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So whether its the shoes or the boost play­ing tricks with my mind, they got me run­ning fur­ther in a play­ful man­ner. Before you read any fur­ther, be aware that this will be no tech­ni­cal review of any kind. After open­ing up the box and take the shoes in your hands you feel they are very light­weight and flex­i­ble. I'd been told that it was tough, sweaty and really difficult, which didn't get me rushing to sign up.
After trying out a few yoga classes I really loved how relaxed and peaceful it made me feel. As long as it works, it is safe and isn't covered in someone else's sweat, I will get on with my workout, focusing instead on my breath or form or each step rather than the gym equipment itself. When I first started going to the gym I felt confused by all the machinery and was scared of doing something wrong and embarrassing myself, so for a while I stuck to the treadmill and cross trainer doing the same cardio workouts. His #leanin15 recipe videos on Instagram of tasty, filling meals that you can make in 15 minutes promise to get you lean.
Since I discovered the little powerhouses I add them to almost everything, especially porridge, smoothies and healthy baked treats.
Lots of these techie reviews can be read else­where online by peo­ple who are much more into that than I.
You feel like step­ping into a rac­ing car and imme­di­ately get this urge to start run­ning.
And that’s what run­ning should be about for me, the fun and enjoy­ment of going that extra mile. I can't remember what made me sign up to my first class, but I found that it was just as tough, sweaty and as difficult as I'd been told. I especially liked how it helped with my posture - being sat at a desk for 8 hours a day isn't the best for my back. One of the reasons that I can do this is because the people behind the equipment design and build it in such a way that I don't even have to think about it. They are an extension of the existing adidas Boost range with an improved mesh upper providing added comfort and flexibility as well as the Boost technology that adidas spent years developing and perfecting. That was the scene before me when I was invited to join a group of adidas x Stylist Magazine winners for a hardcore HIIT workout. I find the seeds are great for adding a crunch to salads and yogurt, whilst the milled flaxseed is perfect for adding to smoothies and porridge. For these reasons I downloaded the Yoga Studio app on my iPad mini and try to fit in at least 15 minutes of yoga when I can as I can't always make it to a class. Technogym has been a pioneer in the gym and fitness equipment industry for over 30 years, making it possible for people like me to focus on our workouts and not have to worry about the equipment. Maybe not, but you can definitely get bored of the doing the same workout routines over and over!
The transformation photos from clients of his were so impressive I just had to find out more. The Boost sole is made up of lots of capsules that are fused together and is designed to store and give back energy, adding a 'boost' to your run. Sometimes (who am I kidding, most of the time) I am in a rush and I don't always have time to prepare breakfast, so when I was contacted by The Chia Company, I thought these would be just perfect for those days.
Stylist Magazine had teamed up with adidas to offer winners a pair of the brand new adidas Energy Boost trainers, but there was a catch, they (we) had to earn the trainers by taking part in a gruelling workout. The seeds have a slightly nutty, earthy taste and have recently become readily available at most UK supermarkets and all good health stores. Whenever the spin instructor told us to turn up the resistance by one whole turn, I'd turn mine up by half a turn, if they said two, I did one and so on, so forth. Earlier in September, I was invited to vist the HQ, Technogym Village in Cesena, Italy to see for myself how Technogym live and breathe wellness.The T Restaurant and OfficesAfter an early flight, we were welcomed into the Technogym Village and sat down to a delicious lunch at the onsite T Restaurant, one of the first examples of how wellness is at the forefront of everything Technogym do.
If you're feeling bored, scared or like your gym membership is going to waste (I've been there, many times), why not try out exercise classes?Fitness classes have come a long way since the days of Jane Fonda and Mr Motivator, new classes are constantly being thought up and developed. The Body Coach offers several different plans that promise to get you eating right and whip you into shape. I tried on the trainers for the first time at the launch and whilst I wasn't about to start running around the packed store, I certainly noticed the springiness as soon as I put them on. Stunning views, a fantastic location, the trainers I had been lusting over for free and a great calorie burn too - I was sold!Our workout session was put on by Move PopUp Gym instructor and founder AJ. So, what's so great about them?Health benefits of FlaxseedFlaxseeds are the richest vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. After a nice lie in I'll wake up naturally with no alarm screaming at me, crawl out of bed when I'm ready, make a cup of peppermint tea or warm water and lemon, light a candle, grab my iPad then do a yoga sequence.
