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Previously, we had talked about how genetically modified bacteria can potentially counter health issues like obesity. In terms of the modification itself, the T-VEC was derived by removing two key genes from the conventional herpes virus. Now, when translated to figures, this medical ambit has pertained to some encouraging results. Lastly, the scientists involved in the trial also found that T-VEC was most effective in dealing with the less advanced stages of cancer – thus making it a suitable alternative to other invasive (and potentially risky) procedures like chemotherapy and surgery.
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This is another cadaveric dissection, except this time we’re looking down on the cadaver at the top of their noggin (which obviously has been removed). The body prevents this dangerous scenario from occurring (in most instances) by stabilizing the brain inside the skull with fibrous “support ropes” that are called “the meninges.” The rope analogy is actually fairly accurate, by the way.
The defenses of the human brain don’t end with the mechanical protections of the CSF and the meninges. Meningitis is an infection of the meninges and it is frequently accompanied by encephalitis, an infection of the brain proper. Most cases of meningitis are caused by viruses and these infections, while they make you feel really lousy for a week or two, are usually fought off by the body on its own with no residual effects. An electron micrograph of one of the many, many, many types of herpes viruses that are floating around in our environment.
The biggest concern that a doctor has when they are confronted with someone who has meningitis is to determine if the meningitis is cause by bacteria. Bacterial meningitis is treated with potent antibiotics, antiepileptic drugs to prevent seizures, and with powerful anti-inflammatory drugs to decrease damage to the brain.
An 11-year-old boy with meningitis being held down by his physicians as he suffers a violent seizure. There are two other uncommon, but exceedingly nasty, other types of organisms that are potential causes of meningitis: fungi and parasites. Physician and Author of Medical School 101, Intrusive Memory, The Life of a Colonial Fugitive, and The Cannabinoid Hypothesis. Remember to discuss all health concerns with your personal physician (I don’t count!) before making any medical decisions. The opinions voiced on this medical blog are solely the author’s own and they do not reflect the opinions or values of Dr.
Well, this time around, scientists have developed a modified version of the herpes virus that can be used for exterminating skin cancer cells. As a matter of fact, this technical process of gene removal is the most crucial step in the entire treatment scope, since it snatches away the power from the herpes virus to replicate normal human cells. In accordance with the aforementioned clinical trial, some among the 436 patients were injected with the T-VEC, while others were treated with control immunotherapy. So the question naturally arises – is T-VEC ready to be used in the commercial side of affairs? Leonardo Noto — Practicing Physician, Medical Educator, Nonfiction Author, and Novelist. The brain is responsible for controlling just about everything we do, whether it’s done consciously, like kicking a soccer ball, or unconsciously, like digesting a meal. Essentially, this cadaver had its face cut off and this is a view of the brain along the same plane that you see every day when you look someone in the eyes — this is just a little bit deeper in the old noggin. In a cadaver the consistency of the meninges feels very much like rubbing a thin piece of wet hemp rope, albeit without the rope splinters!

You can see the meninges if you know what you’re looking at, but what I really want you to notice here is the CSF. In this illustration, which was based on an actual cadaveric dissection, everything inside the skull vault except the meninges has been removed.
The brain is also garrisoned against bacteria and viruses by specialized adaptations of the blood vessels that provide it was oxygen and nutrition. Meningitis causes a high fever, a severe headache with light sensitivity, confusion, nausea and vomiting (often projectile), and sometimes seizures that can be fatal.
One specific type of viral meningitis is herpetic viral meningitis and it is treatable with an antiviral drug called acyclovir.
Bacterial meningitis is bad news because it is fatal about 10% of the time and responsible for brain damage or limb amputations in up to 20% (that’s 1-in-5) of the survivors. What doctors are trying to prevent when they amputate a dead limb, hopefully before it becomes infected. With that said, the best treatment for bacterial meningitis is to prevent it in the first place and the medical establishment is actually pretty good at this if people will vaccinate their kids! Leonardo Noto is the nom de plume of a former airborne battalion surgeon who is now in civilian practice. Also known as Talimogene Laherparepvec (T-VEC), this modified herpes strain was found to not only eliminate the cancerous cells but also rev up the body’s immunity system that could prevent the occurrences of harmful tumors (deduced from an actual clinical trial). However, at the same time, the drug still possesses the capability to replicate in cancer-stricken cells because of the cancer’s intrinsic genetic errors that make them susceptible to infections.
The consequent results showed that 16 percent of the patients treated with T-VEC showed durable response of over six months as opposed to just 2 percent of the patients subjected to immunotherapy. Well, the good the news is, the drug is already submitted to the US Federal Drug and Food Administration, with the researchers hoping for full approval by this year. Because the brain is so important, it should come as no surprise that the body goes to great extents to protect it, just like an army goes out of its way to protect its general or The United States bends heads-over-heels to protect our President. In addition to its meningeal “support rack,” the brain is surrounded and filled internally with a fluid called CSF that cushions the brain and acts as a biological shock absorber. See that black stuff in the middle of the brain (in the lateral, third, and fourth ventricles to be precise)?
Unlike the relatively “leaky” blood vessels in the rest of the body, that allow cells and nutrients from the blood to freely pass back and forth between the blood and the body tissues, the blood vessels in the brain are tightly lined with a “blood-brain barrier” that specifically regulates what can and cannot pass into and out of the brain via the bloodstream.
On physical examination patients with meningitis often have an extremely stiff neck and this is called “nuchal rigidity.” Meningitis can only be definitively diagnosed with a lumbar puncture, the dreaded “spinal tap” procedure that is so often portrayed in the movies and on television. CSF evaluation is pretty good at showing whether a case of meningitis is caused by a virus, but really lousy at determining which specific virus is the guilty party.
Pneumococcus and Haemophilus influenza type b were formerly very common causes of very serious cases of bacterial meningitis in young children. When inhaled through the nose the cyst transforms into the nasty buggers seen on the right.
The author has made every effort to present accurate information; however, due to the ever-changing nature of medicine and the intrinsic caveats that are inherent in any particular case, no medical decisions should ever be made based on information gleaned from the internet (duh!). To that end, this expansive trial was conducted by The Institute of Cancer Research (based in London) across 64 global research centers – thus culminating in the infusion of the T-VEC into (some of) 436 patients who suffer from inoperable skin cancer conditions.
In other words, the T-VEC has the ability to invade cancer cells and then kill them off from inside. Moreover, patients who have stage III and early stage IV melanoma, generally demonstrated average survival period of 21.5 months when treated with immunotherapy.
The sponge-looking thing in the middle is your brain, the organ that is processing and making sense out of these words for you as you read my medical blog! The white bone is tough cortex while the darker colored stuff in the middle is bone marrow.

