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Between the trees, along the shores, and nestled among foliage throughout Greater Vancouver grow inconspicuously common and incredibly helpful plants: wild growths that not only take root in the soil of our backyards but also in our daily lives in the form of teas, tinctures, ointments, spices, and sustenance. Ironically, many of the plant-based items we can use and consume don’t actually grow far removed from where we live. Nettle and other naturally abundant plants are often disregarded as insignificant or mistaken for weeds, and consequently ignored or ripped from the soil.
Identification of species like these and their varied uses, safety, sustainability, legalities, ethics, and proper harvesting are some of the components of foraging that Erickson takes care to address to groups. She also wild crafts some of her herbs – stinging nettle, alfalfa, rose hips, elderberries, rose petals and more! Karla is also Certified Tea Sommelier and Registered Aromatherapist (she eventually wants to be a clinical herbalist), so the aromas and flavours of tea are vital elements in her blends. If all this isn’t enough to keep this young mom of two busy, she also makes her own handle-less tea mugs, tea pot earrings, and fancy infusers. Karla’s Specialteas are available in stores across BC, at festivals and events, and online (her website has all the details).
In our age of great technological advances, we have gotten accustomed to instant gratification for everything, starting with the remote control - a preferred toy of the male population. Now we are turning to our own heath and appearance and we want, of course, instant gratification as well.
We want to be taller, blonder or darker, thinner, stronger, or bronzed with instant tanning! The old-fashioned exercise, proper nutrition and preventive medicine, using herbal medicine and other supplements will get us far in our health quest. Jaime De La Barrera, ATH Editor of Herbology, is a trained Medical Herbalist practicing in Vancouver, Canada. Tags: Aromatherapy, Aura, Chakra Clearing, Energy clearing, Herbal, Natural, Organic, Smudge, Vancouver Island. Smudging is a way to cleanse a person , place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. The smudging traditionally involves the burning of sacred plants then, either passing an object through the resulting smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place. To smudge a person with spray smudge, mist the spray smudge over the top of their head, or above their body if lying down.
When we smudge, you are asking the spirit of sacred plants for assistance and you must pay proper respect to their healing power. Smudging is traditionally the process of burning the dried plant and fanning the smoke over your body with sacred intention.  Smudging is best known as a Native American ritual, but it is found in other cultures as well. Also, If you are going to use sweet grass, I suggest that you cleanse the area with white sage and then use sweet grass. Smudge is one of the most powerful tools that we have available to use.  Any time we open our self to energy transfer, we must be sure that negative energy is cleared from the area.

Cedar: Is used for purification and to attract positive energy, feelings, emotions and for balance. White Buffalo Sage (Salvia Apiana), Western Cedar tips (thuja plicata), Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), alcohol, water.
The root however is in its prime during the winter, and is an excellent immune booster with a nourishing and supporting action on the kidney, spleen, urinary tract and lymph system. A self-taught herbalist who specializes in local, urban wild-crafting and do-it-yourself medicine. There are approximately 8,000 plant species growing wild across British Columbia’s varied landscapes, and in the metropolis of Vancouver we can find a number of medicinal or edible plants thriving even along roadways and in back lane alleys. Chickweed for example frequently meets this fate, but as Erickson tells walkers who reveal they’ve plucked the plant from their gardens, oblivious to its value, this wild edible has a multitude of uses from kicking up salads with a “delicious bit of spice”, to serving as a soothing agent in skin rash cream and baby care salves. Join Birchwood Herbals and herbalist Bronwen Erickson on April 2 for the Herb Walk & Wild Foraging at Jericho Beach Park.
Our goal is to give an insider’s view of Vancouver, to provide information, stories and opinions from the locals’ perspective about this great city. The material on this website may not be cached, distributed, reproduced, transmitted, or otherwise used without the prior permission of Tourism Vancouver. She not only blends but she grows and harvests a lot of the herbs and flowers at an organic farm in Mission, BC.
Her knowledge of essential oils and use of botanicals sets her blends apart in quality and flavour. At the Tea Festival, her teas, tea samplers, pottery, tea accessories, tea pot earrings (which are super cute!), and flowering teas will be available for sale.
So we want to be fit right away, doing super exercises that promise to reduce our waste line in 3 weeks. And of course plastic surgery can fix everything; augment breasts and other parts, reduce fat, make this longer or shorter, fix noses, etc. We want herbal formulas to reduce our weight, increase our libido, make the breasts grow, find magic formulas that will help remove illicit drugs from our systems when we have to be drug tested, etc. They may be helped by herbal medicine, by formulations created by a qualified herbalist, taking in considerations specific personal needs. He is a graduate of the 4-year Medical Herbalist course of the College of Phytotherapy in England.
Each category is under the supervision of dedicated editors who are passionate about their topic and believe that raising people's awareness is one way to make a difference in the world. But winter is not a time for buds or blossoms, it is a time when plants energy is in their roots, and in some cases, leaves.
I have made both vinegar and alcohol tinctures with it, the former being a mineral rich salad dressing ingredient, the latter being an immune boosting medicine capable of repairing damaged cells and potentially reversing genetic tendency to disease. Perhaps the most commonly overlooked edible is the dandelion, a plant often regarded as a menace and thus destroyed.

It has developed into hamburgers, fast foods outlets selling anything from fried chicken to Thai rolls to Mexican tacos. Sage is often braided into three strands, similar to Sweetgrass, and hung within one’s home. It’s high vitamin C content was essential to the prevention of scurvy, in a time when fruits and vegetables were unavailable during the long winter months.
This energy will be pushed up with new leaves and buds in spring, but in the mean time, it’s building, and is there for us to take advantage of. But its leafy greens are dense in nutrients and when eaten fresh, serve as a prebiotic that helps feed the gut with good flora to aide with allergies often tied to flora imbalances; the heads can also be battered and fried in coconut oil for a delicious treat.
There are herbs that may aid the growth, but nothing that will satisfy anyone wanting a double D cup. Prior to this he completed all 3 levels of the Bach Flower Remedies Professional Training. Since respectful discourse is an excellent way to learn and grow, we welcome comments on articles and your participation on the Forums.
Again only a couple of sprays are needed to cleanse a room as the mist will disperse into the whole space.
It may be tied with a ribbon in one of the colors of the medicine wheel: Red, yellow, black, white or green. It was one of the first gifts of natural healing shared with the European peoples upon their arrival to Turtle Island (North America).
Once seed production is over, leaves and stems tend to die back or stagnate in their growth, sap draws down into the roots. And while you’re there, note the inter-connectivity of the roots and recognize that an entire nettle patch is an extended family, supporting and nourishing each other just as they will soon do for you.
People come to me asking for herbal formulations to enhance their libidos or to reduce their weight… Well, unfortunately or better yet fortunately, magic herbal Viagra and other formulas do not exist - they are simply a gimmick to create product sales. In addition, he received his Chartered Herbalist designation from Dominion Herbal College and his Reiki Master designation in 1997. Yes, there are herbs that may accelerate metabolism aiding with weight loss, but exercise and proper nutritional intake have to be practiced at the same time to achieve the required results. There are herbal formulations that will help you enhance your libido, but they are not going to give you the instant results that you are wishing for, largely because negative emotions are very likely part of this problem.

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