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Mains voltage fluctuates because the power supplied over the National Grid is not stored but generated on demand. In the UK the norm is at the high side of this range at about 240 Volts BUT the majority of household appliances operate more efficiently at lower voltages. By reducing the voltage to a steady 220 Volts electricity bills could be reduced by 10%. There has been a lot of recent advertisements urging you to turn all electrical devices off when not in use. The traditional incandescent light bulb has been illuminating our homes for the past 120 years but finally is being switched off for the last time. A mains voltage 240 volt 50 watt halogen lamp uses less power than an extra low voltage 12 volt 50 watt halogen lamp because the transformer wastes some energy as well.
They look good but can be expensive and generate a lot of heat ( a potential fire risk ). LED technology is improving all the time and in the not too distant future an affordable G10 LED replacement  for a standard halogen will be available.

Domestic Wind Turbines, Solar voltaic, Solar Water heaters, and Air and ground Heat Exchangers all generate  energy from the environment we live in but you will need expert advice to determine which is the best opion for you. The high quality materials used in the construction of this solid chimney damper include a steel lid, cast aluminum frame, and a silicone rubber seal that creates an airtight bond when closed. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Retailers have voluntarily stopped replenishing stocks and soon the 100 watt bulb will be consigned to the history books. Will they still work with fluorescents ?  Unfortunately the answer is both yes and no. They also put holes in the ceiling which increases the speed at which a fire will spread throughout the house. At this time LED lights are are used more for accent lighting because although they are appear bright they illuminate a smaller area than a standard halogen.
These devices are expensive and although you will save money on your day to day energy costs the initial capital cost can take several years to recoup.

To save energy costs connected with air loss through a chimney, the lid can be closed using a convenient firebox-mounted drop cable. You can't see what you are saving and comparing quarterly electricity bills doesn't work. This is part of a Government campaign to force people into buying low-energy fluorescent bulbs and follows hot on the heals of the scrapping of the 150 watt bulb in last year. When the transformer fails the light stops working and it will cost you ?6 for a new transformer and you may need an electrician. However with power consumptiom starting at about 1 watt, they generate virtually no heat and come in different colours.
I take a very simplistic view, if the return on a capital investment takes longer than 3 years it not worth spending the money now.

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