As formidable as the blood-brain barrier is, every once in a while the blood-brain barrier is infiltrated by a bacteria or a virus and the result is meningitis, encephalitis, or both. A lumbar puncture is performed by placing the patient on their side with their legs flexed and then inserting a long needle through the layers of the lower back and into the meningeal layers that line the spinal cord [the brain + the spinal cord = the “central nervous system (CNS)” and both parts of the CNS are surrounded by supporting meningeal layers).
Because of this many physicians treat all patients who have viral meningitis with acyclovir just in case they happen to have herpetic meningitis, which is a fairly common disease because the herpes viruses (there are lots) are much more prevalent than most folks realized. The incidence of meningitis caused by these two nasty bugs has greatly decreased due to the Conjugated Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV7) and the Hib Vaccine, both of which are routinely given to young children with the first dose of Hib being given at the age of 2 months. There is a vaccine that covers the most common strains of pneumococcus, which is also a common cause of (big surprise) pneumonia, a disease that is still one of the leading causes of death in America today. Though usually uncommon in healthy persons, there was an outbreak in 2012 that was spread by contaminated corticosteroid injections (often used for joint injections in people with arthritis) that unnecessarily killed a lot of people.
Noto is the author of four books and he also writes for a medical education corporation that assists medical students, interns, and residents as they prepare for the medical board examinations.
Noto’s medical blogs should never be used as supporting evidence for legal testimony — this is of course obvious to anyone who isn’t a complete moron, but some people are rather stupid. Furthermore, this is complemented by their capacity to generate a molecule known as GM-CSF that can aid the body’s immunity system in destroying tumors. But this figure promisingly rose to 41 months when the related group was administered the T-VEC drug.
However, the skull wouldn’t be worth a whole lot if the brain was allowed to bounce around inside of it. The brain is white and brownish colored in this preparation and it is sitting inside the skull.
The layer of black directly around the brain and the spinal cord (located underneath the brain) is also CSF. The point of a lumbar puncture is to obtain CSF so that this special fluid can be analyzed in a laboratory.
Remember that herpes viruses don’t only cause the notorious genital disease, the also cause cold sores, which most of us have from time-to-time.
Bacterial meningitis frequently causes shock and DIC, two deadly conditions in which the whole body more or less shuts down in response to an infection. In addition, the most notorious cause of meningitis in teenagers and young adults is Meningococcus and we have a pretty good vaccine that covers most strains of this nasty killer and that is now routinely given to children at age 12 (with a booster at age 16), thus saving many otherwise young healthy lives.
An even more scary cause of meningitis is the parasite Naegleria fowleri, an ameba that can swim up the nose of people who are swimming in warm fresh water and that causes a form of meningitis that has a 95% mortality (death) rate!
The reason that CSF is so important is that meningitis can be caused by several very different types of pathogens, all of which require a different type of treatment by the medical team.
When this occurs the body tries to shunt its blood supply to its most important organs, namely the heart and the brain, and this comes at the expense of the limbs in particular. Fortunately Naegleria meningitis is rare; unfortunately, when it does strike it is usually in young healthy teenagers because this is the age group that most commonly swims in warm lakes and rivers.
Noto is the proud father of an extremely spoiled 16-month-old American Bulldog who enjoys slobbering everywhere and tearing up things that he is not supposed to! If you hit your head and your brain was free to move around inside the skull then it would smack itself back and forth against the skull bones, quite possibly doing more damage than conking your noodle outright in the first place!
Because the limbs no longer are being supplied with an adequate amount of blood they die and the treatment for a necrotic limb is to amputate it before it becomes infected because otherwise the infection of the dead limb is likely to spread to the rest of the body and result in death. Noto is an amateur practitioner of muay Thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu and he recently began learning to play the guitar (but he is currently a quite terrible musician, as his neighbors will readily attest).

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