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When you don’t have time to sit down for a bowl of whole fruits and veggies, you can grab one of these blended, balanced cups of whole food nutrition at Jamba Juice.
The great thing about Jamba Juice is that they’re always introducing new smoothies and this time with added benefits.
Mangos, passion fruit-mango juice, chia seeds, nonfat Greek yogurt and a cup of kale gives you the energy and protein you need for the day.

It would be a double first time for me as it was my first time to try Jamba Juice and my first time to step into Shangri-La’s East Wing (and of course, I got lost along the way). It was a fun experience and I was amazed on how fast the actual procedure gets done by them. Btw, they have this fun way to add ice to the mix because they would throw it in the air and catch it.

Soon, they will start sourcing their mangoes from Guimaras and that would definitely be a big change in taste.

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