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Reactivation of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) that has remained dormant within dorsal root ganglia, often for decades after the patient’s initial exposure to the virus in the form of varicella (chickenpox), results in herpes zoster (shingles). Is caused by VZV infection of the head and neck involving the facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve).
Doctors should be alert to sight threatening eye complications if skin lesions are located in the dermatome of the nasociliary nerve.
The disease is potentially serious and may result in severe and lasting pain, particularly in elderly patients. It becomes increasingly common with age, affecting about one-third of patients aged over 40.
The pain may be continuous and burning with increased sensitivity in the affected areas or a spasmodic shooting type of pain. Herpes zoster can result in chickenpox (varicella) in those who have never developed primary immunity, both from virus in the lesions and in some instances the nose and throat.
Background: A 51-year-old male presented with trauma with a utility knife on the index finger of his right hand, leaving exposed bone.
Outcome: Procellera was applied and full epithelialization over bone was noted, with growth of new epidermal ridge at month 1.
Background: A 17-year-old girl sustained a burn on her left forearm, which was was treated by excision. Outcome: Following application of Procellera, complete wound closure was noted on day 56, with skin graft avoided. Background: Male law enforcement agent following bite by a trained attack dog during training exercise on left hand and fingers. Background: A 45-year-old morbidly obese female with a history of heart disease presented with a stasis ulcer on the medial aspect of her right leg. Background: A 71- year-old male with history of Type 2 diabetes presented with a stasis ulcer on the medial ankle of his right leg.
Background: A 54-year-old male underwent surgery for the removal of a squamous cell carcinoma.
Background: 3-year-old boy with single kidney presented with a superficial outbreak of Herpes Zoster on his hand. Background: To evaluate the effects of Procellera under NPWT, Procellera was applied to the left half of a wound as an interface layer underneath NPWT foam dressing.
Official Wound Care Sponsor of the 2015 Challenged Athletes Foundation Elite Paratriathlon Team.
I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that pressure sores are preventable, but if you’re currently caring for a loved one with a pressure sore, these words are of little consolation. We have just finished our first bottle of Miracle Mist Plus and I went back on the website to order more. My mom is and forever will be one of those “pink” ladies (thankfully, I did not get that gene).
If you have already read Part I of this blog series then you know that shingles is the reactivation of the chicken pox virus and that anyone who has had the chicken pox is at risk for developing shingles in their lifetime.
In part I of this three part blog series, I’ll share probably more information than you ever wanted to know about Shingles. Herpes Varicella-Zoster (HVZ) virus is one virus that causes two different illnesses, chicken pox and shingles.
The chicken pox-shingles virus, HVZ, is highly contagious and easily transmitted through the air droplets. As a caregiver myself, I know the last thing any of us needs is to waste time on the internet trying in desperation to find products and or information to help you. For additional information, also see the links from Part 1 of this blog’s pressure sore series.
Although it is usually a self-limiting dermatomal rash, herpes zoster can be far more serious; in addition, acute cases often lead to postherpetic neuralgia. Moreover, without antiviral treatment, about half of all patients will develop various eye disorders. The patient sustained full thickness scalp avulsion with exposed frontal bone involving a portion of hair bearing scalp. Control patient (left) was treated with Aquahphor ointment and a silicon face mask post-procedure.

