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The material on this page is educational and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St. This document is supported with medical literature, scientific data, clinical observation reports, and parental reports.
There have not been any published scientific studies to validate the effectiveness of antiviral therapy for children with autism. In less than a month after starting an anti-infection strategy my son looked completely different.
My current position based on my experience with my son and seeing anecdotal reports from parents is that an antiviral (often a prescription but sometimes natural products) in combination with an azole [24] antifungal and some other prescription antifungals, as well as dietary supplementation, dietary intervention, and, at times, metals detoxification, given simultaneouslymay improve the health and symptoms of a child with autism and related disorders.
There is another form of recovery where if you met the child in a room of his or her peers and did not know the child had a diagnosis you would not be able to tell there ever was a diagnosis.
When I say “greatly improved or recovered” that is a spectrum that means moderate improvement to significant improvement from the child’s symptoms all the way through to developmental gains that make the child seem indistinguishable from his or her peers. I continue to believe in Speech, Occupational, Physical, Educational, Sensory Integration, and Behavior Therapies as being an important part of recovery.
When I speak about autism I usually mean autism as we understand the symptoms today, but I also believe that many chronic illnesses often have a similar origin and modality as autism symptoms. I have observed a surprising number of parents and children with chronic illness recover from the same therapies that help many children with autism.
One developing hypothesis is that autism is often a combination of pathogens and opportunistic infections often combined with toxic body burden that reach a point of expression during critical times of development in (commonly) a young, susceptible host.
Basically, I believe autism, for at least some children, may be an infection that interferes with the body’s ability to detoxify and causes a greater susceptibility to environmental toxins.
The goal of this comprehensive approach is to disrupt the infectious cycle and allow the immune system regain control over these intruders and then better detoxify from the contributing toxins and inflammation that cause the autistic characteristics. I think the average person does not think of infections having a neurological effect, but if you just think about how your brain feels when you have the flu or how a dog acts with rabies we can begin to see quick examples. In the case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or Tourettes Syndrome it was commonly believed to be brought on by stress.
Other infections that are linked to neurological issues include: Rabies, Lyme, HIV, Herpes, Polio, Coxackie, Rubella, Borna, Epstein’s Barr (EPV), Eterovirus, Influenza, Measles, Westnile - Borrelia, Shingles, Anthrax, Meningococcus, Mycobacterium, Syphilis, Malaria, Chlamydia, Ricketts, and Candidiasis. Infections that are in implicated in the medical literature as causing or triggering cases of autism include: Herpes, Rubella, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Shingella, Borna, Malaria, Blastocystics, Varicella, Cytomegalo Virus (CMV), Syphilis, Toxplasmosis, Neurocysticercosis, and Clostridium. Other evidence of how infectious activity can affect the brain includes three studies that show hypoprofusion (reduced blood flow to the brain) [33,34,35] and inflammation [36,37,38] in the presense of different types of herpes viral infections. When I was younger and had bowel problems I now realize that I had lots of cavities, gum problems and bad breathe compared to other people. When I used a used an Arizona Instrument mercury vapor meter (Jerome 431-X) on the parents at my school I found that almost all of the parents were leaking toxic levels of mercury from their amalgams.
My belief is that the alcohol may kill off bacteria in the mouth (and possibly parts of the GI tract) and that is why the amalgams of these two moms weren't leaking. I suspect the bacteria and fungal issue so common in parents of children with autism is doing harm in other ways as well.
I treated fungus and bacteria in my son and supplemented with essential fatty acids, l-carnitine, Co-Q10, and low dose niacin (higher doses can cause red ears and flushing). I do not personally believe that vaccinations are the only cause of autism, but, as scary at it is for some people to believe, in some children they seem to be a factor [15].
