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For over a decade, Advanced Chiropractic has been helping families achieve better health and wellness through the finest chiropractic care. In addition to chiropractic services, Advanced Chiropractic offers personal coaching and customized wellness systems to help those who are striving to create balanced, healthy and vibrant lives. At the end of the day, Advanced Chiropractic is about one thing: making sure every patient leaves feeling better than when they walked in the door.
During the initial visit we will review your medical and pregnancy history, risk assess you for homebirth, perform a brief physical exam and draw blood for a complete prenatal lab work up. Additional, optional prenatal testing such as ultrasound and other diagnostic tests can be provided at your expense. Monthly prenatal visits occur until mom is 28 weeks pregnant and then we see you every two weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly until you give birth. Lending library of books and dvds regarding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting, exercise and nutrition are available. During labor we can provide information regarding position changes, massage, aromatherapy and use of water in helping you cope through labor. After birth, we wait for the natural release of the placenta, which can be immediate or a little while after birth. Within a couple of hours after the birth, we will perform a newborn exam which includes weighing and measuring your new little one. When we return on the third day after birth we offer the newborn screen which is a blood test used to determine rare blood disorders. At your 6 week visit, we will weigh the baby and talk about family planning, as well as offer a gynecological exam, if you are in need. I chose homebirth so I could have the utmost control over the environment I wanted my baby to be born into. I chose to give birth at home because I came to the conclusion that the decision made by hospital staff during birth aren't always the safest or healthiest for baby and mother, and that the hospital setting itself can contribute to health problems during and after birth. After Bethany Birthing Center closed, we researched several alternatives and felt homebirth was our best alternative. After interviewing several midwives we were drawn to the peace and tranquility we felt in Robin's presence.
At 33 weeks gestation the answers unfolded as we selected a kind and gentle midwife team to attend our baby's birth.
My subconscious mind knew there was a baby growing in my womb and it told me so in a dream. There were a few important, perhaps seemingly subtle, but ultimately monumental differences during my second pregnancy. We went about our day staying busy cooking meals to freeze, cleaning the house, and simply enjoying one another.
While I labored alone in the bedroom, Jeremiah followed Buzz around as he filled up the pool, made the bed, and whatever else he did to get things ready. Immediately after baby emerged, the midwives helped me turn over and Buzz passed the baby to me. As I sat there in the water, holding my baby for the first time, it was as if time stood still; as though we were the only two people in the room. The shedding, the unleashing that occurs during an unmedicated, unmanaged, unhibitied birth is transformative. It's Sunday evening, Luke, my husband, had come off a twelve hour night shift that morning, so naturally he was passed out like a zombie by 9pm.
So there I was around 10:30pm, editing my little heart away, when I started feeling some weird Braxton Hicks contractions. Then it kind of hit me that these contractions were happening pretty regularly and lasting about the same amount of time. Meanwhile, Luke has moved around a few times and I told him, "I'm having weird contractions. So after timing them for an hour or so I decided to text my midwife, Robin, who kindly told me it could be labor or could be nothing.
I stood in the shower thinking about my baby, swaying back and forth and singing him songs. I got out of the shower a half hour later and got back in bed, it was around 12:15 at this point and I kid you not the moment I laid down and tried to close my eyes, BOOM. I bounced on my birth ball and Luke sat on the bed with a pad of paper titled "Baby Time." I'm not sure what he was planning to write on there, but the poor man was sleep deprived so I didn't tease him. We timed contractions for a half hour or so and sure enough they were steady at a minute long, three minutes apart.
This might sound crazy, but after five hours of labor, three of which were active labor, I still didn't believe this was it. My midwife told me to let her know if I needed her sooner but that she would definitely come over at 7am to check on me. I also remember the moment Luke got the water shut off because the water in the toilet bowl started doing weird things and I told Laura that seemed like a good sign! I went into the living room where the pool was, I remember the sun was up and I couldn't believe it was morning already!
I was on my knees, arms hanging over the side of the pool, Luke sitting on the floor right in front of me.
After pushing for I have no idea how long, my midwives told me I could reach down and feel his head, so I did and I thought, that's it??