The restaurant is free for all employees and offers a Special, a Vegetarian and an Organic option everyday in a buffet style. I was invited by Virgin Active gym to try out some of their newest classes; Nova, a mix of yoga and pilates and Zuu, a class focusing on primal movements. The sole literally looks like polystyrene, which is a bit off putting at first glance, but I looked past that and fell in love with the pink berry and frost mint colours. Whilst the workout was tough, I loved AJ's style of leading a fitness class - he had me chuckling the whole way through. Particularly Alpha-Linolenic Acid, an essential fatty acid that isn't produced by our body so we really need to include it in our diet. Don't get me wrong, it is still tough, sweaty and difficult but now I actually enjoy spinning.
It's such a nice way to wake myself up slowly (I'm not a morning person), get a good stretch and awaken my muscles (perfect after a week of gymming) and get a focus before starting my day.The best part about it all? The ingredients and nutrients are carefully considered to make sure each meal is fresh and healthy and there is always plenty of fruit and veg available. However, I still believed I knew the best way to lose weight on my own so I didn't sign up.
I even tried on both colours at the same time and tweeted and instagrammed a picture, asking for your opinions. My favourite is the banana flavoured, which is made of sun ripened chia seeds, ripe bananas and pure coconut milk.
The Omega 3 fatty acid group is known for the prevention of heart disease and has anti-inflammatory properties that could benefit diabetes and arthritis. I'd only gone to a few yoga and pilates classes beforehand, but I'd never been to a combination of both before.
That was a month ago, but now I am signed up and officially a client.Why I signed up to the 90 Day SSS PlanOne girl's body transformation picture in particular stood out to me and was the catalyst to me signing up.
When I had seen the trainers in pictures I was set on the mint pair, but in person I just couldn't turn my back on the pink.
Can’t say if its the tech­nol­ogy built into the shoes or whether the mar­ket­ing around them is tak­ing effect but they were scream­ing for an extra lap and I couldn’t resist.
We were put through our paces with a sequence of intense exercises and we had to repeat the whole sequence three times. Spinning however, I can actually do and by the end of the class I feel elated.Last month, I was invited to the launch of a new spin studio called Edge Cycle in Holborn. I've been taste-testing the YogiQ chocolate bar by iQ Chocolate which launched this Summer especially for yogis. However, whilst in Italy I ate bowls full of pasta on the side of meat and veg yet not once did I feel bloated! I was in for a treat.My instructor for the class was Adrianna Sladeck and we started with some gentle stretching, perfect after the long day at work I'd had.
It seemed you guys couldn't decide either as I got equal votes for pink and mint!The launch party was themed around giving ourselves a 'boost' in different areas of our day to day lives.

It was generally a cool, mildly overcast morning so the gentle breeze was welcomed whilst we sprinted on the spot.
It is a small studio, with only one room for spinning, but it is a large room with ample space between the bikes. The YogiQ bar is high in antioxidants, supports muscle function and energy release and is boosted by ginger and ginseng. The food was so fresh and cooked well!Next we had a tour of the incredible Technogym Village, whose design and architecture can rival that of Google's offices. Then we moved into a flow which became progressively harder (for me anyway, everyone else seemed OK!). There was a section on healthy and beauty where we could get a mini makeover, changing rooms where we could try on the trainers and any other adidas gear, as well as talks by healthy foodies Hemsley + Hemsley, life coach Beth Reacher and singer Foxes who has teamed up with adidas to promote this new range and share her tips on staying fit. However, on the third sequence the clouds decided to part and let the sun shine down on us. The space was for a reason, I soon found out, as Edge Cycle runs a spin class with a difference. Ginseng is known for its effect on the nervous system and its ability to promote relaxation, whilst ginger is thought to promote energy circulation and increase the body’s metabolic rate as well as naturally boosting our immunity against colds and flu.