There was a study in Kuwait that showed that children with autism had much higher uranium levels than controls, which were often their siblings. In 1975, there was an interesting mouse study that showed if a mouse was exposed to coxsackie virus and cadnium that raised levels of metals could be found in the brain [31]. This is a common framework of how the crossing of an infection and environmental toxins might lead to autism. While trying to better understand how mercury is excreted by the body I did a mercury containing flu shot experiment. It was a lesson learned by accident, but it seems to me that nature decides to worry more about infection than toxins. My child may have had some type of genetic predisposition, sure, but when I helped him take care of his nutritional, fungal, viral, bacterial and toxic issues, he recovered. I believe if society weighs genetics too heavily we may miss the opportunity to remove the infectious and toxic issues commonly involved in many of our children with symptoms of autism. A challenge for many parents is to consider genetics as an element of the issue and not the cause, especially when many pathogens, bacteria and fungus (some that we may understand and some that we do not) can easily be passed down by sexual intercourse, birth and other transmissions.
I speak quite often to parents with chronic infections and toxins who blame the symptoms on their genetics because other family members are suffering from the same symptoms. In my humble parental opinion, autism is often at least related to a whole family health challenge with many family members having chronic energetic, immunological, physiological, infectious and toxic issues.
I often see families racing to help their child only to lose sight that the child has the best chance of recovery if the individuals in their family learn from and treat their own biological issues.
When I starting speaking to the few doctors who treated their patients with autism I was quite surprised to hear how many of their patients improved from antiviral therapy especially considering how uncommon it was to hear of doctors treating children with antivirals. The conflicting reports were initially puzzling, but once my child began improving on this therapy I began to understand the unique roller coaster process of improvement antiviral therapy can provide for many children. I found that when addressed comprehensively, antiviral therapy (really anti-infectious therapy) can often provide a child with symptoms of autism the opportunity to experience a remarkable improvement and at times a seemingly complete recovery from their symptoms. You can talk to your primary care physician about viral testing, which can be completed by any regular laboratory and is often covered by insurance.
The bottom line is that there is a real group of people who respond wonderfully to this therapy that never test positive for a virus before, during, and after the therapy. My conclusion, after experiencing first hand and seeing many families report gains without positive viral testing, is we do not yet know all the modalities that will benefit children with autism and related conditions.
Based on reports from our parent and physician group, it typically takes up to 50 days to see if a child will be a responder to the therapy.
According to an ongoing MB12Valtrex group poll, 38% of the families who try this therapy report what I call a “healing-regression.” I use the term healing-regression to best describe what sometimes happens when this therapy is first put in place. This response is different than a herxhiemer response in that you typically see some small underlying gains along with the regressive symptoms.
Since it seems counter-intuitive that a short regression is a common part of this important healing process, I spend a good deal of time observing and explaining the healing-regression.
Here is a case example of a 4-year-old boy named Joseph who was doing biomedical interventions for 18 months with some mild gains but then tried the comprehensive antiviral approach.
If there is not a proper fungal strategy in place, the rash that may appear when you start your antiviral therapy could be a fungal, eczema-like rash.
We received many reports of eczema-like fungal symptoms from our group when we first started tracking antiviral therapy. There is some evidence in the medical literature of a symbiotic relationship between viruses and bacteria, meaning that when you have a latent viral infection it seems to keep bacteria in check [30]. My belief is that within our child’s intestines a battle rages between high levels of pathogens, fungus, and bacteria. A similar example of this theory is demonstrated in a filmed interview I conducted of a man with chronic fatigue and asthma that started dietary interventions and probiotics for his symptoms. Doherty's Chronic Fatigue and Asthma improved greatly through our diet techniques and probiotics, vitamins and supplements. In a perfect world, Doherty might have done even better had he started with the diet and supplementation and added MB12 Nasal Spray (and possibly Valtrex or Olive Leaf Extract) at the onset of his viral symptoms, but his experience happened before I had invented the MB12 Nasal Spray. For more common throat infections, we often see reports of MB12 Nasal Spray being immediately beneficial.
The following link is a video example of a throat infection that was recovered in minutes of MB12 Nasal Spray.
Donna describes her symptoms of acid reflux, back pain, post nasal drip, candida, swollen glands, upper respiratory infection and sore throat along with chronic stress and fibromyalgia which she describes as clearing in minutes with MB12.
My son developed a rash during the therapy that did not itch and moved down his body from day 14 to day 21.
