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Each September when groups like CURE ask us to share our story about Kristen with their donors, our hearts are flooded with so many emotions. The emotion that never goes away for those of us who have lived through it is that of wondering just why so many children continue to suffer and even die when this country excels in every area on the planet. This year, Copeland’s decided to help out CURE Childhood Cancer in an even bigger way by giving up their usual Mother’s Day Jazz Brunch Buffet to host a luncheon in CURE’s honor. By celebrating Mother’s Day with CURE at Copeland’s Kennesaw and Cumberland locations, guests were able to donate 20% of their bill and 100% of raffle proceeds to CURE Childhood Cancer.  From 11am-3pm guests piled in to celebrate the special mothers in their life while enjoying great food and company. Please keep CURE in mind as you continue to celebrate the many holidays throughout the year with your friends and family. Thank you to my fellow Mothers for their friendship to help our family with all our efforts in Sam’s Memory. In honor of Mother’s Day, Jenny Wilkins— mother of Catie Wilkins and creator of the Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund—shares her thoughts on this special day. Purchase a custom made Mother’s Day card from CURE, complete with a heartfelt quote, to thank your mother—or any other special moms in your life—for their steadfast time and sacrifice over the years, or just simply celebrate your love for them today! Keep your favorite cause (CURE!) close to your heart with this fun lego heart necklace by constructiveHEARTS. Good Deed Beads was started by a mother and daughter team, but is inspired by children with cancer.
All moms, at one time or another, have had to look beyond their struggles and remain a child at heart, especially the many mothers caring for children with cancer.
This Mother’s Day, please enjoy the words below from Annamarie Robb, mother of Sam Robb. Created by CURE’s Maddie Briscoe Research Fund, this cookbook 384-page cookbook is filled with delicious recipes for your friends and family to enjoy.
We all know mothers are unique in their unselfish willingness to sacrifice their time and energy and so much more because of their endless love for their children. This year, consider giving your mother and mothers who are special in your life a gift which honors them and also helps children with cancer.
This Mother’s Day, CURE Childhood Cancer would like to thank all of our mothers for your love, support, and dedication. Being a teen cancer survivor has as many challenges unique to them, and at times these challenges were more difficult than the treatments.
Atlanta Journal Constitution features writer, Helena Oliviero, shares their story – of determination, resolve and a special friendship that has blossomed out of one of life’s most difficult trials. Tamara Thorp - Tamara has always had a passion for martial arts and trained with her twin brother since she was young. Cure Cancer - As a Precure she has a confidence in analysising all of a situation making her disciplined and the strong foundation for stratagy of her tribe.She represents the fortification of the people around the world.
A few days after Cure Scorpio awoke the three realise they have not seen Hydra their fairy anywhere. Fionne Thorp - Tamara's mother, she is a housewife and is always keen to show the pride she has in her children. Cure Crystal - Tamara is the keeper of the Cancer Crystal which grants her the power to transform into Cure Cancer. Purchase CURE shirts, vests, hats and more from the CURE Store, where 100% of proceeds benefit CURE. With your help, we had more than 2000 runners and raised more than $145,000 for pediatric cancer research. Each year, Copeland’s sponsors multiple Open Arms lunches for children and families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. To position its brunch as the go-to event of the holiday weekend, Copeland’s gave guests the chance to beat the brunch crowd by holding the event on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, eat amazing food at affordable prices and enjoy an exciting raffle of D.

