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Tonic for heart,brain,ophthalmia,Normalizes high blood pressure,Effective flu,dyspnoea,asthma. We value each of our clients' time; therefore, we ask that you arrive on time for your appointments so we can give each client the attention and time they deserve. Effective in flu, dyspnoea and asthma.Effective combination of Silk Cocoon with other important herbs for strengthening vital organs. Silk cocoon has been found beneficial scientifically in activating the functioning of heart, brain and nerves.
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The essential oil blends in the Claro Solution Set support the physical, mental and emotional aspects of weight loss.

The antidepressant and mood enhancing qualities of the essential oils in the Exulto Solution Set are perfectly designed to support personal well-being. The refreshing and rejuvenating aroma of this fruit stimulates and balances at the same time.
These aromatherapy products are intelligently and intuitively formulated with essential oils that specifically address the issues associated with stress, insomia, anxiety and the intensity that seems to be inherentin daily life.
Essential oils have been used for centuries to soothe and calm respiratory upsets of all kinds. Chronic and acute respiratory conditions have been relieved, and at times resolved, with the use of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral essential oils. The essential oils in the Respiro Solution Set are designed to assist with opening the sinuses, softening mucus, calming a cough, dry or moist.
Conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism need pain relief and also attention to circulation, headaches and whole body health.

The blend of essential oils in the Alivio Solution Set assists and supports all of these areas.
No two women's needs are quite alike and the Radiare Solution Set lends itself to subtle adjustments to adapt to the needs of the moment!
An amazing aspect of this essential oil blend is the unique ability for the dominant oil or frequency to shift according to the needs of the user.

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