I have polled the two largest viral groups in Yahoo Groups, which consisted of more than 10,000 members, and no one responded that they had rashes of this nature using antiviral therapy. In December of 2005, I conducted a mercury-containing flu shot experiment on myself, and I had a rash on my chest that was very similar to the one my son experienced. A growing number of families are reporting that when they combine the comprehensive antiviral philosophy with metals detoxification (for example chelation) they often see more heavy metals excretion than with metals detoxification alone. What I find interesting about these two test results is many of the toxic heavy metal excretion levels are doubled from the initial test.
When I conducted a mercury containing flu shot experiment on myself using a Jerome 431x mercury vapor meter my mercury excretion levels dropped immediately after I received the flu vaccine.
In April 2006, a study was published that demonstrated virally infected mice had higher levels of iron and copper in their brains if there was also an exposure to cadmium [28]. We may not know the exact modality why, but there is evidence that heavy metals may be more toxic to the body in the presence of a viral infection. Methylation, a key to health, detoxification and neurotransmitter and DNA replication, is often impaired in children with autism [4]. There is still much to learn about why Valtrex and other antiviral therapies help so many children. A subset of parents in our group began reporting what they described as “black flecks” in their child’s stool (and about three reports of black flecks in the hair) during the early stages of comprehensive antiviral therapy. Either way this is an interesting observation and we continue to see reports about these flecks. The bottom line is that we do not really know all the answers yet, but many children improve when using this therapy and when done properly the worst outcome is typically a temporary healing regression with no gains. My common sense tells me that if a therapy has a low risk and many children have improved and some recovered it makes sense to try. There are hundreds of known bacteria and fungus in the gastrointestinal tracts of humans and I believe many we do not yet know. This is only an early theory, but I believe that in time we will find infections like the Bacillus Thuringiensis in these kids. Maybe it is Bacillus Thuringiensis or something like it causing the intestinal havoc in these kids or maybe not. Olive Leaf Extract is a natural antiviral remedy that some parents have administered to their children and reported gains in our group. Some families have used OLE as a primary antiviral therapy or as a secondary antiviral to Valtrex. Lauricidin are Monolaurin are short chain fatty acids that I find very interesting because they not only seem to help with some viruses like Cytomegalo Virus (CMV) [11], but can also act as an antibiotic seemingly effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium terrae and extremely effective against Helicobacter pylori [12]. Oil of Oregano has been shown effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Helicobacter pylori, and Mycobacterium terrae [12]. Virastop is a protease inhibitor that is said to break apart the wall of infected viral cells.
Coconut Kefir is a fermented probiotic used in the Body Ecology Diet [18] and we have seen some really nice reports on its effectiveness. Fermented foods are a bit of an effort but many families reports gains with fermented foods.
There are many non-medication remedies said to help with fungus and products like Candex are worth trying but when doing antiviral therapy we have not seen reports of non-medication remedies working well by themselves. It is very possible for these and other natural remedies to help our children in ways beyond what is listed in the medical literature but you cannot tell until you do a trial. The Antiviral to Antifungal Ratio - Finding the right ratio of antiviral administration to antifungal administration. Typically a large percentage of children improve with just the common administration of this therapy, but other times the therapy requires tweaking for a particular child. I think of Valtrex as kicking up and out the toxins and the antifungals as cleaning up the fungal mess left over from the process.
When you see a child starting this comprehensive approach and he or she starts to become aggressive (and they may also have a whiter tongue or some topical skin symptoms) most people think about lessening the antiviral. As they say, less is sometimes more, but sometimes more is more and this can be one of those cases. Getting the dosing and the ratios of antivirals to antifungals can be part of the art of this combination therapy for many kids. Many families who see a growing and consistent amount of aggression and hyperactivity using this therapy change their antifungal medication to another azole or use a combination of azoles and see their children greatly improve. In summary, if you have the right antifungal for your individual child and the right ratio of antiviral to antifungal is on (meaning you have enough antifungal onboard compared to your antiviral) your chances of success are much greater. One of the most common mistakes I have seen is an administration of Nystatin during the antiviral therapy.
After seeing this mistake made time and again with a success rate of less than 5% per parental reports, to me it seems to be a waste of time to engage in antiviral therapy with Nystatin as your fungal strategy. Parent reports have consistently indicated that the antifungal strategy is one of the most important elements of the comprehensive approach.

