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In the 1980s and 1990s, if you had a huge pile of money and needed a luxury car with seating for seven, you really didna€™t have a big problem. Few people outside the world of dedicated car geeks know that Bentley and Mulliner produced a few of these exotic SUVs. If you have between A?30,000 and A?100,000 to spend on a seven seater in the UK, you actually have a reasonable range of choices but finding out what is available can be a challenge. The German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz probably produces a greater variety of luxury seven seaters than any other company in the world but figuring out exactly which options the maker offers takes some work.
Perhaps the most spacious car-shaped vehicle Mercedes-Benz offers with seven seats is the R-Class. Appearing like a stretched E-Class with a tall tailgate, the Mercedes R-Class LWB has a reasonably handsome look.
If you think the price is a little on the low side, dona€™t worry: Mercedes-Benz gives buyers plenty of options that will rapidly push up the price. If the R-Class is a little too car-like for your tastes, Mercedes-Benz has a few alternatives when it comes to seven seaters.
The Mercedes GL is a big vehicle and it looks rather like a German take on the Toyota Landcruiser. The price of a Mercedes-Benz GL starts at more than A?58,000 for a V6 diesel GL 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY model. If there is one complaint that can be levelled at both the R-Class and the GL, however, it is that neither is truly a seven-seat car.
Theya€™ll do for ferrying small kids but most adults will be uncomfortable and worse, using these seats puts a serious dent in the cara€™s ability to carry cargo.
The Mercedes Benz Viano is, however, a luxury-specced van rather than a car or even an SUV.
Another addition ot the Mercedes MPV family is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class which is a true off roader with a third row bench seat.
The new generation of Mercedes-Benz's seven-seat GL-Class will go on sale in Britain in January 2013, with the German automaker offering two models, the diesel-powered GL 350 BlueTEC AMG Sport and, for the first time, the high-performance GL 63 AMG.
In a galaxy, not that far away , lies this abnormally customized fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.
La marque KIA est actuellement tres reconnue pour ces series de monospace les unes plus elegantes que les autres, avec ses 7 ans de garantie. Parcourant les decennies sans tresailler, le Defender de chez Land Rover existe depuis plus de 60 ans maintenant, et s’est offert plusieurs jeunesses. Le Santa Fe de Hyundai lance en 2001, et qui connait aujourd’hui sa troisieme generation est considere comme celui qui a introduit le geant coreen sur le marche europeen, et qui d’une certaine maniere lui a permis de s’imposer sur le marche de l’union europeenne. Pour rester dans le bain des 7 places, Ford a lancer il y a quelques mois, deux autres monospaces ; le C-Max et le Grand C-Max. The Mercedes Benz GL class is very large luxury seven seater SUV with a price tag to match.

If you want to use the car to tow a caravan, boat or horsebox it is able to tow up to 3.5 tonnes. Not many European buyers will opt for the petrol engine which is very powerful but fuel economy is very poor.
Sit in the drivers seat and you get a sense of the quality and craftsmanship which has gone into the construction of this car. Both the GL 350 CDI and the GL 500 come with a seven speed automatic gearbox with paddle controls on the steering wheel. The Active Park Assist feature will identify a suitable parking space and park the car for you. There is no Euro NCAP rating for this car but there are few cars available that have a more impressive list of safety features.
There are seven airbags to protect passengers in the event of a collision including front, side and window airbags which extend the whole length of the car even to the third row. The GL class is actually built at the Mercedes factory in Alabhama in the USA and the GL is extremely well constructed. Few cars excel as well as the GL Class in providing seven passengers with this level of comfort. Most of the GL Class SUVs that Mercedes make find their way to the American and Middle Eastern markets with just over two and a half thousand being sold in Europe last year.
Say you happen to be the Sultan of Brunei, you just pop down to coachbuilders Mulliner and order a custom extended Bentley estate with four-wheel drive. Not only did these custom builds cost more than a small house but theya€™re so rare youa€™re unlikely ever to see one. However, youa€™ll need to opt for the bigger LWB or the long wheelbase model in the Mercedes-Benz R-Class range to get seven seats. Pricing on the road starts at just under A?45,000 for the R350 CDI LWB, which gives you a V6 diesel engine with the 7G-Tronic seven-speed automatic transmission. Let loose on the options list like a kid in a candy shop, we had no trouble adding A?15,000 in extras to the base price. The GL model, which has been around for a few years now, recently became available with seven seats. Playing with the Mercedes GL options list on either GL will soon have you adding another A?15,000 to A?20,000 to the cost. So if youa€™re trying to take the whole family with friends and toys to the beach or for a picnic, you could even find your A?100,000 Mercedes-Benz wanting.
The Viano is available with a range of engines, from a pair of four-cylinder diesels to a 3.0-litre V6 diesel. Thata€™s not bad for a vehicle that lets you carry up to eight people and plenty of cargo in the luxury style you expect from Mercedes Benz.
La premiere Land Rover Discovery a ete commercialisee en 1989, et depuis il n’a cesse d’evoluer, comportant actuellement 4 gammes. Dotee d’un confort satisfaisant pour tous, on peut dire que la Lancia Phedra a de l’espace.

Durant le Mondial de l’automobile 2012 a Paris, la marque KIA a presente en premiere mondiale le monospace Kia Carens. En effet, la firme americaine avec ses spacieux 7 places est dans le top 5 des ventes de monospace en Europe. Le constructeur americain voulant concurrencer Renault, a du conclure un marche avec Volkswagen et Seat, pour concevoir un monospace commun, facon PSA-Fiat. There is comfortable seating for seven adults in the GL class mercedes and it comes equipped with electrically folding middle and rear row seats which fold flat to create a huge 2,300 litre load space. This engine develops 382 bhp and reaches 60 mph in 4.9 seconds which is remarkable for a car of this size but the trade off is just 20 miles per gallon.
Many of the same engines and parts are shared amongst other models in the Mercedes line up and you should experience the same levels of reliability customers have come to expect of Mercedes Benz.
The most fuel efficient diesel engine only manages 35.1 mpg and it slots into tax band L which is the second from highest with a first year charge of ?815 and ?460 every year after. So where does that leave the relatively wealthy motorist seeking a way to move seven people in luxury? Despite the size of the vehicle, the latest engines produce a remarkably low level of CO2 emissions. Une nouveaute qui attire beaucoup de monde, malgre son extravagance qui peut etre faite son charme. Le Ford Galaxy s’est decline en trois generations, c’est la troisieme generation qui a connu le plus de succes. Attention Assist is standard and monitors driver behaviour to detect signs of tiredness and alerts the driver to take a break. But if you are not put off by the purchase and running costs this is a beautiful, powerful and practical large seven seater 4×4. It is also one of the largest cars on Britain’s roads with the problems that brings and purchase and running costs are high. There are systems which detect unexpected lane changes, maintain a minimum distance from the car in front and if necessary automatically apply the brakes to prevent a collision. Air suspension is standard on all models and this means that the GL can take on all kinds of terrain and still keep the ride comfortable for passengers. The high-performance SUV gets a 5.4-liter bi-turbocharged V8 good for 550bhp (557PS) and 760Nm (560 lb-ft).

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