Copeland’s Kennesaw brought in $611 of raffle sales and $6,067 of restaurant sales, while Copeland’s Cumberland gained  $230 in raffle sales and $6,817 from the brunch buffet.
On this holiday, I can celebrate our blessings, and I am comforted by your camaraderie, as a Mom, Friend and Advocate. Our family is comforted to know, Sam’s love of life and his story of fighting childhood cancer live. I will reflect, with a very grateful heart, on the incredible blessings that have come my way because I’m a mom. At CURE, we have the pleasure of connecting with many different mothers and families who practice diligence, patience and courage every day.
The cookbook costs $12 and 100% of proceeds benefit the Maddie Briscoe Research Fund of CURE Childhood Cancer!
Inspired by her grandmother – a masterful seamstress with a love for cooking – IceMilk Aprons embraces the idea of family heirlooms, tradition, and making memories.
Simply select your choice of sterling silver chain, the color of your lego heart, and your charity of choice – CURE Childhood Cancer.
Each beaded piece of jewelry is made by a 12 year-old and her mom and with each piece they sell, they donate 50% of the selling price to CURE Childhood Cancer.
These delicate CURE charms are designed for a small bracelet or necklace and are the perfect Mother’s Day keepsake. Children become our point of reference in time-before or after, when children were young or now grown. Please consider purchasing one of these gifts for a special mom in your life, each of which benefit CURE.
The cookbook costs $12 and 100% of proceeds benefit the Maddie Briscoe Research Fund of CURE Childhood Cancer. Click here to order.
100% of proceeds benefit The Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund of CURE Childhood Cancer. Click here to purchase. Individual aprons range from $35 for children to $85 for adults or you may purchase a Mother-Daughter set for $90-$120. We send our love to all of the mothers out there and wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day.
For a donation of $20, you will receive a package of 5 special Mother’s Day cards to give 5 special mothers.
Read the courageous and inspiring story of two childhood cancer survivors, Grace Bunke and Bailey Moody.
We are honored to know these girls and to have been able to help their families along the way.
Now holding a black belt she is joint captain of the martial arts club with her brother Tommy.
Join our fight as CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time! Donate to Kristen’s fundraising page. We quickly learned that the federal government only gives 4% towards childhood cancer specifically.
Plus, you never know who you’ll strike up a conversation with while sporting your CURE gear.
At times, one good meal is the only comfort these families receive for the day, so we are grateful for Copeland’s support of those in need and so close to our hearts. She found joy in each day and taught Tre’ and me more about living than anyone else ever has.
When it comes to honoring our mothers, it can be difficult to find the proper gift that symbolizes just how much we truly appreciate them.
Thanks to the printing donation by Standard Press, 100% of the sale price will benefit CURE!

They hope to make a difference in the life of a child with cancer. Click here to visit the website. This women’s tee is made of soft, thin cotton with distressed collar and sleeves and priced at $25.
I am touched to have the smiling faces of nurses who still remember Sam from ten years ago. Just enter code CUREChildhoodCancer and 25% of proceeds will be donated to CURE. Click here to shop.
Thanks to the printing donation by Standard Press, 100% of the sale price of these cards will benefit CURE. Click here to purchase. However, as we become adults, perhaps parents ourselves, we begin to truly appreciate the love our mothers have for us and their selfless sacrifice. At the time our world was immersed in sports for all the children, and Sam had aspirations of playing football in college. Young people learn to adapt quickly, and Sam focused upon playing baseball as his primary sport. These strong and determined girls won’t let partial leg amputations stand in their way as they work toward their dreams of competing in the Paralympics one day! The special brunch menu included nothing but the best selections—a carving station with roasted prime and honey ham, a made to order waffle and omelet station and a wide array of main courses, salads, sides and desserts! I will curl up and read a couple of good books with them and try to convince them that they’re still young enough to need a nap.
With Sunday, May 11th quickly approaching, CURE is proud to offer you a wide variety of gifts that are fit for any special mom in your life, while honoring what is most important to them: taking care of children in need. We see his friends moving into new thresholds of life–careers, relationships, engagements, marriage, and children.
With the diagnosis, we counted our blessings in the improvements of treatments, new research, the wonderful doctors and nurses, etc. After an 11 month journey filled with surgery, chemotherapy, monitoring counts, threatening infections, and extended hospital stays.
She was just 3 years old and endured 27 months of a very harsh clinical trial of chemo and steroids that would send any adult running for cover.
It takes all of us giving to this cause to make the difference that we can’t wait for others to be.
Please consider purchasing one of the following gifts for Mother’s Day, each of which will benefit CURE.
The large tote bag is $15 and the reusable bag is only $3!  At that price, you could easily pair a bag with another nice CURE gift. As the mother, I led our family down the road of childhood cancer to realize the challenges are unending.
When Tamara discovered the girl was Emily Cooper who had the nickname 'Afraidily' at school she was sceptical that she could be the Precure of Courage.
Cure Cancer engaged battle first striking Cure Virgo and then engaging in battle with Cure Taurus. Managing to gain the upper hand she takes Cure Taurus out but is then out smarted by Cure Capricorn and is knocked out along with Cure Scorpio.
Children deserve the chance to play outside, visit Grandparents, travel to the beach and just grow up to be happy and successful adults. When she awoke she saw the children near the battle and realises they have no option but to retreat.

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