Parents typically work closely with their doctors to find the right dosages for their specific child. I suggest getting an Organic Acid Test or a Metabolic Assay Profile to see what supplements your child may need. Epsom Salt Baths (very important for this therapy), Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, B2, L-Carnitine, Cod Liver Oil, Calcium, Niacinamide (B3), Zinc, Calcium and Super Nuthera.
Many families are careful to add one supplement at a time to better understand if the child has a specific challenge with a particular supplement. Probiotics often cause a temporary die-off that takes several days and is often followed by gains. We have an overwhelming number of reports from parents about yeast-like flare-ups when this therapy is initiated without antifungal medications. It is important to work closely with your doctor to find the antifungal that best suits your child’s specific condition. Once your child has adapted well to steps 1-3, you may want to start your antiviral therapy with your choice of antiviral. That said, on page 13 of the Valtrex Prescribing Information document it suggests 1000mg three times a day for adults with herpes zoster5, so it might make sense for some larger children or adults with autism try higher dosages if smaller dosing does not seem to be working. We often see reports that demonstrate better results when families are dosing three times a day. Part of the healing-regression may be inflammation related to processes like kicking up the underlying infection or the release of toxins. We also have some positive reports of families doing low doses of steroids (like 5mg of prednisone) for the short term of the healing-regression (typically 14 to 50 days). I also wonder if Spironolactone might be helpful based on the recent publication by Bradstreet et at.
During the first 50 days you might see fevers, pox, a non-itchy, mobile rash, stool changes and other healing-regression symptoms. There is no other community that I have found that responds to antiviral therapy like ours. To me, the healing-regression may be, for some, possibly many, at the core of the condition itself. Stan's son Ethan was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) at 20 months and autism at three years old. A negative reaction might look like a full-on fungal flare in which case many people consider changing or increasing their antifungal strategy. Another type of negative reaction might be a healing-regression or regression that lasts for 50 days with no gains in sight. Many people who do not see gains with Valtrex try switching to Acyclovir, Famvir, or Olive Leaf Extract and find gains with those therapies. Just like any therapy, if you have tried all the variations that you feel comfortable with and you do not see progress, I would move on to other therapies continue doing trials until you find a therapy that works for your child.
If the therapy does not seem to be creating improvements during the trial period (up to 50 days), then some families have tried pulsing the therapy. We did not have to pulse the therapy for my son but the concept of pulsing makes more and more sense to me especially if you want to mix in trials of natural treatments. Pulsing came about when parents thought the therapy was not working and stopped administration only to find their child have a rash, a pox, or a cold sore breakout immediately after discontinuing the therapy.
On the off days you may want to consider mixing in natural remedies, mentioned earlier, and if you see consistent gains from those remedies you might want to consider keeping them on throughout the week.
My child was on Valtrex and Nizoral for 9 months straight with consistent gains until about 9 months. Anti-HIV activity of olive leaf extract (OLE) and modulation of host cell gene expression by HIV-1 infection and OLE treatment. Methylation of mercury from dental amalgam and mercuric chloride by oral streptococci in vitro.
Cognitive and psychiatric impairment in herpes simplex virus encephalitis suggest involvement of the amygdalo-frontal pathways. The HSV-2 Rapid Test is a dual unit, membrane-based immunoassay for the qualitative determination, either in heparinized capillary whole blood taken by fingerstick or in serum, of circulating IgG antibodies specific for herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-2) which arise as a result of infection with HSV-1. It also reflects the observations, views and personal experience of the author who is a parent (not a doctor). This document is based on the perspective of Stan Kurtz, a parent, independent researcher and teacher. You might even be able to recover enough that you do not need to park in special parking spaces when you go shopping. This group is a great way to share stories and obtain direct feedback learn about how parents execute these therapies and what they observe through the process.
I look at biomedical therapies, like this comprehensive anti-infection therapy, as being similar to putting glasses on the brain and free the body up to be able to utilize external therapies better. If your child had wonderful gifts but had a persistent pneumonia, recovering your child from the pneumonia would not take away their gifts, and, in fact, it would probably enhance them.
