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Feline Herpesvirus-1 relies on horizontal transmission from acutely infected animals or carriers to susceptible individuals via bodily secretions. After infection, approximately 80% of animals become carriers, of which 45% spontaneously reactivate and shed the virus.
FHV infection leads to neutrophilic infiltration and fibrin exudate in multifocal areas of epithelial necrosis.
Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) is an upper respiratory or pulmonary infection of cats caused by feline herpesvirus 1, of the family Herpesviridae.
FVR is very contagious and can cause severe disease, including death from pneumonia in young kittens.
FVR is transmitted through direct contact only.[4] It replicates in the nasal and nasopharyngeal tissues and the tonsils. Initial signs of FVR include coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, and sometimes fever (up to 106) and loss of appetite. FHV-1 also has a predilection for corneal epithelium, resulting in corneal ulcers, often pinpoint or dendritic in shape.
In chronic nasal and sinus disease of cats, FHV-1 may play more of an initiating role than an ongoing cause. Gentamicin and Chronic Sinus problems with Herpes Kitty cat contains information about using gentamicin which might help your kitty cat who has sinus and tear duct problems from scarring from the herpes virus. Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA.
The exact cause of hematuria, dysuria, and urethral obstruction remains unknown in a large percentage of naturally occurring cases of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).
I have just added a new page about Shakespeare and his diet and the wonderful care he has been given by his companion by Darlene.
At the next visit the ulcer remained in the corneal looked cloudy so then Gentocin Durafilm was prescribed.
There is no reservoir host and the virus does not survive long in the external environment (5).

Kittens are susceptible before being vaccinated if the maternally-derived antibodies from colostrum are not sufficient to prevent infection (5). Early in infection intranuclear inclusion bodies can be identified on histological staining (9). It is also commonly referred to as feline influenza, feline coryza, and feline pneumonia but, as these terms describe other very distinct collections of respiratory symptoms, they are misnomers for the condition. These usually resolve within four to seven days, but secondary bacterial infections can cause the persistence of clinical signs for weeks.[2] Frontal sinusitis and empyema can also result. Other ocular signs of FHV-1 infection include conjunctivitis, keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (decreased tear production), and corneal sequestra.[5] Infection of the nasolacrimal duct can result in chronic epiphora (excess tearing).
Some other links to articles may be found at click for other links Bacterial and viral conditions respond to different medications. You might want to check it out.I found one article that suggests idiopathic urinary infections may be related to viruses. One attractive hypothesis implicates viruses as the cause of some idiopathic forms of FLUTD; supporting this hypothesis is the fact that a gamma herpesvirus, a calicivirus, and a retrovirus have been isolated from urine and tissues obtained from cats with this type of disease. A medication called fucithalmic ointment was prescribed with instructions to try this for five days. The virus persistently infects the trigeminal ganglion and is shed in nasal, oral and conjunctival secretions as early as 24 hours and up to 1-3 weeks after acute infection (9). Maternally deverived antibody protection lasts between 2 and 10 weeks but does not always protect cats from subclinical infections (6).
The virus is shed in saliva and eye and nasal secretions, and can also be spread by fomites. Ulcerative skin disease can also result from FHV-1 infection.[6] FHV-1 can also cause abortion in pregnant queens, usually at the sixth week of gestation,[1] although this may be due to systemic effects of the infection rather than the virus directly.
However, many healthy cats are subclinical carriers of feline herpes virus, so a positive test for FHV-1 does not necessarily indicate that signs of an upper respiratory tract infection are due to FVR.
Conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers are treated with topical antibiotics for secondary bacterial infection.

Although the clinical course and laboratory findings of cats with idiopathic FLUTD are suggestive of an infectious cause, the question of whether viruses have a pathologic role in some forms of naturally acquired FLUTDs has not been completely answered. Causing one-half of the respiratory diseases in cats,[1] FVR is the most important of these diseases and is found worldwide. One a naive animal is exposed to the infective virus, viral replication occurs in the nasal turbinates, nasopharynx and conjunctiva. I also use Carpet Fresh is a self drying foam which supposedly encapsulates and dissolves the odors.
Necrosis of the infected epithelial cells and secondary bacterial infections often accompany an FHV-1 infection (1). Anyes, a wonderful and long standing member of the feline herpes group on yahoo wrote about the feline nasal spray " I was told the information by my vet; she is nationally known and writes teaching books for universities, and lectures around the country.
The incubation period of FHV is 2 - 6 days but may be longer if a lower level of infection is established (9). Haemmorrhagic inflammatory lesions are visible in the apical pulmonary lobe (8).Primary infection of the conjuctival mucosa results in conjunctivitis.
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (a drying of the conjunctiva accompanying keratitis) may occur with infection. The inflammation extends into the deeper stroma of the left eye of this cat as evidenced by the opacity and vascularization of the cornea (1).Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in a 2-year-old cat with chronic feline herpesvirus conjunctivitis. The axial, darkly pigmented plaque is in the superficial one-third of the corneal stroma (1).

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