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Whenever somebody asks this question, it’s usually because you really care about your English presentation performance.
Well, the problem with that is that your script was probably not written in a natural native English-speaking kind of way. When you memorize a presentation script that was not written in a natural way, there is no way you can deliver the presentation and sound natural.
Be sure to avoid complicated, overly technical or very advanced words and sentence structure. The reason is because to sound more natural, you must use more common and natural sounding vocabulary and sentences.
Use it to check your presentation script for clarity, sentence structure and vocabulary usage. This is a great app because it clearly points out how readable your writing is, which in turn, determines how natural sounding your presentation script will be. Preparing for a presentation at the last minute or with little time to go over your script, is a recipe for a poor sounding presentation. On your tip #1 (simplicity), I always advise speakers to use contractions like “it’s” instead of “it is”, and rarely use words of 4 or more syllables. Enter your email and get presentation tips and how-to videos FREE!Introduce yourself and your programYour information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. It was likely written to be more, or as much as possible, grammatically correct and with the best vocabulary you could think of. Thanks for the tip about HemingwayApp – I’d not heard of that before, and I love how easy it is to use.
For instance, instead of saying “You will find the definition in the dictionary,” you might say “You’ll find the meaning in Websters.” Using a few words of 4+ syllables is OK, but avoiding most of them’s a good idea. His keynote speeches were like a concert or a show, rather than the CEO of a big corporation speaking at an AGM.

And you probably think that what is holding you back from giving a good presentation is your English speaking ability.
And recording your practice sessions means you can hear how natural or stilted they sound, which means you can make the language less formal and try again! But in my experience, the real issue is not so much your English ability, as it is the fact that you are presenting in English by memorizing a script.
Here is an analysis of the characteristics of Steve's presentations to help you learn how to become a back belt presenter! There is a transcription below the video of everything that is said (to help with your listening skills)     [pwal id="54031297" description="Like to see the full transcription of what is being said in the video"]  Video Transcription  To make a presentation in front of a live audience that people are going to remember - learn from the master, Steve Jobs. Here are the secrets of Steve’s presenting style TIGHT THEME - Hit your audience with a headline - This is a clear, concise theme that should run through your talk. AND tweetable - so less than 140 characters - At the iPhone launch of 2007, Steve’s headline that you can see on screen now is 52 characters long - perfect for Twitter. STUNNING STORIES - If you can describe the customer’s emotions or how the user feels - it’s more like a story - and it’s much more engaging for your audience. At a party or in a bar, think about the person telling a story - they have the attention of people around them and the crowd is listening.
SIMPLE STATS - When you have big numbers, simplify them so that people can understand them better. Steve Jobs would then say “That’s nearly 34,000 iPods sold EVERY DAY - which is an incredible amount”. Here he is talking about the number of songs sold on iTunes - again it would be a big number - but Steve puts it into perspective - 82% of the American market for mp3s. Steve Jobs would have said it in a way that’s easy to understand - “On average, that’s 15,000 songs that have been downloaded EVERY minute since iTunes opened - an extraordinary figure”. But this was to highlight that the iPhone could do all 3 things of music player, phone and internet access.

It means reduce and edit your text to only the essential words that clearly communicate your message. The full grammatically correct sentence would be ‘It works like magic’ - just delete the small grammar words. It looks so much more powerful and allows the audience to hear, to focus on and to understand key messages.
This is a famous moment when Steve Jobs was having fun and playing with the brand new iPhone. Look at his smile - he’s only making a phone call - but he’s enjoying it… and so did his audience. As well as showing enthusiasm with exaggerated body language, Steve Jobs showed massive enthusiasm with the language he used - fantastic, amazing, incredible, extraordinary. MAGIC MOMENT - In your presentation you should have one magic moment that you build up to - it’s your climax. MOVING, NOT LOSING - Even if you can present like Steve Jobs, in a long presentation, your listeners might lose focus for a minute here or there. So, it’s incredibly important to have informative transitions that tell your audience what you are going to talk about. So that’s the iPod - it’s beautiful, it’s fast; it’s your whole music library in your pocket” Before you continue and move on, don’t lose that key information.
VIDEO: Small talk advice - new method explained with examplesBUSINESS ENGLISH ONLINE TESTS1.

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