My school that includes a combination of children with chronic illness, autism with “typical” children we see many children and parents improve or recover from the symptoms of illnesses and behaviors typically considered untreatable or incurable. I believe that children with autism are some of the most biologically involved cases of chronic illness. To check peer-reviewed medical literature, it is as simple as doing a Google search of “pubmed” going to that site and doing a search for “virus autism.” Many of these papers included references to specific viruses, inflammation, and autoimmunity. McFabe that showed injecting rats with propionic acid caused the onset of autism symptoms [32]. He was born with eczema, had pale skin and his development was at the late end of his milestones through his first 12 months.
Her family was shocked when they realized that foods were at the center of her chronic illness. She began with a starter diet and then through IGG Testing with her doctor who understood the Defeat Autism Now! Of course, many of us had dentists who used amalgams so not only did we have bacteria that eats away at the mouth but added to that was an almost endless amount of mercury for the bacteria to dig in to. Two of the three parents who did not leak mercury at all were chronic drinkers from my observation. Since I started on working on my gut with an SCD-like diet (less IGG Food Allergies), antifungals, probiotics and Methyl-B12 Nasal Spray I stopped getting cavities, my gums stopped bleeding, and my incessant need to brush my teeth went away, my feet were much better, I could wear less deodorant and different brands, etc. I found mercury is excreted moreso from the hands and feet than any other part of the skin. It is fair to say they had similar genes, and similar exposure to toxins but ended up with dramatically different levels of uranium in their hair [17]. I injected myself with a flu shot and used an Arizona Instrument 431-X mercury vapor meter to track my mercury excretion. The Autism Research Institute has documented more than 1,000 cases of autism recovery through approaches that include infection and toxin management. I was also hearing reports from doctors who said that many of their patients in the autism community “react negatively” to antivirals so they stopped using them. I focused on the nuances of this therapy in relationship to what works with special consideration to some of the co-infections, toxins, and metabolic challenges commonly found in children with autism. Many people have run these tests and they can be helpful for some children who do not respond to a trial of this therapy. Typically the child’s specific symptoms of autism will worsen for a period of 14 to 50 days and then is often immediately followed by developmental gains.
This was before families began combining antiviral therapy with antifungals, supplementation and dietary interventions.
His symptoms quickly improved and then the treatment appeared to mobilize what seemed to be a smoldering underlying viral infection at the core of his symptoms. As his fungal levels dropped it seems a smoldering viral infection was kicked up that manifested in his throat and ultimately left a small scar on his forehead. I interpreted that to mean this rash and its underlying origin may be indigenous to our community, and I often wonder if it is part of the core issue in some children with autism.
Symptomatically, this child was greatly improved to the point of being unrecognizable among his peers within three months of starting the comprehensive antiviral approach. Amy Yasko has postulated that metal particles take up residence on the lining of a viral infected cell and that treating with antivirals mobilizes that metal.
From a viral treatment perspective many viruses that Valtrex can affect can also take up residence in the liver.
Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (1.3 ATA) may be the only other therapy that I understand may affect adenosine.
Additionally, there does not seem to be a way of measuring adenosine that is easily available to the general population. Some people believe this to be part of metals detoxification, others believe these are related to parasites, others believe, in some children, these are related to scar tissue from an infection healing in the intestines. Some believe Valtrex (and other antivirals) may be affecting viruses that we cannot test for (in addition to the obvious ones that we can). The more common response is gains and, at times, recovery, which is what happened in my son’s case. I believe there are bacteria strains in our kids that we do not have the knowledge to test for just yet. Bacillus Thuringiensis can feed on lactobacillus and other good bacteria and create pesticides. OLE can inhibit retroviruses like HIV-1 and prevent RNA to DNA reverse transcription [7,8], inhibit cell-to-cell membrane fusion [9], and may help for colds and flu symptoms [10]. Elderberry has been shown to fight HIV-1 [12], to shorten the symptoms of influenza A and B [13], and said to be very effective at treating symptoms of Avian Bird Flu H5N1 [14].