Laura told me with the next push his body would come out and she would push him forward into my arms. The next contraction came and Luke caught our son, pushed him forward into my arms, I grabbed him and leaned back into Luke's arms and we held each other; all three of us.
Being able to have my son safely at home, surrounded by people I trust and love dearly, is one of the best things I'll ever experience. Jeri is a member of the American Aquatic Association and is a certified fitness specialist with Ann Cowin, the director of Yale's Daytime Through Pregnancy. You are invited to experience the warmth, creativity, and balance of her expertise in a setting where medical technology, if needed, is sensitively applied.
Softouch Ayurveda Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa in Gozo, Malta is the first authentic Ayurvedic center in the Mediterranean and the largest in Europe. Although we have never been to Indian (yet), we have long been intrigued with Ayurveda, a five thousand year old holistic system of medicine which originated in South India, in the Kerala region, so we were thrilled to discover that the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz has an Ayurvedic centre in their Spa during our stay at the hotel in June 2007. We arrived at the reception area of the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa and were warmly greeted by Dr. The Softouch Ayurveda Centre specializes in the following treatments: Rejuvenation, Aphrodisiac, Skin Care, Body Slimming, Purification Therapy, Spine and Neck Care, Psoriasis Treatment, Sinusitis and Migraine Treatment, Stress and Strain Relief Programs, Body Immunization, Prenatal Care, Postnatal Care, and Arthritis Care. During the course of our consultation, we expressed that we had pain in our necks from our recent air travel, and a problem with (Edward's) ankle. Our therapists, Tinu (for Debra) and Beena (for Edward) led us to separate attractively decorated treatment rooms exotically furnished with carved wood furniture, including massive wood massage tables with navy cushions with silver pots hanging from moveable beams above the tables. Debra: Tinu gently guided me to a chair where she began my treatment with a head and shoulders massage, and as she worked her magic with ayurvedic oils massaging my head, and working the stiffness out of my neck and shoulders, I immediately began to relax both in mind and body. For the second part of the treatment, she requested that I recline on the massage table as she continued my treatment with a traditional Elakkizhi massage using ayurvedic oils.

After first massaging my body with the ayurvedic oil, she continued the massage using warm bags filled with fresh lemon, rock salt, coconut, herbal powders, and fresh herbs cooked in ayurvedic oils. For the final step of my treatment, Tinu gently poured warm ayurvedic oils on my face, and massaged each contour of my face, and massaged more of the oil into my hair. Debra's and my treatments were similar with the exception of the areas that we each noted that required special attention.
After making two scuba dives requiring brief walks carrying heavy tanks and weight belts, the Elakkizhi warm Ayurvedic oil massages were a perfect way to rejuvenate our bodies.
We look forward to returning to the Softouch Ayurveda Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz in the future and experiencing more of their treatments.
In addition to the Softouch Ayurvedic Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa, the Spa also features a Marine Care Center.
Read other articles on the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz and the Maltese Islands in the Destinations, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Chefs' Recipes, Spas, and Adventures sections. Improving the lives of moms and their families through support, education, communication and advocacy.
The most important part of our visit is getting to know you, your family and baby through asking how you are doing and feeling and addressing your concerns and questions.
During labor, we will also encourage you and your partner to eat and drink to keep up your energy. As baby is emerging, mom and partner are encouraged to touch baby and receive the baby (if desired) as birth occurs. Our certification and training in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation are current, though these measures are rarely needed.
We will also change your sheets, if you delivered in bed, start a load of laundry and get you something to eat. At this visit we check mom's vitals, blood pressure, pulse, bleeding, and how her breasts are feeling, as well as her overall well being. Ironically we had initiated prenatal care with them at almost the same time during my pregnancy with Jeremiah. By that time I was experiencing more regular contractions and actively working with them by squatting, rocking, and swaying. As I had suspected would be the case, Jeremiah wanted to get into the water with me and I was fine with it. I got out of the tub, but still craving the soothing power of water I went into the shower again.
Buzz caught our baby in his very own hands, with a little help from big brother, Jeremiah. They carefully helped us out of the pool, as baby was still attached to the placenta which I had not birthed yet. We both stood there smiling at each other and giggling like little school girls as we wondered if this was the real deal. An hour later I texted her to let her know it was time for her and Laura, our midwife in training, to come over. The contractions were getting more intense and I didn't spend much time out of my birthing mindset.
