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Have you come to the limits of Standard and Alternative medicine and you are still not well? Is there still some area in your life that you are still stuck in despite trying 'everything'?
Would you like to practice the cutting edge transformational tools of Energy Medicine with like-minded people? Are you excited about quantum physics and want to know how to apply the principles for healing and personal change? Would like to learn potent self - healing techniques that create measurable results (very often immediately) and that you can easily share with your family and friends? If there were a much easier way to create your ideal life without having to set goals, intentions, making a"vision board" or reciting endless affirmations, would you be interested? Would you be willing to have greater possibilities show up for you with the ease and lightness of a feather touch? I'm frustrated in that in my medical practice I meet so many dedicated and beautiful souls who are have 'tried everything', have spent lots of time and money and yet despite their best efforts they are struggling with basic health and well being issues. I'm excited because I think that one of the real solutions out there lies in the understanding and practice of Energy Medicine techniques. This is an Introductory talk to my 5 week 'Mindfulness for Stress, Physical Pain and Long term disease' course happening consecutive 5th Feb - 5th March. Are you confused by all the different options and energy devices that could potentially help you but you are afraid to make the wrong decision and waste your money?
Which Energy Medicine Device can boost your immune system, detoxify your body and kill off cancer cells? Just go to Admin area > Appearence > Clear Line Options > Footer and select column number and their width. I write for seekers, wayfinders and in general those who have experienced pain or are still experiencing such.

My first book “A Teacher Learns” celebrated my experiences with some of my high school students in Assumption, Iloilo.
My second book highlighted my garden experiences in my mini garden outside our apartment where we lived for almost thirty years. I dare those who have heard similar small voices from within to strengthen their inner lives.
This is a book of essays on the workings of the mind as related to the family, social conditionings and health. There are 31 essays that hopefully would tease the reader to take the responsibility of taming the mind. Reviewing Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening” compels me to soften my bias for women writers. My plan is for the readers to use this book for at least a month, to allow my ideas to percolate and resonate with the reader. I am a staunch believer of lived experiences; that’s why many of my essays are about me, my husband and our only daughter Julie Anne. On a less mundane level, there is no need to be controlled by answers indoctrinated in fear. The individual’s pain, disappointments, anger are colored by one’s families, educational history, religious affiliations, gender etc. Energy Medicine Research Institute performs scientific consulting for many types of businesses. Energy Medicine Research Institute specializes in assisting companies in the integrative health and natural product arenas to obtain clinical trials to support marketing claims. We conduct Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved clinical trials that can be used to support marketing claims and meet regulatory requirements. Another test we have developed is assessing the effectiveness of devices that protect from electrosmog (harmful electromagnetic fields, emfs).

Ronald Mann advocates lived experiences: one cannot impart a level of teaching that one has not already experienced and realized.
The young especially know how limited life would be if they limit their learning to textbooks. It may be information received from books, from the Internet from significant others but with added value from one’s self.
The intuition I refer to is a tool for the soul to eventually go back and unite with its creator. Informational energy medicine forms the missing link, which is, in effect, wellness health care. Kronn lead research on high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics, and nonlinear optics. Beck is known as a renowned researcher and inventor in the field of Energy Medicine devices. Your clinical trials will be customized for your product to provide optimal support for marketing claims.
We have developed a protocol of academic standardized tests that measure these  characteristics. There’s nothing more disappointing than having spent a lot of money for a product and then finding that it is does not deliver the promised effects or it’s too complicated to use.
Tully and collaborators have developed a strategy to evaluate the physical effects of electrosmog. These tests are used by Energy Medicine Research Institute to determine the efficacy of products that protect individuals.

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