There are no references in the medical literature to support its effectiveness and several people have challenged the science behind its claims but we do have some reports from parents that it has been helpful and since it is just an enzyme there seems to be no harm in trying it. The probiotics below are additional suggestions that we commonly see (either individually or combined with other probiotics) in positive parent reports from our group. Boulardi, we see many reports of it helping our kids particularly when bowel issues or clostridia is suspected. It seems that azole antifungal medications (Nizoral, Diflucan, and Sporanox) or Amphotericin B or Lamicil work best. According to parent reports it seem that the sweet spot for antiviral dosing is three times a day.
Gas is important and without it the process of ignition could not happen and if you don’t have enough air the gas will work against you.
That may work as far lessening the symptoms, but you may not have enough combined strength to shake this disorder free. To be on the safe side (and typically more effective) I would make sure I was leaning more towards having more antifungals onboard more often throughout the day and at bedtime. It is one of the reasons I created the MB12Valtrex parent and practitioner group so feel free to join and share your experiences and hear from others what they have done to help their kids.
The most common diet we see with comprehensive approach is The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)19 less IGG Food Allergies since it seems like the best way to control fungus.
Is this antifungal helping your child’s symptoms and does the antifungal hold up when the antiviral is added in. In traditional medicine, I am told that Nystatin is preferred with pediatricians because it is designed to stay in the intestines and is easier on the liver. I believe this is a good way to view your approach by considering all the sides of the treatment triangle at the same time. We have seen most cases of success (possibly all) have a solid azole antifungal (or Limisil or Amphotericin B) onboard for the entire therapy. Much of this therapy is based on his particular body weight since that is what I have first hand experience with. Some families report gains regardless of the diet, but more families report an easier and more effective journey when the proper diet for the particular child is in place. Our child was on 50mg of Nizoral two times per day (generally in the morning and at bed time). We have had reports of gains with Olive Leaf Extract, Lauricidin, Monolaurin, Virastop and some other non-drug antiviral therapies, with some of them leading to very significant gains in certain children. We ended up giving 250mg of Valtrex three times a day (remember that our child was 28-32lbs).
Some people feel lower doses work best for their child, some feel the best gains came from higher doses and their child needed to go through a healing-regression to get there. Sometimes “less is more” when it comes to this therapy so there is nothing wrong with starting or staying at lower doses if you feel that is what works best for your child.
We haven’t conducted any polls, but the half-life of Valtrex is 2.5 hours so when considering the possible affects on methylation it may make sense to keep a stable amount of the medication in the child. We have seen some beneficial reports of parents doing Cranial Sacral therapy during this period. It is not always easy to watch your child go through this, but try to put it in perspective.

I have personally tried ultra-high doses of Valtrex on myself without an antifungal and I cannot replicate a healing-regression. Some parents are even disappointed that their child did’t go through this healing-regression because they know their child may not be a responder to the therapy.
Through countless hours learning to help his son, Stan also discovered how to recovery himself and many others from Attention Deficit Disorder - AD(H)D using similar therapies that he used to recovery his son. Typically the healing-regression looks like your child is more autistic but also has some new subtle developmental gain(s) possibly in eye contact, speech, balance, or socialization. If you decide to stop the antiviral therapy the child should look like they did prior to therapy in just a couple of days. While a majority of families report gains through this therapy, some do not see improvement on any of these therapies.
If I had a diagnosed child today I would probably be mixing in natural remedies and consider a pulsing trial to see if the therapy was working optimally. I have seen case reports of parents stopping after two months (sometimes because their child looks recovered) and then the child regresses.
Health screening lab tests may or may not alert you and your doctor to serious medical conditions and are not intended to be a substitute for a physician's examination.
For medical advice, please consider contacting a doctor who understand the Defeat Autism Now! After my son’s recovery I was quite surprised how very few doctors were treating autism with an anti-infection strategy and how many of those who did not understand the philosophy of using a simultaneous and comprehensive approach.
If you are fortunate enough you might recover well enough that you gain back so much of your functioning such that no one would know you were ever in an accident. Some children’s symptoms improve well enough that they start functioning like neurotypical children. I believe in the gifts that our children have, and I also believe in giving them every possible chance to use them to their fullest potential. This includes eczema, asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, colitis, chron’s disease, diverticulitis, chronic viral infections, speech delay, sensory issues, food allergies, aggression, sleep disturbance, drooling, chronic runny nose, aggression, biting, anxiety, separation challenges, and more.
