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Herpes Simplex Virus is a common pathogen and its primary infection is usually asymptomatic. For more information about ELISA Kits, Rapid Tests, IFA Kits, CLIA Test Kits, or Serology tests, please see our website home page, or contact our Customer Service Representative at 818-591-3030. Diluted patient serum is added to wells, and the HSV IgM specific antibody, if present, binds to the antigen.

The HSV 1,2 M Index for Negative and Positive Control should be in the range stated on the labels.
HSV 1 is generally associated with oral infection and lesions above the waist, and HSV 2 is associated with genital infections and lesions below the waist.
Clinical cases primarily are 1) eczema herpeticum with eczematous skin changes with numerous lesions, 2) Gingivo-stomatitis and 3) Herpes sepsis, almost only found in newly born of premature infants.

The intensity of the color generated is proportional to the amount of IgM specific antibody in the sample.

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