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Another idea is to journal what you’re going to do differently in the future to prevent your anxious feelings. If you don’t practice yoga, check out this short article from Ailieen that provides 10 easy stretches and photos to show you the poses. Kelly Pfeiffer, founder of Think It Through Parenting has been teaching parents about Positive Discipline and child development for over ten years. Life as a new mum, super-mum, working mum or simply-trying-to-keep-it-together mum can be a challenge, but we know you embrace it and carry on living your life to the fullest – and that is what makes you so amazing!
We know time doesn’t always permit the insta-perfect breakfast (lunch or dinner for that matter!), which is why we want to share with you our top tips for staying healthy and energized on the go! People that suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I'm Brandi, follower of Christ, wife to an amazing, supportive husband, blessed mother to four sweet children, and a fellow spoonie. I gave up Starbucks 30 days ago and need to find some other ways to give me some energy throughout the day – going to check this out. DisclaimerPlease consult with your physician or healthcare provider for health care and treatment. CopyrightA brief excerpt of content that does not exceed 75 words may be quoted as long as a link is provided back to the source page on this blog and authorship is properly attributed.
I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it leaves me feeling tired and sluggish. My schedule is packed with school drop-offs and pick-ups, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry…oh, and work. But like most moms I know, I often find myself getting tired and cranky shortly before dinner, and while I know I should probably be getting more sleep, I simply don’t have the time. And since I know there are other moms out there who are feeling even MORE tired than I am (how do moms with multiple kids do it, anyway??!), I decided to share 1o of my most effective energy boosters for tired moms.I hope these help! Now that summer is officially over (wah!), I feel like I spend 50% of my day driving from preschool to music lessons to any store that sells food AND wine, and when traffic is bad, I often feel my eyelids growing heavy. In addition to getting sleepy at the wheel, I have also been known to fall asleep while watching TV and reading, and I once feel asleep in a movie theater.
A lot of my friends pickle themselves with various vitamins and minerals each day, and while I’ve never been big on putting these kinds of things into my body unless I really need to, they absolutely swear by them. Did you know that you can sometimes trick yourself into feeling more well-rested and happy?
While all of these tips and tricks are great strategies to help busy moms like me and you get through our hectic days, there are times we need to listen to our bodies and just REST. And if you’re looking for more health-related tips and tricks, please follow our Health and Fitness board where we share all kinds of fabulous ideas! DaniDani is a 30-something freelance writer and social media consultant who has an unhealthy love for makeup, hair, and fashion.
Conscious daily activities that support increased energy are just as important, if not more important for mums with all the activities and sleep changes that being a mummy can bring. Next time you are feeling tired at the end of a long night or day and feel the need to reach for the iPad or a coffee, try these 5 Energy Boosters instead.
1) Ditch the Tech – After a long day is not uncommon to want to sit down, turn on Netflix or grab the iPad. 2) Turn it Up – Research shows uplifting music can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and increase feel-good hormones which in turn increases energy. 4) Stay Hydrated – One of the fastest ways to boost your mood and energy is to drink a glass of water. 5) Move It – Science shows that people who are physically active feel more energetic than more sedentary people. If you’re feeling drained after a long day, exhausted after a night on little sleep or simply just not feeling your best, turn to these simple at-home strategies for an all-natural energy booster. It seems that when you are pregnant, your body becomes the subject of conversation for all of those around you – even well meaning grannies at the checkout will give you their two cents.
Thanks to Betty Crocker® Fruit Flavored Snacks for sponsoring this post. Click here to see more of the discussion.
I’m not sure what is more tiring — actually being a kid, or being the adult that chases the kids around all day.
Check out some of these natural energy boosters for kids (and for moms and dads too!) that will help keep them moving, and keep you chasing them around from breakfast to bedtime. Dates are often referred to as "nature's candy." Rich in fiber and many minerals, dates are a great natural alternative to high-sugar candy that will leave kids feeling energized and excited for classwork, playtime, sports, and whatever else they need to fuel for during the day. I know I talk about smoothies all the time, but for our family they are one of the best sources of nutrition for the kids and adults alike.
Kids tend to love anything that looks like a gummy candy, and these fun fruit-shaped Mott's Medley snacks are a hit for all ages.
