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All transaction a must TT deposit 30 % and letter of Credit 70 % Product Shipping origin is = SHENZHEN port. All CFL energy saver — Buy All CFL energy saver, Price , Photo All CFL energy saver, from Astro International (Pvt) Ltd.. The Michelin Energy Saver is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. I have had these tyres about a year, I know these aren't winter tyres but these tend to slip in the cold mornings when i am pulling off from a T Junction (I haven't had this with previous tyres and I am not flooring it).
Secondly I am shocked to see that the tread has gone quite far down, I previously had Budget tyres (Kumho i think) and they lasted way longer than these, I am sure that my tyres are in line and the tracking is fine. So 2 things to point out and thirdly I do not notice any change in fuel usage, I am not expecting a dramatic difference but there has been no difference at all.

I hope this has helped, I wanted to pass on my experience to help others as I have found this website helpful for other tyre reviews.
2015 Auto Express All Season Tyre Test2015 AutoBild All Season Tyre Test2015 French All Season Tyre Test2016 All Terrain and Off Road MT Tyre Test2016 GF All Season Tyre TestIs there a true all season tyre?
The new patented ECO'N'GRIP technology uses a formula that improves molecular cohesion and limits heat build-up in the tyre. INNER LAYER, a layer of polymers underneath the tread improves rolling resistance and reduces energy consumption. I can't say anything about how much they will last because i own them 3 months and i have driven 3500 km with them but the are much much better than pirelli P3000(never buy them - buy something that worth less like fulda or barum and i think that it will be better than P3000).
Driven the remarkable 91000km (56000miles) with these tyres, of which 20000km (12500miles)were in the Uk's hard tarmac. For any infringing content the claim can be filed by visiting our intellectual property procedure.

However, they seem to be far too susceptible to tyre damage on not too perfect roads, which is now the average british road.
I am not a hard driver but I always do the max speed limit allowed whether it be on the motorway or back roads. I'm very pleased with these tyres and may buy the same again if they wear out before I'm finished with the car! Not the best to drive at the limit but for an average driver like me are a respectable choice.

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