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4,Put condensate exit at the bottom of outdoor unit,and then connect drain pipe onto the exit. Ok,all are finish.Now,Smartclima`s Air Conditioner Energy Saver can work and help you to save money. Domestic Air Conditioner energy saving can save energy though absorb air conditioning condensed water and spray it to the condenser to reduce the temperature. Commercial Air Conditioner energy saving can save energy though absorb air conditioning condensed water and spray it to the condenser to reduce the temperature. The Atomizing Spray Pump for Vehicle Air Conditioning system uses piston refrigerant compressor to pump the condensed water to spray onto the condenser in pulse mode. The traditional vehicle air conditioning system is designed as reverse Carnot cycle refrigeration device, composed of Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator and Throttling element. The improved vehicle air conditioning system is designed as reverse Carnot cycle refrigeration devices, too.
The amount of condensed water produced by air-conditioner.According to formula, it can be calculated that there is 15kg of condensed water can be produced by a 30kW of vehicle air-conditioner per hour.
What is the most energy reliable ac unit on the market, trying to find an AIR CONDITIONER, NOT A SWAMP COOLER.
I have a swamp cooler now and its dreadful, I wash to use your energy saving item.can it work? ABB’s Performance Based Full Service contract has delivered significant savings for Caterpillar India. Caterpillar India appointed ABB in 2011 to deliver a Performance Based Full Service contract for asset management at its manufacturing site in Tiruvallur, close to the city of Chennai in southern India.
Caterpillar chose ABB because it was looking for a professional maintenance partner which could bring value to its business rather than merely delivering 'lubrication' and 'wrench-turning' services. Around 1000 people work at Caterpillar’s Tiruvallur site, which is home to several of the company’s production lines, including those for Backhoe Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Quarry and Mining Trucks, and Off-highway Trucks. In 2011 ABB’s Full Service team took over responsibility for the ongoing management and execution of maintenance at the site.
The site’s new paint plant was identified by ABB as having strong potential for energy saving.
After carrying out systematic and in-depth studies, ABB found that the compressor’s control settings dictated that it would provide an output of 8 – 8.3 bar pressure throughout the day, irrespective of the number of hours of production.

After modifying the control set points of the compressor, its running hours dropped significantly - from 23 to only 9 hours per day. Looking for installation and repair work for Air Conditioners in Manchester, we are bound to deliver excellent services to our customers.
Energy usage and the efficiency of the building improves through installing a properly sized air curtain controlled precisely by Enetec. Smartclima already got patent for the Air Conditioner Energy Saver(Brief “ACES”) in many countries.Anyone who produce or sell ACES or similar products without Smartclima`s authorization will be pursued with legal responsibilities at anytime and any place. Because when the temperature are reduced, the electricity use of compressor will be also reduced. The load of the compressor mainly depends on the heat load of the inside vehicle (the heat which absorbed by evaporator) and the condenser efficiency. But it is composed of Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Throttling element and Atomizing spray pump. It is of great importance to recycle the condensed water, by which energy saved and economy benefits.
If the air-conditioner works 10 hours a day, there will be 150kg of condensed water produced.Fully using condensed water can reduce load of automobile air-conditioning system, improve the efficiency of air-conditioning system of the vehicle, and play a significant role in energy-saving. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The plant and machine manufacturer is now realizing energy savings worth around $35,000 per year at its new paint plant, without capital investment. The objectives were to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and reliability, ensure effective management of spare parts and improve the plant’s operational performance. ABB Full Service® is a performance-based partnership agreement that is designed to improve overall plant performance while optimizing maintenance costs.
The focus was to implement a preventive and proactive strategy, aimed at identifying and reducing losses and breakdowns. It is equipped with two compressors, the main one being a 250 kilowatt (kW) Atlas Copco unit. With the objective of reducing the running hours of the compressor, ABB adjusted the set points to maintain the pressure at a lower 6 – 7 bar during non-production hours, which was sufficient to meet the demands of the paint mixture regulating pump.
This has cut energy consumption from 23000kWh to 11000kWh per month resulting in financial savings of about $35,000 a year, without any capital investments.

Gnanaprakasam of Caterpillar India’s Facility Engineering Service said: “We are very happy with the efforts taken by ABB to improve the efficiency of the Atlas Copco compressor. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Normally, the heat load of the inside vehicle is uncontrollable due to uncertain number of passenger. It uses piston refrigerant compressor to pump the condensed water to spray onto the condenser in pulse mode. According to the operating characteristic of refrigerating machine, in case of stable evaporation temperature, the shaft power will be reduce 3% when the condensed temperature reduced 1 ??.
This 250 kW compressor was found to be running for 23 hours per day, even though its only duty outside the normal eight-hour shift was to operate a paint mixture regulating pump. Additionally, this improved operational regime enabled Caterpillar India reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 100 metric tons per year, and it has helped extend maintenance intervals and the service life of both the compressor motors and the compressors, which has led to longer and more efficient plant operation.
The condenser efficiency is directly influenced by the environment temperature, ventilation coefficient, solar radiation, and so on.
Experiments show that the condensed temperature can be reduced 3?? as a result of being sprayed by the condensed water. This extended running time represented a daily electricity consumption of 800kWh and a significant operational cost to Caterpillar India. Both of the condensing pressure of the condenser and the shaft power of the compressor will be reduced as a result of improving heat dissipation of the evaporator. It can be figured out that the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) will be improved 8% by taking advantage of Atomizing spray pump.
Meanwhile, the refrigerating effect will be enhanced due to the density of refrigeration working medium increase and the valid flow improvement. In other words, there will be 8% reduction of the gasoline consumption and 10% reduction of the emissions.
By using the Atomizing Spray Pump can improve the condensed efficiency; meanwhile, the load of the compressor will be reduced and refrigerating effect increases.

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