It might not seem like the most traditional source of energy, but there are few things as important as staying hydrated during the day. In addition to staying hydrated, there are few things as naturally energizing as a healthy dose of sunshine. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you’re feeling lethargic, walking may not be what you want to do, but it a brisk walk can actually give you energy and leave you feeling less tired than before.

If you’re feeling down, stressed or on-edge, take 10 minute to write about those feelings. There are tons of free offers and free stuff to accept if we can find the right free offer – something we value.
If you practice yoga, choose a few light stretching activities that you’d usually do at the beginning of a yoga session.
If you own headphones, you can plug in a listen to these through a smartphone or mp3 player. This could be 10 minutes of knitting, sketching, nature journaling, creative writing, sewing, art journal work, scrapbooking or any creative activity you enjoy. Take ten minutes to take your focus off of your children, your family and your responsibilities to them and direct your intention to yourself. You know which ones will get you belly laughing, something that releases healthy endorphins into your system. The problem will most likely be that it’s hard to put down the book at the end of ten minutes.
That said, there will inevitably be times when you’ve forgotten to brush your hair on your way out of the door, let alone sit and treat yourself to a homemade smoothie and side of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon! By this we mean the unsalted, unsweetened, unrefined sort of course – but these are a great way of getting a quick energy hit if hunger pangs hit and you’re out and about with no health food shop in sight! Matcha has incredible energy producing properties and is an amazing natural source of caffeine. To name but a few, we think you should always have avocados, houmous, oatcakes, dates, peanut butter (allergies permitting!) and bananas at the ready! Don’t forget to nourish yourself properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially now that you have a little one that depends on you to be fit and well! Just as there are natural remedies for all symptoms of fibromyalgia, there are natural energy boosters to add to your daily treatment regiment to decrease fatigue.
I don’t have Fibromyalgia, I have APS or Hughes syndrome, and I am tired of being tired. I am a follower of Christ, wife to a supportive husband, mother to four sweet children, and fibromyalgia thriver.
The information in this website is not a substitute for professional medical nor healthcare advice. And while I instantly feel an energy boost (and a sense of extreme satisfaction!) from eating these foods, I always end up feeling worse a couple of hours later. So if you’re feeling particularly exhausted these days, why not make an appointment with your doctor to see if he can recommend a supplement (or 2!) to help you feel more alert?
This could mean a 20-minute catnap while your little one is watching Dora the Explorer, a long bubble bath when your kids are safely tucked into their bed, or an earlier bedtime for a few days while your body recharges itself. She lives with her husband and 4-year-old daughter in Toronto, Canada and hopes to move to a warmer climate someday.
While physical rest is imperative for relaxation and recovery, technology may have less stress-reducing effects than we may think.
Recent studies show that people who listen to restful music before bed actually sleep better and show less signs of stress in daily life.
Simply choosing better feeling thoughts toward yourself, your body and your life, can have a positive effect on energy levels.
When your cells are dehydrated they shrink and even brain cells find it more difficult to function well. The body is designed to move and flush out toxins and simply choosing new ways to move your body may wake up sluggish or inactive areas.
Regardless, it is important for the whole family to stay fueled and energized to maximize these days of playing, learning, and growing.
There are slides to climb, soccer balls to kick, school lessons to learn, and friends to chase. Natural sugars give kids a healthy energy boost rich with all sorts of good vitamins and minerals.
For a longer lasting pick-me-up that will keep kids satiated and feeling full, try offering a variety of different nut butters. You can add whatever fruits and veggies you like, and even sneak in some good healthy fat sources like avocado or flax oil. They are also easy to pack and store, and relatively mess-free, which is important for quick snacks on the go.
Kids enjoy the sweet taste, clever shapes, and gooey texture, while moms enjoy knowing that they are all-natural and made from real fruit and vegetable juices.
Water is probably nature's most important and refreshing way of keeping your body in good shape all day long. We live in Seattle where sunshine is limited during certain times of the year, so we make sure we get outside and soak it up whenever it is shining. A study published in the journal, Emotion, suggests that we need to let ourselves feel our current emotions to work through those emotions. Acknowledge your gifts by writing them down, speaking them aloud or singing about them (create a playlist of personal theme songs!) Remind yourself of the things you do well and the gifts you offer to the world.