I started feeling nauseous and went back in the bathroom, being close to the toilet made me feel better.
He was encouraging me, crying, apologizing for not being able to be by my side the entire time, telling me he was so proud of me, that I could do this, that he loved me so much. After completing nurse-midwifery training at UCSF in 1986, she practiced in a private setting and managed prenatal high risk clinics. Another bonus is that Jeri's clients may deliver at the Family Birth Center, Hill Physicians, Medi-Cal, and most other insurances. This was an interesting part of the treatment as she worked the warm bags over my body gently tapping each part of my body with the bags.
Completely covered with ayurvedic oils from head to toe, I slowly and ever so carefully rose from the massage table. The Elakkizhi treatment started with special warm Ayurvedic oils being rubbed onto my scalp, which was a very relaxing way to begin. Eric Starbuck and his team utilize state of the art technology, hands-on adjustments and a holistic (whole-istic) approach to wellness to enrich the lives and educate clients about the power of their own bodies. Perineal support is given when birth is close, to allow the tissue around the vagina to stretch as needed.
While that may appear a confusing choice, (after all if I was unsatisfied with my first birth experience, why would I select the same birth attendants?) I felt completely confident it was the perfect choice. I believe that dream allowed me to cultivate the birth I desired and prepared me for a journey of openness and discovery during the months that ensued.
I understood that baby would arrive at the perfect time and I completely let go of any expectations around baby's birth date. They knew this was my birthing space and they protected it, even from their own presence. In doing so, I was able to be fully present, on all levels (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) for the birth of my Abraham.
So is my sweet Max who surprisingly decided to take a breather from nursing to catch a cat nap. I wasn't tired so I decided to edit and post the pictures we had taken that day of Baby W in the desert. After all, I had been telling myself I'd go 41 weeks and 6 days and I was still 9 days away from my due date! A minute of pain and then two minutes of wondering what the heck this was all about and BOOM, another one. He started trying to download a contraction counter app on his phone when I told him I already had one and had been keeping track for the last few hours.
She said to take a break from counting, see what happens, and to shoot her a text in an hour if nothing changed. I said, if you can tell me from your house that I'm definitely in labor than you can stay there. My instincts were telling me I was close but being a first time mom, I kept telling myself not to think that incase I was still a long ways away. I know Luke put towels under my knees because they were not only in pain but also getting rug burn (my sweet man).
Maybe I could get in our tub, but that won't work because I won't be covered if I keep this hands and knees thing up. Laura asked me to tell her if I started feeling like I could push and I responded with, "I'm feeling like I could push" and asked if I could get in the pool now. I told my baby he did such a good job, that he was so cute, and that I couldn't believe how much hair he had.
I'm thankful to all three of you for caring for me throughout my pregnancy, for encouraging me through the fear of the unknown and giving me the strength to follow through with having Max at home.
Her calm style focuses on personalized, compassionate care involving the entire family, encouraging a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth.
Vijay prescribed head and shoulder massages, followed by full-body massages, and finishing with facial massages, which sounded wonderful to us!

Alternately using two warm herb bags, while she passed one bag over my neck, the other bag was heated in the oils.
Tinu draped a large bath sheet around me, and led me off to the steam room, where I joined Edward, so that we could increase the effectiveness of the treatment and the oils. Beena's hands were magic as they got the blood flowing in my scalp, and massaged the oils deep into the roots of my hair that was in dire need of special treatment after spending long hot days in the Mediterranean sun. My approach to yoga is  to nourish relaxation and bring awareness to the bracing and holding patterns that affect how we move and breathe. We have a special focus on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic, truly serving entire families.
I am exceptionally thankful for the impact that process has had on me as a mother and as a woman.
About a week after having that dream, I took a home pregnancy test to confirm what my subconscious already knew; I was carrying a new life inside me. The water running over my body was soothing and I stayed there for quite some time, almost motionless except for my deep breaths. The sense of empowerment that I experienced during the course of his pregnancy and birth I have carried (and will continue to) with me into motherhood. I figured it was just some new aches and pains since I was getting closer to baby's arrival.
