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If you’re not a fan of these essential oils or don’t have them on hand, you can grab citrus oils (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, etc) to lift your spirits and give you a spark of energy.
The holidays festivities are over, the temperature has dropped a few degrees and the sun is now only making a brief appearance. Basil stimulates your mind, giving you a boost of energy, clearing up mental fatigue and helping you focus. Their fresh scents shoot right through to the brain to wake you up, while also rejuvenating your senses so that you can deal with any problems that come your way.
For the winter blues, try a floral essential oil – the subtle energies fight off depression.

It’s officially winter and with winter comes the blues – whether it’s a mild case of exhaustion from the busy holiday season or a full blown case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you can help keep your energy levels (and your spirits) up with these five essential oils. If you’re having trouble keeping those eye lids open during the work-day, add a few drops of basil to your diffuser and you’ll make it to quitting time! Peppermint’s stronger scent overpowers fatigue while spearmint’s softer fragrance is better for use with children in the room.
A stimulant, it will wake you up while its uplifting properties help you focus on the tasks at hand.
Blend it with rosemary to pack a bit of a punch to your aromatherapy regime – this powerful combo will decrease your mental stress and anxiety, and increase your cognitive function!

Its fresh scent will also boost flagging energy levels so that you can stay awake during your next office meeting… no matter how long it drags on for.

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