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Exercise 30 – 60 minutes each day, six days a week.  Alternate resistance training with aerobic training. Eat a high protein breakfast within one hour of waking up in the morning.  Carbohydrates should only be low glycemic and no more that 30% of the total meal.
The need for energy intake during prolonged activities is greatly reduced while being on Low Carb nutrition due to greater reliance on fat for fuel. The bulk of the caloric value comes from ground nuts (macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts), coconut flour and coconut butter, while 2 eggs, a bit of starch and whey protein powder are added as binding substances that enhance the binding properties of chia. As you can see, one Low Carb energy bar has just shy of 300 kCal with only 11 g of Carbs, while 74% of energy comes from fat! This entry was posted in Cooking, endurance training, Food, Uncategorized and tagged DIY, energy bar, Low Carb on July 25, 2014 by rklemen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
People on simple low-carb diets tend to be less concerned about the other macro nutrients (protein and fats) and eat them in any proportion they want. The LCHF diet takes this idea one step forward by significantly increasing the fat percentage in one’s diet, which is supposed to force the body to use fat as energy. I’ve sold a few loaves of my paleo bread to people on this diet recently and it started me thinking about the difference between the paleo diet and the LCHF diet. For example, artificial sweeteners are generally discouraged in the paleo diet because of potential health risks. And related to the point above is that the motivation for monitoring fat, carb and protein percentages is to get one’s body into a state of ketosis.

The last point is written about quite extensively in Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney’s book, which states that high carbohydrate diet locks a person into a dependence on carbohydrate as the dominant fuel for exercise. If you are in Singapore and want to join the low-carb high-fat (some are paleo eaters!) community, there is a forum at Hardwarezone here.
Energy Protein Shake Recipes If you are looking for a few good Energy Protein Shake Recipes that are low in carbs and high in protein then I’ve got a few recipes for you! That’s not to say you should not exercise but it takes a lot of exercise to undo the negative effects of elevated insulin which is the predictor of fat storage and illness. First I start with soaking the chia seeds overnight, so that they become more gel like and easily digestible. Cinnamon and ground cocoa beans are added as flavor, while raisins contribute to that extra carbohydrate mental boost spark. They have been popular in recent years and even my rice-loving mum would tell my brother not to eat so much rice if he wants to get rid of his tummy fats. So they may cut out the rice and bread from their meals and eat lean white chicken breast, for example. So instead of eating lean white chicken breast meat, the dieter eats the fattiest part of the chicken, while keeping carbs low at the same time.
But the LCHF diet is more relaxed about this because of the psychological necessity to get some sweetness into meals (fruits are not allowed because of the sugar). When you exclude grains and sweets from your diet, you tend to eat a lot less carbs than the average person.
I always believe that everyone is different and the only way to find out what works for you and what you thrive on is to experiment on yourself and monitor your well being.

I’ve tried many different protein supplements and many of them taste horrible or gritty but I’ve finally found one that I really enjoy! But there are still situations, where easily transportable, energy and nutritionally dense snack may come in handy. Not sure where I’d pick up the coconut butter and Is potato starch a common item to find? Just a question, they seem bit dry, quiet chewy and a kinda springy sponge feel to the finished product!
The advantages of this range from weight loss to blood sugar stabilisation to improving sports performance.
But in the paleo world, canola, which is a genetically engineered hybrid derived from rapeseed, will not be found in our cupboards because it is highly processed.
I always purchase it in bulk (10 pound box seen below) because it’s cheaper and it will last my family of four about 4 months long.
After few iterations, I came to the following recipe for energy bars that are highly nutritious, have quite a lot of energy and do not melt in your back pocket. The diet also has to be high in fat (around 70% of calorie intake) rather than high in protein because excess protein can be converted into glucose, which will kick you out of ketosis.

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