He then scolded me for not waking him up, and I innocently told him I thought they'd go away. She told me this was it and I was relieved that the discomfort I was experiencing wasn't meaningless. Robin suggested they check to see how dilated I was to see if it was time for the pool yet. Laura put peppermint in the toilet water which was amazing, With each contraction I was on my knees, arms resting on the rim, Laura rubbing my back and quietly encouraging me. I don't know how long I was pushing for but I do know that the best, most relieving, feeling in the world is when you finally get that head out. I kissed my husband who had tears in his eyes as he looked at this little person God created from the two of us. We moved on to the full body massage with the warm oils rubbed into the muscles and joints, while Beena granted my request for a firm body massage.
Or, if you'd prefer you're post be anonymous please say so.Please edit your posts, due to time constraints Mama Says is unable to edit most submissions. Slowly over the course of the pregnancy I began to trust in nature's perfect design for pregnancy and birth.
I believed this force within me was the missing piece of the puzzle during Jeremiah's birth. Actually quite the opposite; her support and belief in us only strengthened the existing bond between a mother and her unborn child.
As much as I cherished this private time we had together, I was thankful when Buzz got home because it was getting harder for me to take care of Jeremiah as labor progressed. I believe he provided an important strength and love that was very beneficial to the birthing process.
He has taught me to trust my instincts, to follow my heart, to cultivate beliefs, and to embrace life.
That I didn't think it was anything and then reassured him that it probably still isn't anything and they will taper off and we'll be back to sleep in no time.
I was able to welcome the contractions, knowing each one was bringing my baby closer to being my arms, rather than fight them. I said that was fine but for reasons I don't remember they couldn't tell where I was at and encouraged me to just keep doing what I was doing. I remember looking at them and saying, "please tell me I'm close!" They encouraged me and said I was and I was doing so amazing. As a member of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, Jeri is an approved clinical preceptor and has enjoyed teaching student nurse-midwives, student nurses, and pre-med students from UC Berkeley for the past 23 years. This massage is for lubricating the joints, relieving pain especially in the back, cleanses the channels of circulation, and expels toxins through sweating. Vijay talked about the shoulder muscles that needed special attention due to the considerable amount of time I spend in front of a computer, as well as the tender right ankle tendons. Special treatment and time was spent on the shoulder muscles, as well as my tender right ankle.
Only the part of the body we are massaging will be exposed and the genitals and breast will be covered at all times.
There were many people I kept at bay during this pregnancy, but I let her into that intimate space within my soul.
It was our time to bond, to connect, to communicate, and to develop trust with one another.
I returned to the bed; laying in a fetal position in between contractions and on all four during contractions. His ability to joyfully play with his beloved train while I gave birth offered an acute awareness that what was happening was perfectly natural. Client’s confidentiality is of utmost importance and C&T Massage Therapy abides by the regulations set by HIPAA. I wanted to feel connected to the generations of women past and present who believed in the amazing capabilities of the female body. In doing so, I revealed the benefits of mindfully and intentionally focusing on our unborn child's existing presence in our lives. I know getting in the shower is both great and terrible; because eventually you have to get out and that is daunting. You see, he was frantically trying to figure out how to turn the water in our apartment off and attach the hose so we could fill up the pool.
Essentially, I wanted to feel; to experience and embrace the full sensations of birth without interference from a health care provider, birth attendant, medical intervention or the like.
It was through these daily meditations that I grew surprisingly excited about giving birth. The energy in the room indicated what I was doing was fine so he accepted it as fine, thus acted normally, which in turn sent a positive message to me that everything was fine. A rare opportunity to be my true self by tapping into the inner strength and wisdom I innately possessed but rarely used. It was as though I had to release something in order to really focus on the amazing work my body was about to do. The goal of the session results in being healthy, and never involves sexual or harmful advances. I knew things weren't going as planned out there but I was no help seeing as I was having what felt like a million contractions a minute! I remember saying to Laura that we should have figured out the water situation before I went into labor and she said with a smile "Don't worry about it, you live and you learn." She was trying to keep me focused, I think, and didn't want me dwelling on the panic that was happening outside the bathroom door.

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