The offices were light and airy and all of the staff sat on Wellness Balls instead of chairs! My hamstrings were not forgiving in the downward dog and most definitely not in the one-legged, one-armed downward dog. As well as this, Joe is a shining example of what eating and training in the right way can do for your body, plus he's hot, which always helps with motivation (am I right ladies?!)! Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley gave us all a delicious green smoothie which had a remarkable 17 ingredients in it, all healthy of course!
The pod comes with a spoon so you can easily grab it from the fridge and go.A newer addition to the range are the Oats + Chia packets.
Thankfully adidas & Stylist Magazine provided water bottles and towels for us to mop up the beads of sweat that glistened on our foreheads.HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is based around doing a movement or exercise at maximum intensity (all out, everything you've got, 100% effort) for a short period of time, followed by a short rest period, then repeat. What I'm trying to say is that flaxseeds help to reduce bloating, improve digestion and prevent constipation. In the 'coffee break' areas they had a couple of exercise bikes to allow colleagues to have an active break away from their desks.
I was actually sweating by the end of the class, something I've never done in a yoga or pilates class before, but I felt relaxed and a lot more flexible by the end of the class.
I always do better when I have a clear plan and although I had made my own detailed plan to follow, it was too easy for me to have off days and not follow it as closely as I should. Even green smoothie newbies were sipping away in fascination and enjoyment - I didn't want mine to end! Again, another perfect breakfast option for on the go - all you need to do is add hot water and you have breakfast ready. It is shown to provide a greater calorie burn than steady state exercise such as long distance running as your body continues to burn calories even after your HIIT workout. They increase the water & bulk content in your, erm, poo to help shift things along nicely. The launch class I went to was an hour long, with the first 20 minutes spent on the bike followed by 10 minutes upper body work with weights, then back on the bike before the toughest ab & core workout I've done in a while and finally, a very welcomed stretch.
Still, at just 197 calories for a whole bar it's great to know I can still eat chocolate whilst keeping my weight in check and getting a load of benefits too. I don't know my Crow from my Pigeon move, so I wasn't exactly sure of the technical benefits or reasoning behind Nova so I had to find out more. A month later and I definitely did not look like any of the 4 week transformations that Joe achieves for his clients.
They then sat us down to give us their nutrition tips to give us a boost to our daily diets.
I actually added almond milk and microwaved this (because I didn't read the instructions) and it made it look like mushy baby food, but I loved the taste. That basically means you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time!For our HIIT session, AJ had us doing 20 seconds of bodyweight and on the spot cardio exercises then 10 seconds rest.
If you've ever experienced bloating, a sluggish digestion or constipation then you'll know how uncomfortable it can feel!Flaxseeds are a high source of gluten and wheat free fibre. I tend to only have one or two pieces at a time (each bar has 4 pieces) as it is quite rich. All employees have a Technogym mywellness Key, which tracks their movement each day and scores them with "Moves".
Gillian Reeves, National Exercise Manager at Virgin Active says that Nova challenges the muscles in your body in different ways, meaning your body works harder to keep up the pace. I finally came to the decision to sign up, I was ready to invest in my health and I wanted results.The Sign Up ProcessAfter signing up via his website and submitting my payment, I was emailed a questionnaire to fill out.
They recommend really chewing your food to let saliva do its job and ease digestion - bloat, be gone!
We were sprinting on the spot as fast and as hard as we could, star-jumping as if we were trying to fly, we did jumping squats, jumping lunges, burpess, mountain climbers, bicycle abs, planks, push ups and what I can only describe as can-can kicks whilst in a half bridge.
They are a great way of hitting your daily recommended fibre intake, which the average person struggles to hit. Part of my motivation for giving it my all in the class was looking up at her toned physique as she powered through the class.