Outcome: Significant epithelialization observed after application of Procellera at week 1, with 80% wound closure at 3 weeks. Additional dxs: Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, Hyponatremia, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, RA, dementia, depression. Outcomes: Improved granulation and wound bed apperance noted under the wound half covered with Procellera. I used stretched out cotton balls dusted with Johnson & Johnson Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder with Vitamin E and Aloe to keep the blisters on my breast from touching the blisters under the breast. In the last few years, there have been several different pharmaceutical company sponsored, shingles-related commercials on TV. While it is most commonly seen in the elderly, shingles also affect individuals with compromised immunity due to stress, cancer or other medical conditions. All viruses are very simple organisms, composed of nucleic acid, DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein coat. I don’t know if this size comes in the urine resistant treated fleece, but so far the disposable blue under pads have been adequate protection against accidents. Conjunctivitis, for example, is seen in nearly all of ophthalmic zoster patients with ocular involvement.
Procellera was used when attempts to place NPWT were unsuccessful due to location of the wound and inability to maintain an airtight seal. Outcome: Improved granulation noted at week 3 with significant epithelialization at week 4. Outcome: Skin eruption subsided after two weeks of application, with patient report of improved comfort and pain reduction.
The shingles rash started at the top of my head then proceeded down across my forehead ending just past my eye.
When it comes to coping with shingles, less is better, but even a small number can be extremely painful. Shingles blisters alone are bad enough, but when they touch each other, the pain is insane. Once formed, the shingles blisters will eventually burst then begin to crust and heal over. I’m also humbly grateful to have had the privilege and opportunity to care for both my parents and hope that they are now happily at peace together.
Now, even months later, her sore isn’t completely healed, but thanks to Miracle Mist Plus we are at least headed in the right direction. Also, please don’t just go to the drug store for any shot without talking with your healthcare provider first.
It won’t hurt you and especially if you have had the chicken pox but haven’t had shingles before it may lessen the severity and duration should you get it.
All fleece products are machine washable and seem to get more fluffy and pliable with each wash. She still had a mushy, soft spot similar to my dad’s and the skin was still very red, dry and cracked.
Outcome: Significant wound healing progress observed over exposed bone following application of Procellera, with full closure of defect with normal contour and regrowth of hair bearing tissue at week 27.
In this post I will discuss the challenges of dealing with shingles and give you a review of some treatment options available.
While at the time I thought this was the worst thing to ever happen, I was fortunate to have hair long enough to hide most of the shingles.
I remember it was a Sunday evening when she complained of pain and asked me to look at her back. To further complicate things, they don’t all start at the same time, so the shingles that are the earliest to form will be the first to heal. NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO POP SHINGLES BLISTERS or risk the consequences of your actions including possible bacterial infections and crater-like scars.
The majority of these symptoms will resolve over a few months, however, for some people they can persist for years. This blog is rededicated to their memory will all my love, admiration, gratitude and respect.
The commercials never mention the shingles vaccine or Merck and attempt to scare viewers of this awful disease living inside your body and ready to appear at any moment.

These sheets are soft and fluffy out of the package and have never been scratchy or irritating.
If these latter disorders are not diagnosed and treated adequately the patient's sight may become permanently affected. VERY IMPORTANT: Please take any prescription pain medication with plenty of water and discuss appropriate measures to prevent constipation with your health professional. If left alone, the shingles will heal completely over time and your skin will look brand new. They can form in a very short period of time, but can take months even years to completely heal (see Part I of this blog series for more information). Clearly, more research is needed to fully understand the HVZ virus, chicken pox, latency and its reactivation as shingles.
Outcome: Hemostasis established, with notable wound contraction and improvement in periwound skin. I had them on my left breast, under the breast, around the side of my body and a small patch on the left shoulder blade.
Two days later, when I was helping her dress for the doctor, I examined her back and noticed visible shingles in that exact same area where the swelling had been. During the first week of the shingles you may also feel tired and achy, which is not unexpected since your body is at war fighting the viral infection.
NOTE: During the period of blister formation, breaking and drying you are highly contagious and can infect anyone who hasn’t been exposed with chickenpox. I will continue to report on my mom’s progress and of course continue using the Miracle Mist Plus daily. Mostly annoying, the rash consists of small viral filled vesicles which burst and crust over in about 7-10 days.
Moreover, a decreased corneal sensitivity combined with inadequate blinking may lead to severe problems with dry eyes and subsequent corneal complications (neurotrophic ulceration, exposure keratopathy and secondary bacterial infection).
Application of Procellera resulted in decreased necrosis, reduction in peri-wound discoloration and marked increase in epithelialization. I was so concerned about my mom’s shingles, I never thought of monitoring her bowel movements. The stabbing pain continued through November then gradually weakened and eventually disappeared by January.
If anyone reading this blog is dealing with a pressure sore, I highly recommend giving Miracle Mist Plus a try. At this time two things occur, viral particles are released back into the air, but also because of their outer envelope proteins, some viral particles are attracted to the nerves and establish a latent (dormant) state in the sensory ganglia.
Outcome: Procellera used from day 4 and continued for several weeks beyond wound healing, with improved cosmetic outcome. If you are caring for a parent or older person this is the time to arrange a doctor’s visit, because getting treatment early will lessen the severity and duration of the shingles infection.
After over a week of constipation she finally mentioned it to me, but it had gone on too long for stool softeners or laxatives to remedy the situation. Prescription medications like Valtrex (generic name Valacyclovir) and Zorivax (generic name Acyclovir) are antiviral drugs which slow down the growth and spread of herpes viruses. It happens when the slightest touch of a hand, clothing or even air causes pain, while a firm application of pressure has no effect.
Since my last bout with shingles, I have adopted various lifestyle changes to keep my immunity strong and manage stress better and am confident these practices will keep the remaining HVZ virus dormant in my body for the rest of my time on this planet. Thankfully it was autumn in Michigan and cold enough I could layer camisoles and baggy sweaters.
However, if for some reason I am blessed with shingles for a third time, there will hopefully be a handsome fireman available to come take care of me.
Muscle weakness and paralysis are rare forms of PHN because shingles typically infects sensory nerves and not the motor nerves involved in muscle control.

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