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Located in beautiful Victoria, BC we are a group of people from all walks of life who share a passion for the art of photography.
This meetup group is intended to offer opportunities for women diagnosed with herpes to meet others like them. I also host a regular, private group on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month apart from meetup. This is not just a process group for women in the New York City area to work through the challenges presented by genital herpes infection, it is also a space for women affected by herpes to get their mind off of the infection and connect with other women on the everyday issues that we all deal with - dating, relationships, dreams about the future, health, and career. In this group, we will sort through the facts about herpes and you will have an opportunity to get updated and accurate information about herpes.
If you have genital herpes, or your partner has genital herpes, please inquire for information about being a part of the group. There are many large events where the age range is anywhere from 20's to early 40's, it's always a mix and they are always different. Check out the reviews members of Social In Boston have left and watch the slideshow of photos from our events.
Reasons for this include other members counting on you to show up, showing respect for the organizers efforts, and even the amount of food that gets made for certain events.

Social In Boston only accepts members with clear photo's of their face set as the main photo in their profile.
The group is set to filter applicants to prevent the unscrupulous spamming of our members by people that are too lazy to do the real work required to find clients or promote their businesses to. We wish to share our knowledge, learn together and in the process make friends, have fun, and help each other realize our creative potential.
Discussion nights will be scheduled a few times a year to allow women to learn about herpes and talk about dating, relationships, stigma, and much more. We will discuss body image, relationships, social stigmas and how all of these things uniquely affect you. All of our events take place in public venues, and you are even welcome to bring a friend if it helps you get comfortable.
Please RSVP only when you know you can make it and remember to keep your RSVP up to date if your plans to attend happen to change. We'll show you the latest as well as some of the classic line dances that are done around the country.
I have been hosting women's groups for a number of years and all women deal with challenges to their self-esteem, frustrations and disappointments in the dating world, questions about their career path, and joy in their achievements.

Facebook is for everyone you already know in real life to connect with you online, whereas Meetup is for a bunch of people you don't know to sign up for an event online and meet up in real life. Activities we do include bowling, billiards, social mixers, ice skating, snow tubing, dodgeball, live music shows, museums, dinners, and many more. This group will offer a structured environment with weekly topics that will provide you an opportunity to discuss these issues, process and solve the problems related, and find inspiration and motivation to move forward. Photos are required so we know who you are at events and also to cut down on the amount of spam accounts that try to infiltrate the group. Most importantly, you will be able to connect and share with other women in a safe space where you can also discuss your concerns about genital herpes. I know how difficult it is to find accurate information and good doctors, as well as the challenge to rebuild your self-esteem after a diagnosis.
I am passionate about seeing women overcome these challenges, and the many women I have worked with over the years have discovered confidence again and have entered into great relationships.

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