TVs in the coffee break areas show the number of Moves each employee has a achieved and there are regular competitions and prizes to encourage everyone to keep moving. By getting your body to move in different directions, it maximises mobility which ultimately encourages agility making you less injury prone.The next class I tried was ZUU, the new fitness class based on 'primal' movements.
It was quite comprehensive, asking for my details, weight, health issues and concerns, how often I workout and to what intensity, food intolerances and a food diary to show him what you typically eat. Employees are encouraged to take up to 2 hour lunch breaks so that they can make time to workout.
Once submitted, as well as some dreadful before and after pictures (let's just forget about those, shall we?) I was informed my plan would arrive within 3-5 working days. As someone who often complains about not having enough time, I am a big fan of HIIT.Thank you so much to adidas for my wonderful kit! Starting with too much too soon can lead to a bit of discomfort, so be patient and start small.Handy tipsBecause of the high fibre content in flaxseeds, you need to make sure you increase your water intake when eating flaxseeds. Belinda played great tunes during the class, I was able to get lost in the music, pedalling harder and faster to keep in time with the beat. Forget walking, think hopping, donkey kicking and more, in fact there are over 100 unique moves. I received mine after 3 days (super speedy) and am starting today, on Monday because well, that's the rule, isn't it? Next up Beth Reacher really honed in on the importance in taking 5 to yourself to bring more mindfulness and awareness to our lives and the present moment.
The Mixed Berry and Banana & Mango flavours however were absolutely delicious and I will definitely be buying these. I was wearing the Energy Boost Trainers in mint, Studio Power Laces Tights in pink, Clima Essentials Strap Tank in black, Supernova Racer Sports Bra in pink and a Running tshirt. This just ensures everything flows correctly so is pretty important!A good way to get the best from the nutrients of flaxseeds is to activate them. I really liked her teaching style, she made me want to work harder, which is not easy, believe me.The room was lit up with lights that changed colour throughout the class which I thought was quite cool. My First Impressions of the PlanThe Body Coach tailors the plan according to your questionnaire answers.
She advocates switching off from technology and distractions to check in on ourselves which can help to avoid stress and encourage a positive outlook.

They're perfect to keep in my drawer at work for when I forget to prepare breakfast in advance.
To do this, simply soak the seeds in a glass of water overnight, then drain the water away the next day and eat the seeds.Make sure you never cook flaxseeds as heat makes them unstable! Face towels were provided for everyone and water coolers were readily available for us to fill up our water bottles. I was so impressed with everything Technogym does for their employees, it would be almost impossible not to live a healthy lifestyle with wellness being promoted throughout the business. Whilst we were channeling our inner gorillas, big burly men over in the weights area were looking over at us to see what we were doing. I really like this as my needs are not the same as someone twice my size, nor the same as someone with very different goals to me.
For three years in a row the company has been named a 'great place to work' and I can see why!The T Factory and Product InnovationTechnogym was founded by Nerio Alessandri when he was just 22 years old after he built a hack squat machine (pictured above) in his garage. I put in my questionnaire that I do not drink cow's milk, so any recipes that used milk (there were very few) Joe has replaced it with my milk of choice, almond milk.Cycle One is about timing the consumption of carbs after workouts to refuel your body.
She talked about how exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important to her whilst on tour to ensure she has the energy to perform.
Edge Cycle even give you a pair of spin shoes to wear for the class which made such a difference!
Let me tell you, I've never sweat so much in 15 minutes without touching a piece of gym equipment.
Overall I was very impressed with Edge Cycle and will definitely be going back, in fact I have been back already!
The meal plan is very flexible, it is up to you to create a weekly meal plan using the recipes provided. Perfect ambassador for the adidas Energy Boost trainers then!I had fun at the launch and I have to admit, I hadn't really paid adidas any attention prior to the event! The only note I would say is that the changing room and showers are very open - literally, there are no doors or curtains on the front of the showers - so they are not for the shy ones. The huge factory is where the equipment is built and assembled, with factory staff testing the equipment and interfaces.