Several of them specifically state the onset of the disorder surrounded the onset of the infection.
She came to Children's Corner and changed her diet and three days later her eczema was gone and it has never returned.
It seems that over time this exposure damages the palms of the hands and creates these rubbery feeling layers of toxic skin on the palms (and the bottoms of the feet). In less than a minute you can have all that bad skin removed in a painless, effortless way. If that is the case, then genetic patterns of children with autism is secondary to better understanding and treating the infections and toxins these children have.
This concept was very interesting to me considering my son had uranium levels in his hair in excess of 14 times the “safe” levels of exposure. What I expected to see an immediate increate in mercury vapor, similar to what I had seen when I ate sushi which was an increase in minutes.
Sadly, there are a lot of companies and organizations who benefit from other people not knowing they are chronically ill and that those ill people can improve or recover.
However, many children who respond well to antiviral therapy have had negative viral test results, meaning they did not appear to have a testable virus. This theory in combination with the larger number of positive gains reported in our group is why I advocate for a comprehensive approach to antiviral therapy that includes antifungals, supplementation and dietary interventions at the same time.
When the rash moved down to his stomach he had several days of diarrhea and on day 21 he looked better than ever. This small experiment continues to be interesting to me as I consistently see similar rash reports from parents during antiviral therapy. Valtrex is also more bioavailable than oral acyclovir6 (more similar to IV acyclovir) and has what seems to be a safer side-effect profile. The only lab I am aware of that can test for adenosine levels is Jill James’ lab at University of Arkansas which is not publicly available.
This, combined with parent reports of children who improve with negative viral testing continues to suggest that an antiviral trial may be the best method to see if your child would be a responder.
Yes, we often see high levels of candida, clostridia, e-coli, h.pylori and a lack of good bacteria in the gut. It would be another explanation as to why so many of these kids have such disregulated digestive tracts and are so toxic. Some children might also require The Low Oxalate Diet (LOD)20 if SCD less IGG Food Allergies (alone) does not seem to work for them. Some people start with Valtrex and add or pulse the other two in to see if they are effective (see pulsing below). We have seen consistent reports of significant and persistent fungal flare symptoms with this method.
Here is a recent report from a family whose doctor made the mistake of not keeping the antifungal onboard during the entire therapy. I do not want to discourage a parent fearful of dietary interventions from trying this therapy, but at the same time if you want to increase your chances of success having the right diet in place seems to play an elementary role.
Typically if you find one that works for your child you may see an initial die off often followed by some type of beneficial gain. These are typically parental or physician guided choices and are often part of the art of customizing the approach to fit the specific child. This therapy does not typically cause any negative looking affects to the typical community.
I also have not seen a report in any other population that is similar to reports that we see when our children are healing.
It seems that the therapy itself does one-half of the cycle of work and stopping does the other.
Metabolic biomarkers of increased oxidative stress and impaired methylation capacity in children with autism. The olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral activity against viral haemorrhagic septicaemia rhabdovirus (VHSV).
Colds and influenza: a review of diagnosis and conventional, botanical, and nutritional considerations.
Effect of antimicrobial factors in human milk on rhinoviruses and milk-borne cytomegalovirus in vitro. Epub 2006 Apr 17 Iron and copper accumulation in the brain of coxsackievirus-infected mice exposed to cadmium. Kurtz’s perspective is driven from his personal experience including his son’s recovery and from an evolving data pool in his online group with 25,000+ posts from 3000+ families, many of which are sharing information on what has worked and not worked for their child. Typically you might see children like this having some residual symptoms of social, verbal, or learning nuances or ADHD-type symptoms that might alert a specialist to suspect that the child once had an autism diagnosis. I was not getting any mercury excretion out of the hands of these people either, so this explanation did not make perfect sense to me. Certain fungus and bacteria make oily toxins and it seems they are often excreted from the forehead and the scalp. E-coli, strep, staph, and yeasts can methylate mercury [16, 27] and other metals making the exposure more toxic.
