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Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Hospital is one of the top cancer hospitals of India for advanced cancer treatment and oral cancer treatment. A team of Surgical Oncologists, Faciomaxillary Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists and other medical specialties work together to treat each Oral Cancer patient. Treatment teams at Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Hospital consider each patient's type and extent of Oral Cancer to recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.
Oral cancer symptoms can be similar with other medical conditions and only a specialist can establish a correct diagnosis.
One of the first steps in establishing an oral cancer diagnosis is a detailed and complex medical review of a patient's past health problems and general health state, family medical history, oral cancer risk factors (especially smoking habits, tobacco and alcohol use), and symptoms. During a physical examination, the doctor examines the lips, oral cavity, pharynx (back of the mouth, face and neck to look for signs of oral cancer.
If any suspicious lesion or ulcer is present then Biopsy is performed, which is followed by endoscopic examination and imaging investigations to find out the stage of the disease. Biopsy: This is a painless medical procedure that removes a certain amount of tissue for a microscopic examination. Endoscopy: This is a minimally invasive, painless diagnostic procedure used to visualize interior surfaces of certain organs and cavities.
Computed Tomography (CT): This imaging test is similar to an x-ray test, and creates a detailed, cross-sectional image of the body. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): An MRI is an advanced technique that uses radio waves and strong magnets to reveal a complete image of a targeted area of the body. Ultrasonography: Ultrasound imaging is a medical technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create an interior image of the body on a special computer screen. On the back side of abdomen and on either side of the vertebral column (spine), two kidneys are situated. Some patients have gradually or slowly developing kidney failure OR they suffer from an acute or rapid kidney failure which may continue as a long term kidney failure. Due to increase in physical strength the patient can leave a normal life or can fully enjoy a normal life (with certain precautions).
Because of the immune-suppressive medicines, patienta€™s resistance power is kept very low. Small Increase in possibility of developing diabetes mellitus, hypertension or other illnesses. Side effects of the immune suppressive and other medicines which are needed to avoid damage to new kidney. A person who has problem of kidney failure should immediately consult a urologist or a nephrologist. Similarly, Nephrologists are super-specialists physicians who are specially trained in treating kidney diseases.
Kidney Transplantation team involves many specialties like Urosurgery, Intensive care, Nephrology, Anaesthesiology, Radiology, etc.

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When you get a diagnosis of bladder cancer, ita€™snatural to wonder what may have caused the disease. These symptoms may be caused by bladder cancer or by other health problems, such as an infection.
If you have symptoms that suggest bladder cancer, your urologist will try to find out whata€™s causing the problems.
If cancer cells are found in the tissue sample from the bladder, the pathologist studies the sample under a microscope to learn the grade of the tumor. CT scan, or an MRI or Ultrasound : These tests give more clear picture about the stage of the disease. Depending upon the findings of these tests, staging and grade of the cancer, appropriate approach to treat the cancer will be discussed with you by your urologist.
Open surgery: The surgeon makes an incision into your body to remove the cancer from your bladder.
Into the bladder: After TUR for early bladder cancer, the doctor inserts a tube (catheter) through your urethra to put a liquid drug in the bladder. Into a vein: For cancer that has invaded the muscle of the bladder or spread to other tissues, drugs are usually given by vein (intravenous). Our Aim: Our aim is to connect all hospitals and doctors at one roof so that people are able to search easily. Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Hospital has a special unit of Head and Neck Surgical Oncologists which provides diagnostic and advanced cancer treatment facilities for oral cancer.
They also carefully consider and select the treatment option that will allow the patient to maintain good quality of life with good survival rate. This procedure helps the pathologist to establish the nature of the cells and determine whether they are cancerous or not, and the stage of the cancer.
During this procedure, a flexible tube, called an endoscope, is inserted into the body in order to provide a clear image of the targeted area. The energy from the radio waves is absorbed by the tissues and then released into a pattern that allows the cancer to be detected and diagnosed. Offer treatment on Kidney diseases, Prostate, Kidney Stone, Bladder Cancer, Erection Problems, Problems of Urine Control, Infertility in Pune.
One is a blood filtration system and then the collecting system which ultimately leads to formation of urine. They are specially trained in illnesses and surgery of kidneys, prostate and all the rest genito- urinary system organs such as testis, urinary bladder, penis, urethra, scrotum, prostate, etc. However, we do know that people with certain risk factors may be more likely than others to develop bladder cancer.
Workers in the dye, rubber, chemical, metal, textile, and leather industries may be at risk of bladder cancer.

Also, people who have had radiation therapy to the abdomen or pelvis may be at increased risk. The dye collects in your urine, which makes the bladder and the rest of the urinary tract show up on x-rays. No incision (cut) into your body is needed, but general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia is usually given.
The surgeon removes the tumor, the part of the bladder containing the tumor, and nearby lymph nodes.
When the entire bladder is removed, the surgeon makes another way for urine to be collected fromthe kidneys and stored. This portal is beneficial for both hospitals and Patients, we know that there are lots of websites which give information about hospitals and doctors but that websites are not specially developed for hospitals they contains lots of category and business. Functions like swallowing and speech which are important for survival and communication is taken care of with control of cancer. This procedure is used to investigate tissues within the pharynx area which cannot be visualized during a normal mouth examination. This technique is also used to establish whether or not the cancer has spread, and to visualize its location within the body. Based on the results of these tests, the nephrologist or urologist will give the illness a grade. But, they treat the medical diseases including kidney failure with medicines, dialysis, etc.
This test involves a device called transducer, that is placed on the upper part of the abdomen, and a computer that translates this sound into an image.
In most cases, a biopsy is the only sure way to tell whether cancer is present.For a small number of patients, the doctor removes the entire area with cancer during the biopsy.
The registered Hospitals not only have facility of adding their own details but they are able to search employees for their hospital.
A small wire loop at the end of the tool removes the cancer and burns away remaining cancer cells with an electric current.
The hospital having their own website knows that it may take lot of money in creating their own website.
If the reason for kidney failure cannot be repaired or removed by Urologists by surgery, then further non-surgical treatment for kidney failure should be continued under the expert care of a Nephrologist.

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