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They suddenly feel exhausted even after small tasks like getting up from a chair and going to the kitchen. It’s difficult to detect this sign as it may be due to many other reasons, if you notice any unexplained reasons or prolonged disturbance in your sleep this may be warning you of a heart attack. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. This difference in the exhibition of heart attack signs between men and women is very important. One study found almost half of women who had a heart attack experienced sleep disturbances beforehand. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Therefore, you also need strict hygiene measures for two weeks after taking medication to prevent you from swallowing eggs which may cause a new infection.

It’s important to understand the signs of heart attack in women as it can happen at any time.
All household members should be treated at the same time, including those without symptoms. The eggs are too small to see without a microscope, but cause itching around the anus due to accompanying irritating mucus. They can then get wafted in the air as you change clothes, bedding, etc, and become part of the dust in a home. So, children may swallow some eggs at first by playing with other children who have eggs on their fingers, or from food, drink, toothbrushes, or dust that has been contaminated with threadworm eggs.
All household members, including adults and those without symptoms, should take a dose at the same time. A second dose two weeks after the first is sometimes needed if the infection has not cleared (which may occur if you swallow some eggs after taking the medication). These can survive for up to two weeks outside the body on underwear, bedding, in the dust, etc (as described above). So, hygiene measures aim to clear any eggs from the body and the home, and to prevent any eggs from being swallowed.

Your children may come into contact with eggs in schools or nurseries, particularly in the toilets if they are not cleaned properly.
This is why your child may have recurring threadworms, even if your home and personal hygiene is of a very high standard. If treatment with medication is considered necessary then your doctor may advise mebendazole. However, strictly speaking, mebendazole is not licensed to be used for breast-feeding mothers. The hygiene measures described above will mean that children will not have any eggs on their fingers when they go out from the home each day, and so are unlikely to infect others.

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