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When a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, my way to support her during surgery was to draw. These are two additional series of Touch Drawings done to support the healing process of a friend who had just undergone surgery for breast cancer. Her husband shared that “The resonant and sensitive presence bubbling through the drawings added a tender, healing dimension to the whole community.
Though the immediacy of Touch Drawing, I am able to visually portray both the content and energetic qualities of a lecture, poetry reading, meeting or musical performance. Listed below are articles about Healing Touch that are posted with permission and links to recent media about Healing Touch. Biofield therapies, which claim to use subtle energy to stimulate the body's healing process, are promising complementary interventions for reducing the intensity of pain in a number of conditions, reducing anxiety for hospitalized patients and reducing agitated behaviors in dementia, over and above what standard treatments can achieve. If you’ve never heard of the Healing Touch Program, chances are that you probably will in the near future. Some health practitioners think they have found the right touch — literally — for heart surgery patients. Springer, a certified Healing Touch practitioner at Alamance Regional Medical Center, calls what she's doing "unruffling." She is smoothing out the energy surrounding Ford to achieve balance in the body. Rady Children's Hospital's, Lisa Thompson was here to teach us about the healing touch program that's helping cancer patients get through tough times.

Lisa Thompson, an RN at Rady Children's Hospital, appeared live on the FOX6 morning news to discuss healing touch. Lisa explained how this form of integrative medicine works in conjunction with traditional medicine to assist patients in healing.
Anne Broderick believes she can use her hands to alter the energy fields of others to help them heal, taking away fatigue, stress and nausea.
Do you want to heal faster, reduce pain, anxiety or depression, and even leave the hospital sooner?
One San Diego hospital is sending heart patients home, in less pain and sooner than expected. Susan Iliff was out of the hospital within four days after open-heart surgery and never needed any pain medication. Hands-on energy therapies are growing in popularity, and science is beginning to document their health benefits. I didn’t know other people couldn’t see energy until I was 30 years old,” says Carol Komitor, creator of Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and the Komitor Healing Method. As nurse practitioners, our focus is to minister to the whole person: body, mind and spirit.
The vivid images of heart-and-soul-opening perspectives brought all who saw them into an awe-full place of receptivity.

As I listen, I translate the words of the presenter and the feeling they evoke into images. If possible, please include a PDF file of the article and the permission granted by the publisher to reprint on this website. Komen Foundation, patients like Ford, who is a breast cancer survivor, can be "unruffled" free of charge. He's talking about Mikey, the Polleys' 2?-year-old in the next room, who was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia when he was 6 months old.
It brings together Stanford staff, volunteer health care providers, and multiple sites in the medical center and the surrounding area to offer ongoing energy work to women diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s a very community-coalescing gift of Art, and the more so for being a spontaneous, immediate process.” This is the pure and original role of art. Sometimes I create a series dedicated to the healing and development of another person, or a larger planetary issue. I cannot know if this communion with her spirit was helpful to her soul as she prepared to die, but I hope it was.

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