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A 47-year-old Korean man presented with a 1-month history of a pearly, erythematous, annular eruption on the right side of his posterior neck (Fig.
The biopsy specimen showed granulomatous inflammation with many multi­nucleated giant cells engulfing elastotic material in the upper to mid dermis (Fig. The eruption had a dermatomal distribution (C2-3 areas) exactly corresponding to an area which had been affected by a bout of herpes zoster 2 months before. Pearly, erythematous, confluent papules and plaques on the site of a previous herpes zoster.

The patient complained of a per­sistent burning pain, which was thought to be postherpetic neuralgia following complete healing of the herpes zoster, but he had no tenderness on the eruption itself. A marked reduction of elastic fibers was noted within the zone of granulomatous inflammation (Fig. Note some multinucleated giant cells engulfing blue- gray elastotic material (inset) (H&E, X 400). The patient also had a history of malignant melanoma of the paranasal sinus with cervical lymph node metastasis and had undergone endoscopic sinus surgery with bilateral radical neck dissection 18 months before.

Laboratory tests in­cluding complete blood count, chemical battery and urine analysis were within normal limits.

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