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The word reflexology is derived from the so-called 'reflex arc', which refers to a neural pathway that controls an action reflex. Unfortunately, there is no consensus among foot reflexologists about how reflexology exactly is supposed to work. NOTICE: likewise principles (+ disputes) are found for the hands in hand reflexology, and for the ears in ear reflexology! If you already know a little about foot reflexology and want to get started there are many useful reflexology foot charts available on the internet.
While generally the foot reflexology charts tell a likewise story, sometimes an individual chart can show significant differences when compared to other charts. More fundamentals of foot reflexology are described & discussed inside the section foot reflexology. Below follow the high resolution examples of the various foot reflexology charts mentioned. July 23, 2012 by RPM-Therapy 2 Comments ShareFoot Reflexology Can Reveal The State Of Our Health. According to the American Medical Association, stress is one of the main causes of “more than 60% of all human illness and disease.” Stress causes the body to become more vulnerable to illness. Physical symptoms can include aches and pains, dizziness, rapid heart beat and increased susceptibility to colds and viruses. Purchase a Gift CertificateShare the gift of health with friends and family by purchasing a massage gift certificate.
Follow Us OnlineConnect with us online, see what others are saying and get to know us better. Reflexology, consistently applied, provides an exercise of these pressure sensors and thus a conditioning of the internal organs to which they are inextricably tied. Our 30 minute treatment combines a soothing foot massage with applied pressure to reflexology points of various organs. Reflexology massage is a wonderful complimentary therapy and not meant to replace conventional medicine. April 28, 2010 by Ella 16 Comments Part of my personal healing was getting Reflexology treatments regularly, and I have seen first hand how this affected my health positively. Reflexology is a gentle, noninvasive, totally holistic therapy based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body.
In a reflexology treatment, pressure is exerted on these reflexes by the thumbs and fingers, combining this with massage, relaxation and joint mobilisation techniques. When we are stressed our body’s defences break down and we become more susceptible to illness and disease.
By reducing stress and tension, reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally and easily. By stimulating more than 7,000 nerves in the feet, reflexology encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways.

Reflexology revitalises energy throughout the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways. It’s a great tool that quickly warms up the hands and brings in proper circulation throughout the body.
To enter: In the comment section tell me something that you do to relax and get rid of stress that leaves you completely revived. It involves applying pressure to the endpoints of the meridians, or channels, through which energy flows through the body. Being a certified reflexologist now for over 5 years I have seen tremendous benefits for myself, my family and my clients. I do head massage by combing with big tooth comb atleast for fifty times every day this gives me a relaxation. The sole looks identical to what I had, the Relaxus, but the top part of the Kenkoh is a lot more fashionable and cool! You can always have a look at Chinese stores also or acupuncturists could have stock as well in your area if you wanted to get something similar but for a better price.
For example: in many foot reflexology charts the heart is located at the radial side of the foot - which sort of represents the opposite of the principle described by the meridian philosophy. These concern usually printable reflexology charts, but sometimes the charts are available in various formats. For example, in the first 2 foot reflexology charts below is the liver positioned in the right foot only; but in the third example it is also positioned in a small part of the left foot. It is quite hard to answer this question, because usually it is a bit of a mystery how the experts have developed their foot reflexology models! Just be sure to let our front desk or your massage therapist know that you want this wonderful treatment. There is evidence supporting the theory that the method was used as early as 2330 BCE in Egypt. So if you are suffering from a painful condition, reflexology can reduce the pain symptoms by stimulating this natural painkiller.
A reflexologist will use their thumbs, fingers and hands to apply pressure to various areas of the feet and hands. The primary goal is to reduce stress and allow the body’s para-sympathetic system to function more which naturally repairs and rebuilds the body. Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset homeostasis, the body’s equilibrium. Reflexology reduces stress by generating deep tranquil relaxation, helping the body balance itself and allowing healing energy to flow. It cleanses the body of toxins and impurities and also stimulates the production of endorphins, leading to an improved immune system and sense of well-being. I swear by them, it’s fantastic stuff, I feel lighter in my feet and I get a boost of energy.

A disabled grandmother raising 2 grandchildren I stayed pretty much stressed and depressed, but as I said reflexology has changed my life…. I have had a reflexology foot roller for many years which definitely seems to relieve many daily aches and pains. Some of the common symptoms of thrush include, occurrence of creamy white, slightly raised lesions in the mouth.
Loves healthy food, photography, sunshine and dancing in the kitchen with her two daughters. Reflexologists usually use an approach where the body is divided into ten equal vertical zones: five zones on the right side of the body + five zones on the left side of the body.
This implicates that foot reflexology should not be associated with casual uses of the terms: 'reflex', 'foot reflex' and 'primitive reflexes'.
And in the first 2 foot reflexology charts the stomach is positioned in both feet; but in the third example it is positioned only in the left foot.
Take caring of your feet means good health, if you have not had a foot massage or reflexology session, you are missing out! Based on zones, certain places on the feet and hands contain reflexes that are directly related to different parts of the body.
As an alternative healing method, reflexology massage techniques can relieve pain and tension as well as improving circulation. Endorphins are produced the by pituitary gland and are known to be 10 times more powerful than morphine for pain. This vertical approach goes parallel to Chinese philosophy of the meridians; However, there is no direct connection between the 10 vertical reflex zones and 12 meridians, nor do these concepts directly relate to the physical nerve system. Reflexes in the left foot or hand represent the left side of the body and the right foot or hand corresponds to the right side of the body. Reflexology just like stress is cumulative and as your body continues to take on more and more stress this creates wear and tear on your muscles, organs and your emotional well-being. Although it is not known if the methods practiced were similar to the ones that are used today, many archaeological findings suggest that the massage techniques were based on the same principles.
Reflexology when applied to the sensory receptors of your hands and feet, breaks up this pattern of stress prompting a general relaxation response throughout your whole body.
Everyday the sensory organs of your feet and hands are gathering new information receiving regular reflexology sessions provides an opportunity for a positive stimulus.

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