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I am a highly qualified and certified Soul Regression Therapist, and have helped many people both in Australia and Europe to empower themselves, and to open their minds to gain profound insights into the true nature of existence. Connect to your Higher Self – the part of your soul that exists in the realm behind the veil. Become a qualified Naturopathy Practitioner, complete a Diploma of Naturopathy online or at our Sydney or Brisbane Campus. Complementary Health Advanced Diplomas have now become redundant in all institutions across Australia. Naturopathy recognises that health care needs to be focused on the individual, not just the disease, and that there is more to health than just the absence of disease. Think: Colleges Pty Ltd trading as Australasian College of Natural Therapies, ABN 93 050 049 299, RTO No.
Melissa, a BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor combines BodyTalk, Kinesiology, NAET (allergy elimination) and NLP to restore communication and health.
This straightforward, viable all-encompassing treatment involves every system, cell, and atom working in steady correspondence with each other. BodyTalk allows us to reconnect the lines of communication so that your level of health improves.
For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Melissa a call!
At My Office, Onsite, Via Phone, Online 10am-8pm WeekdaysRealistic solutions in the shortest amount of time possibleSuccess in any area of life is closely tied to your ability to engage in successful relationships. Learn to communicate better, reduce conflict, be appreciated, experience honesty and trust, feel supported and secure, experience intimacy.
I create strong connections with my clients allowing them to feel safe and able to open up about their current troubles. Some doubt that counselling can really achieve anything because they see it as involving one or two people talking to a third person, the counsellor. Techniques and skills to assists their clients find answers and the direction to achieve measurable results. Your Healthy Baby Are you facing difficulties with conceiving the baby you are dreaming about? Research Research by the University of Surrey (completed in 1995) on The Foresight Association natural fertility methods followed the progress of 387 couples. 59% of these couples had some previous adverse reproductive history including miscarriage (38%) and established infertility (37%).

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Bachelor of Arts, Certificate of Masssage Therapy, Member of the National Herbalist Association. Particularly as you get closer to your expected due date, regular massage can be a comfort to your body as well as helping you relax and in turn have you better prepared for labour and your baby’s pending birth. As your body is changing and you start to gain weight, retain fluid, your ligaments begin to soften and all sorts of hormonal changes begin to take place, massage can not only help reduce any stress and anxiety you may be feeling but can also help reduce these physical symptoms and discomfort associated with them. Debra Ashton has helped many people to recover their energy, recover from illness and manage long term health issues. Chronic FatigueThis Unique opportunity means that Deb Ashton can help you understand what’s really going on with your health and what you can do about it, before deciding on treatment! Her approach to health care stems from the philosophy that the body is born with enormous self healing potential and with the understanding that lifestyle, habits and beliefs often interrupt the self - regulating mechanisms of the body, which can over time result in illness and dysfunction. How She has accomplished her NaturopathDebra has spent many years implementing her perspective that with proper information, people can make informed choices about their health.
She has incorporated a range of healing modalities into her practice uncovering the underlying cause of health challenges, which is and integral part of the work that she does. With her compassionate nature, Debra has gained a reputation with her patients and colleagues as a practitioner who uniquely understands the needs of her patients and applies individual protocols for each person ensuring they receive the most effective care for their requirements.
See the big picture and understand that the soul does not die, but moves to another dimension. Naturopaths seeks to restore and improve the whole person, using nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle modification.
Your body is designed to heal itself, however stress and poor eating habits cause communication breakdown, resulting in pain and disease. There are many types of relationshipsFirstly there is your relationship with self, followed by your relationship with your partner, family, friends, work collegues and finally your relationship to the world. Learn to like yourself, value your achievements, be assertive and concentrate on living in the here-and-now, Find and appreciate your special qualities, stop self-criticism, and be more positive. My philosophy is to forge a working partnership with my clients drawing out their strengths and together formulating appropriate ways of dealing with the current issues.
I have a huge amount of life experience, on which I am able to draw when relating to my clients.
While infertility rates seem to be increasing, the truth is that very few men and women are actually clinically infertile. I will guide you through the discomforts of pregnancy as well as providing you with the knowledge to create the healthiest baby possible and for you to spring back to health after the birth.

Out of these couples 89% gave birth to a healthy baby including 81% of those who were previously 'infertile'. Massage can help alleviate fluid retention, headaches, cramps, back pain, pelvic pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety.
Understanding these changes enables the massage therapist to support you throughout your pregnancy whilst understanding any limitations or contraindications and referring on when required. Synergy Holistic HealthWelcome to Synergy Holistic HealthDebra Ashton has helped many people to recover their energy, recover from illness and manage long term health issues.
She is well known for encouraging her patients to be involved in their own treatment to ensure they reach their goals. Clinical experience has shown that when the bodymind complex is balanced, BodyTalk clients have shown vast improvements in their health and wellness. Evidence-based natural medicine is able to restore functional hormonal imbalances, improve sperm health and encourage fertile mucus. It is a program for those who are taking time to conceive and may have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility or those with known health conditions compromising their fertility such as endometriosis, PCOS or poor sperm health. I will help you access the support you need and provide the building blocks needed for your body to regain its strength.
Massage can also help increase blood circulation, aiding to provide oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Your qualified massage therapist will aim to provide you with a positive and nurturing experience that will allow you to focus on yourself and your ever changing body. Your wellbeing is the most imperative; however we don't generally deem it so, until something happens that results in a decline in our health. Throughout my years of practice, I have helped many couples enhance their fertility and achieve conception.
BodyTalk is about restoring health by gathering the variety of contributing factors and resolving them.

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