If you’re in the car, just put on some favorite tunes and sing at the top of your lungs for ten minutes. And for the time-poor, why not try making jars of chia seed pudding or overnight oat pots in the evenings, so that even if you’re rushing out, you’ve got a nutritious, homemade breakfast ready to pop in your handbag!

Make sure you drink water when you wake up to rehydrate yourself after your sleep, but also continue to sip on water throughout the day! Switching to gluten free has helped, but I can always use more info on how to make my diet work for me. Being Fibro Mom was created in 2013 in the hopes of helping fibromyalgia sufferers become fibromyalgia thrivers. When you’re exhausted, the LAST thing you want to do is go for a run on the treadmill.
Of course, this is all fun and games when I’m doing something recreational, but there are times when it’s just not appropriate to catch a catnap, you know? While going for a morning run is great for waking you up and giving you the boost you need to make it through your morning routine, it’s important to keep moving in some way, shape, or form throughout the day. Not only does it give me the jolt I need to wake up and pay attention, but it also helps me feel full so I don’t crave unhealthy snacks. And while you’re there, get your thyroid and iron levels checked as a deficiency in both of these can lead to feelings of fatigue. Turning off the gadgets, spending some time in nature or simply opening the curtains to let some light in can relax the brain rather than stimulate it and help to rejuvenate the mind, restore focus and improve energy levels. Fill your body with fresh air by taking 5 deep breaths to reset your nervous system and then think of 5 things you are grateful for in everyday life. When you are out and about in the heat of the day, make sure you water your brain cells regularly so you can stay on top of your game and feeling good. If you are sitting in a chair, try rolling your feet forward and backward from your heels to to your toes or take your arms up overhead to increase blood flow. It’s important to eat well and provide the right snacks all day long so that everyone has enough energy to end each day happy and healthy. Try some of these natural energy boosters that will help keep your family fueled for each day!
It is the perfect time of year for all things apple — take your family to the orchard for an apple-picking trip, and come home with plenty leftover for snacking.
For older toddlers (with more teeth and better chewing abilities!) try offering frozen grapes. Pick your preference — peanut, almond, sunbutter, and more — and spread onto whole grain toast or a ripe banana. Smoothies are a great source of hydration as well as a quick grab-n-go way to get an energy boost during the day.
Keep a stash of nuts in the car, pantry, and in your purse or diaper bag, so you always have access to this super snack if a mid-day crash strikes. These are another great snack item to keep stashed in the car or diaper bag for mid-day pick-me-ups. Particularly during those summer months, make sure you and your kids are drinking plenty of water all day long. Like me, other parenting experts are giving free offers and free downloads of great information. It would be great if a nap could be my answer, but  a nap is neither possible with little ones running around nor does it give me any energy if I could take one. My mission is to change the mantra “you don’t look sick” and replace it with knowledge, understanding, compassion, and healing. But once I throw some upbeat music on, my mood instantly improves and I suddenly find I have the energy to make it through dinner AND the bedtime routine without having a meltdown. Thankfully, a friend of mine also struggles with this little problem, and she recently let me in on her secret strategy: chewing gum. I always find I have way more energy on the days my daughter and I are busy with activities and errands compared to the days we spend hours upon hours watching Doc McStuffins reruns. The dirty toilets, unfolded laundry, and unwritten blog posts will be waiting for you when you’re ready. It's a great, healthy snack alternative to things like popsicles that might have unnatural ingredients like food dyes. Whether it's in the car on the way to a soccer game, or packed in a bag for a mid-day snack -- smoothies are an easy way to make sure you have energy all day long. Try squeezing in a short walk into your everyday life to get a change of scenery, release stress and step away from the dirty dishes in your sink. She simply pops a couple of pieces in her mouth when she feels herself fading, and it helps her stay more present and engaged. I put them in the car and just drove for about 20 minutes with the music on and I sang and sang.
Keeping your circulation moving will help the cells to work at their optimum, stimulate neurotransmitters and increase energy. If you do have a karaoke machine at home, that’s fun too and very stress relieving for me! Oh, and if you can’t find time to make it to the gym, give some of these at-home cardio workouts for busy moms a try!

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