiber can help.

A yellow tongue that persists despite self-treatment at home may also be cause for concern. For example, if it's a bacterial or fungal infection, antibiotics or anti-fungal medications might actually be necessary. I have had thrush on my tongue in the past which is a fungal infection.
I drink a lot of tea throughout the day and usually also have a cup of coffee in the mornings.
Drinking plenty of water can also help improve a yellow tongue coating, since bacteria are often more likely to thrive in a dry mouth. Causes of tongue yellowing can include a generally innocuous proliferation of bacteria on the tongue, tobacco smoking, insufficient dietary fiber, or related conditions such as geographic tongue or black hairy tongue.
I actually had to take anti-fungal medication and use a special mouthwash that my doctor prescribed to get rid of it. So I think if anyone sees yellow tongue symptoms on a regular basis, it's best to get checked out by a doctor.

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