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My delicious infused water recipe has fresh blueberries, blackberries, doughnut peaches, coconut water, spring water and wild orange essential oil. Drinking fruit infused waters also helps remove cravings for sodas and commercial energy drinks.
Coconut water is an isotonic beverage that is a great source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium which are important minerals and electrolytes you need to help your body stay healthy. I put wild orange essential oil in this water because of the wonderful flavor and fragrant aroma that it adds to my recipe.
Wild orange essential oil is cold pressed from the orange peel and is GRAS for internal use. I hope you enjoy this infused water recipe whenever you want an energy boosting healthy beverage! Here’s another one of my favorite infused fruit water recipes for Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water.
If you looking to boost your energy even more you should consider doing my Radiance Holistic Detox Cleanse Program.
If you enjoyed my recipe, check out my holistic cookbook that’s packed with 154 tasty whole foods recipes and 50 pages of healthy living tips! Deliciously Holistic is for sale as a eBook for only $15.00 or as a print book on Amazon!
Although I wasn’t previously familiar with doughnut peaches, I must admit that sounds incredibly good! I guess I kinda of already knew the importance of regularly drinking water, but after reading your extremely informative post, I definitely know going forward, that more daily glasses of water, has to become a part of my daily activities! May I just say Shelley that your blog is incredibly visually appealing and easy to navigate! Christi Johnson recently posted..On Being A Marketer Who Loves To Write – May The Two Of Me Continue To Meet!
Reaching for these energy boosting supplements or caffeine drinks is not the healthiest of choices. I can relate because I spend a lot of time working online and on the go so I’m always trying to figure out the best way to keep my energy high naturally. I drink my energy boosting berry peach coconut water whenever I need that extra energy to help me feel better!
These wonderful ingredients taste great and all work together to help increase your energy naturally. If you eat a lot of cooked or dense foods, exercise frequently, work outdoors, are detoxing, or taking any prescription  or over-the-counter medications, it is really important that you drink enough water to stay hydrated.
Today’s water recipe has a tasty natural sweetness that comes from the fruit and coconut water. Coconut water also contains B vitamins, amino acids, and iron that are all important nutrients for radiant health. This easy-to-follow detox program is based on whole foods and it gets results! I like doing a detox with every season to reboot my metabolism and help my body get rid of the toxins that we all deal with on a daily basis.

You can leave the fruits in the infused water for up to 2 days before you need to strain them out of the water. I want you to know that because of YOU I finally tried coconut water and coconut oil and and now totally hooked on both. Coconut is an amazing superfood and I love everything about it from the water to the oil, meat, and sap. I bet you enjoyed drinking all the delicious coconut water straight from the baby coconut in Thailand!
I hope that you also try my infused water recipes so you can see how good they taste and make you feel! My wife and I are visiting georgia right now so I might have to do this before we have to leave the famously delicious peaches down here Thanks for the great post!
I keep telling myself that I want to make a homemade flavored water, but I have not done so, yet.
I am going to finally break down and try it and, I will report back to you to tell you how it tasted. I do love infusing coconut water with different fruits and essential oils to boost the flavor and nutrition. These are essential minerals that our body needs for certain functions.Your methods are followed by me. Many of these items are habit forming and will end up leaving you crashing or feeling even more fatigue from times when they aren’t available.
Many who lack energy and suffer from fatigue are not getting this much needed physical activity.
If you’re feeling low in energy or sluggish during the day this water will really help you! One of the main causes of low energy is dehydration that occurs when we don’t drink enough water. I find that by infusing my waters with nutrient-rich ingredients that taste delicious, it gives me more reasons to want to drink plenty of it. Wild orange essential oil makes me feel happy and energized whenever I smell its beautiful fragrance! Find out why doing a seasonal detox is so effective for helping you maintain vibrant health here. This recipe is definitely doable even with out limited selection of fruits, so I look forward to giving it a try. I’m actually teaching two classes on coconut at Whole Foods Markets in Los Angeles and Tarzana next week and I wish you could be there! I hope you have a great trip and try this recipe with some of those sweet and juicy Georgia peaches.

Adding the fruit to it seems like the perfect thirst quencher and is a great way to increase my fruit intake.
It’s that point in the day after lunch where we start to feel sluggish, unproductive and wish it was nap time. A better choice would be choosing foods that are considered energy boosting foods and adding them to your everyday diet. Combining a healthy diet that is rich in energy boosting foods and daily exercise will see a much needed improvement in their daily energy levels. Since our bodies are primarily made up of water, we need to replenish this water on a daily basis in order to stay hydrated and energized. Pour the spring water and coconut water into the jar and add the wild orange essential oil drops into the jar. I just taught two coconut classes at Whole Foods because I love coconut for both the taste and fantastic health benefits. If you need more personalized attention please feel free to contact me for health coaching.
Let’s face it, there is a reason why the energy supplement business is so big and why coffee is so expensive. A tip would be to pack these energy foods with your lunch and eat them at opportune periods throughout the day. I wanted to start sharing some of my personal recipes for seasonal fruit infused waters so you can have some good alternatives to just drinking plain water.
Stir the water with a spoon, cover with a lid and put water into the refrigerator for at least 1 hour or overnight for the best flavor.
Most of the flavor will be extracted from the  fruit but you can still add them into a smoothie with other fruits and veggies. Most people deal with energy fatigue on a regular basis and need that energy boost to get through their every day. This lack of energy could be from an underlying condition and you may want to consult a physician.
However, for must of us it is just a side effect of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or even just pure boredom at our jobs.

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