He also tested with high levels of candida (a fungus) and clostridia (a “bad” bacteria) in his intestines. When he changed his diet it appeared that some of his fungus and bad bacteria died off it then mobilized an underlying viral infection. Adenosine has the unique status of being a neurotransmitter and a metabolite involved in methylation.
Some believe that in some instances neither is right since we see some of the same symptom resolution with Olive Leaf Extract, which works completely differently. This way they can start the antiviral and watch carefully for fungal symptoms and better understand if the antifungal approach is effective for that particular child.
It seems that in hundreds of reported cases that Azole antifungals (or Lamicil or Amphotericin B) are the best strategy.
We also used activated charcoal (put in organic apple sauce) for the first week of die off symptoms. I suggest washing off the blue coating first, then crush the pill with a pill crusher, shake vigorously in juice, then let it dilute for 15 minutes and shake again.
Based on my son’s experience and seeing so many children improve after a healing-regression I believe it is a critical part of the healing process for some children. In these cases some parents have moved to a five day “on” and two day “off” or three day “on” and one day “off” schedule. Diet and supplementation were important for my son, but once that was in place I believe antiviral therapy is what took him the rest of the way. Randomized study of the efficacy and safety of oral elderberry extract in the treatment of influenza A and B virus infections.
Spironolactone might be a desirable immunologic and hormonal intervention in autism spectrum disorders. Diagnosis of Epstein-Barr virus-induced central nervous system infections by DNA amplification from cerebrospinal fluid. For the most part they are free of their symptoms and will likely lead what many would consider a relatively normal life in society. My belief is that my son’s raised levels of fungus, bacteria, and possibly viral infection , which is quite common in children with autism, made him more susceptible to environmental toxins. The levels went lower than just prior to the flu shot and they stayed near zero about the same amount of time I felt like I had flu symptoms which was about 7 hours. Since we began Valtrex [and the combination anti-infections along with it] in January 2006, his eye contact has been excellent….
He then became quite ill with viral symptoms for about a week and then had a wonderful recovery from his chronic fatigue and asthma. This experiment led me to believe that the body is more concerned with a viral infection than heavy metal excretion, and that a smoldering virus may chronically interfere with the body’s natural ability to protect against and detoxify from heavy metals. This may have to do with the entire body being involved in this infection or some other property of these antifungals. Boulardi, Coconut Kefir, and fermented foods are a few common examples of probiotic strategies. More people seem to try Valtrex first and then add in the naturals if they do not get the results they want. It is not typically caused by the therapy; it is typically caused by the die-off, detoxification, and healing. I also believe that leaving whatever we are kicking up inside our child, meaning not addressing this issue head on, may likely more long-term damage and lessens our chances of getting our kids back. Since it seems to work for many children and it seems relatively safe, I believe in doing a trial and using this type of comprehensive approach and seeing for yourself. Through recovering my son, helping other families and observing a number of reports from families and physicians I quickly realized that a more comprehensive and individualized approach is what seems to work best for the greatest number of children. Many people with eczema appear to have gut issues that when properly taken care of seem to heal the eczema quite quickly. I suspect these toxic oils may also be blocking fatty acids from getting into the mitochondria. I waited two weeks and ran an Organic Acid Test from Great Plains and found it markedly improved.
I visualize the oils blocking the fungal oils and at times secondarily causing fatty acid metabolism issues, dry skin, cholesterol and triglyceride challenges, fatty liver and myelination issues in the brain. I began using 18mmm on my entire family once I realized how important the hands and feet are at excreting toxins and heavy metals. I believe there are a myriad of ways to get to the autism condition through infectious means. I kept him on L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, Fatty Acids and the diet and he has been on that regiment for almost three years now and is doing wonderfully.
A recent California study showed that women who lived near farms had a far greater chance of having children with autism. What if the pesticide was in the form of a bacteria and that bacteria could cause not only a production of toxins but could kill off certain types of bacteria in the guts of our kids? Sounds like something out of a movie, but one such GMO that falls into the timeline of autism is Bacillus Thuringiensis.
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