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Georgia Power works every day to help its 2.5 million customers save money and energy through energy efficiency programs. The key to making big savings on your home energy bills is to view your home as a living energy system with individual parts that affect each other. For example, if you install energy efficient double glazed windows and loft insulation, when it's time to replace your boiler and heating system, you may be able to manage with a smaller one that costs less, because the windows and walls will retain the heated air inside better than a home without efficient windows and insulation, and because heating makes up the majority of your energy bills, you'll save the most money by reducing your heating needs. Applying energy saving improvements in your home will not only make your home more comfortable, but can also deliver long-term financial rewards. It's easy to start saving energy right now and you don't have to spend any money to reduce your energy bills. As well as changing your daily energy habits, you can also install energy efficient products and appliances around your home.
This link also provides information on the Cold Weather Payment and the Winter Fuel Payment that you may also qualify for.
You might be eligible for help with your energy bills or to make your home more energy efficient. Also, look out for any special offers from your energy company or local authority - they might send you information about these with your bill. The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is an energy efficiency programme that was introduced into Great Britain at the beginning of 2013.
ECO places legal obligations on the larger energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency measures to domestic energy users.

ECO is intended to work alongside the Green Deal to provide additional support in the domestic sector, with a particular focus on vulnerable consumer groups and hard-to-treat homes.
Your energy supplier may get in touch with you if your household qualifies under their ECO obligations. This Earth Day, the company reminds customers to go green with easy tips and suggestions: Recycle an old, secondary refrigerator. All Rights Reserved.For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. E and the Watt Squad are teaming up with Georgia Power to educate students about electricity, energy efficiency, and careers in the energy industry. One of Georgia Power's education coordinators can bring our energy and energy efficiency curriculum to your third-, fifth- or eighth-grade classroom. Permanently lower energy bills will more than make up for the higher cost of installing energy efficient appliances and improvements.
Applying our no-cost energy saving tips around your home can save you hundreds of pounds a year.
These efficient products don't always cost more than inefficient ones but will use less energy so are cheaper to maintain and run.
It replaces two previous schemes, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP). It operates alongside the Green Deal which is designed to help people make energy efficiency improvements to buildings by allowing them to pay the costs through their energy bills rather than upfront.

However there are organisations you can contact in order to benefit from energy efficiency advice. They run the Energy Saving Advice Service which provides free and impartial advice for homes and businesses in England and Wales.
The curriculum is aligned with Georgia Performance Standards and is delivered as a highly interactive in-class field trip. You can then save even more money by switching to a cheaper supplier using the free and impartial service from Switch Gas & Electric.
Drive electric to save money, reduce emissions and be eligible for electric vehicle home and business charger rebates from Georgia Power.Georgia Power provides customers with clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy by using a diverse generation mix including rapidly growing renewable energy resources.
The company’s renewable generation includes solar, wind, biomass and hydro, and the company is adding thousands of new solar panels across the state through robust, progressive renewable development programs established in coordination with the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). In addition, the company has reduced its coal-fired generation capacity by 50 percent since 2005 and is constructing the nation’s first nuclear units in more than 30 years near Waynesboro, Georgia. Since 2003, company volunteers have removed more than two million pounds of trash from Georgia waterways with the company contributing $3 million in 2015 alone in support of environmental initiatives.

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