The whole class we just used our body weight and mixed strength moves (squats) with cardio (donkey kicks), repeating each move as many times as we could for 30 seconds with 20 seconds rest. There are 38 recipes in my plan, but others may have more or less depending on how many recipes meet their needs. I spent quite a while browsing the rails of clothes that were dotted around the store and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed - adidas have some really nice clothes!
I've never enjoyed a class more, it's impossible not to smile whilst you're trying to act like an iguana! I have reservations about low carb, but this plan is more about macronutrient timing than it is low carb and that, I can agree with.
They have their own lab where they are continually developing new ideas and ensuring it meets the needs of their users.
I practised what I learned in my garden and living room.I really enjoyed trying out Nova and ZUU and it showed me that not all exercises classes are the same and work out routines definitely do not have to be boring!
They also heavily test their equipment, having huge robots run on treadmills for hours everyday to test the life of the treadmill belt and much more. Cardio and I do not get along, I avoid it as much as I can, but there is no denying the benefits of cardio. Now with internet access they have been able to make their machines send a notification when a part is nearing the end of its life, so that Technogym can send out a replacement before the machine even breaks down!
However the plan clearly breaks down the timing of the HIIT cardio which you can do on a treadmill, elliptical, bike or outside and The Body Coach also provides links to videos of HIIT workouts that you can do with no equipment (think burpees, squat jumps and mountain climbers). I'm hoping Technogym's innovation can make this a thing of the past!Working out with TechnogymDuring our visit with Technogym we tested out their different ranges.
I was worried about doing the same workout over and over again 4-5 times a week, however with the video workouts there should be enough to keep me from getting bored.
I can't deny, I will miss the weights area, but I will look forward to being reunited in Cycle Two.So today is day one, I will keep you posted on my progress and how I'm getting on. If you have any questions about the plan, leave them in the comments below and I will answer them as best as I can. Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I decided to sign up and paid for the plan myself. The second day we started on the ARTIS range of cardio equipment where we could test out the mywellness app (more on that below).
The ARTIS treadmill is the only one in the world that makes the surface softer for walkers and harder for runners! After working up a sweat we moved onto OMNIA which I loved simply because of all the possibilities. Strength training, speed, stability group training, you name it, you can probably do it with OMNIA. It's almost impossible for me to fully explain what you can do with OMNIA, so I have found a video that demonstrates it in a fun way. KINESIS uses cables that can be pulled, pushed or twisted in any direction, giving you complete freedom over the movement. When I first started weight training, I stuck to the machines that offer a very direct movement with no flexibility, I then moved on to free weights because I loved being in complete control of the weight. You can download the app on your phone, then when you go to use a piece of Technogym equipment, you just scan the QR code on the machine using the app. You do your workout on the machine and once you've finished it will automatically be recorded in the app and you will see your Moves score. If you have a personal trainer or your gym uses the coach's version of the mywellness app, they can create tailored workouts for you and send it to your app. If you have a creative trainer who invents a move that isn't in the database, they can film themselves performing the move and add it to your workout.
The thing I loved most was the mywellness key, as you can plug it into the machine to record your workouts, but then you can clip it to your clothes and use it as a pedometer to record your movement outside of the gym. I loved the idea of being encouraged to keep moving throughout the day and not just focus all your efforts at the gym. I'm terrible for staying at my desk all day, I'd score a good amount of Moves at the gym but would be terrible the rest of the time so I would definitely strive to improve on that!My Wellness ExperienceI loved my trip to the Technogym Village. I also learned that Technogym don't just make fitness equipment, they have the Wellness Institute where they train gym owners, trainers, physiotherapists, hotel managers and more.
I just loved the working environment at Technogym Village and it made me think about my own workplace. I will definitely start to take more active breaks to make sure I am moving throughout the day.
I may not have exercise bikes that I can hop on for 5 minutes at work but I can go for walks around the building, always take the stairs, go to the toilets on another floor etc. I may not have the wonderful T Restaurant but I can ensure I take healthy meals to work with me so that I don't reach for the vending machines. I will definitely remember how inspiring I found this trip and strive to incorporate the wellness lifestyle into my everyday life at home.

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