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Symptoms may include: a fever of 102 degrees or higher, coughing, nasal discharge, weakness in hind limbs, gait abnormalities, difficulty defecating or urinating, and trouble rising or standing. Some ways to prevent this virus from spreading would be: after handling one horse, wash your hands before moving to the next, change clothes when going to another farm, disinfect your shoes when leaving the premises, do not share water buckets or equipment, keep your horses from coming in contact with unfamiliar horses, do not rotate horses from stall to stall, and because this virus can be airborne try to keep hauling horses to a minimum.

Need to know its reason and causes and its future destruction as i want to have another baby but want to plan safe now! EHV-1 can be transmitted through direct contact, clothing, shoes, equipment, and even airborne and has been noted to have an incubation period of roughly 4 to 6 days.

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