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Holistic Healing is the philosophy that unites the mind, body, spirit and environment in order to achieve good health. It’s unique approach involves effective methods of natural treatments using NLS-Diagnostics, Health check-ups, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy and various other modalities of traditional medicine. Our client’s brief was to create a brand identity that echoed the philosophy of the clinic, be easy to apply and stand out from their competition. This approach suggests that everyone who gets sick should not just focus on the illness but also the whole self. Healing is done between the patient and our holistic medical doctors in Bangkok or Phuket, and tackles all aspects of life and not limited to physical health. Understanding the pursuit of balance of the physical, mental, spiritual, social and even environmental aspect of human experience.
Healthy living is promoted, this includes letting go of all bad vices such as regular consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking or drugs.
Holistic medicine and alternative medicine in Thailand is all about understanding the root causes of diseases and then addressing the re-balance of the bodies internal systems toA allowA the immune system to recover,regenerate and remain strong. As I’ve discussed before, the terminology associated with alternative medicine is complex and inconsistent, so it makes discussing and debating the subject that much more challenging. Mostly for fun, but hopefully to generate at least a little insight into the use of such terms, I have been playing around with Google’s ngram viewer to track the use of common alternative medicine terms over time. My understanding has long been that the terms used to label, and to market, alternative therapies have changed in response to ideological shifts and to changes in the perception of these practices. In general, the ngram view supports this understanding, though with some interesting twists. Clearly, the term came into use during the late 1970s and was used with markedly increasing frequency starting in the early 1990s. As expected, this term seems to have appeared later than “alternative medicine,” emerging in the mid 1990s. Interestingly, my assumptions about the term “integrative medicine” appear to have been mistaken, as the usage of this term follows a pattern almost identical to that of “complementary and alternative medicine,” whereas I would have expected it to have arisen later. This term appears to have shown up slightly before “alternative medicine” and reached its peak popularity earlier, though it was never nearly as popular as “alternative medicine.” However, this term too appears to have begun declining in use beginning in the early 2000s.
I also thought that checking the usage of the names for specific alternative therapies might help sort out whether the apparent patterns seen in the use of these more general terms are accurate, and the results suggest they may be. This term takes off in frequency in the 1970s, likely stimulated by the writings of journalist James Reston, who wrote glowingly, and somewhat inaccurately, about the use of acupuncture following his surgical treatment for appendicitis in China. Though the terms “chiropractic” and “homeopathy” appear somewhat earlier, these too show a marked increase in usage in the 1990s followed by a decline since 2000.

Once again, it is possible that the apparent decline in the appearance of these terms represents an artefact of the database, so to test this idea I also evaluated a few common terms from science-based medicine. I would like to see some glimmer of hope in the apparent decline in the use of these terms which has occurred for most of them since about 2000. Sadly, the alties will just do what they do best, change the word-salad when it suits them. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The Holistic Healing Medical Centre in Dubai is a prestigious and spearheading clinic in the field of natural health care.
With that in mind, we created a light memorable identity using bright water colour treatments, simple typography and clean graphic design. Hippocrates claimed that a person can restore their balance with the use of all-natural substances. This type of ancient traditions are rooted heavily in the belief thatA nature and and life are all connected. Part of the Thai medical process is treating symptoms and looking for underlying causes as well. This type of treatment originated in China is an unconventional approach where tips of needles are inserted into specific parts of the body. This type of treatment involves a patient sitting with a therapist to talk about different life experiences to help with the mental health.
It helps a patient gain understanding about life issues or possible future dangers through the use of astrology. This tool identifies the frequency of occurrence of words of phrases in the enormous collection of published books digitized by Google. For example, I would guess that the earliest term would be “alternative,” which arose to suggest such therapies could be used in place of science-based medicine. Interestingly, it appears to have declined in frequency beginning in the early 2000s, which I would not have expected.
Unlike “alternative medicine,” this term does not yet appear to have peaked or started to decline in popularity. One might hope this represents a decline in the popularity of these questionable concepts as well, but of course this data cannot really determine that. A second step up in usage seems to have occurred in the late 1990s, similar to that seen for most of the general terms examined above. These show marked increases in use associated with their introduction, but no apparent decline such as that seen for CAM terms.

Well, given the limitations in the underlying database, we cannot make any confident pronouncements.
The idea that the cultural pendulum may be swinging back towards science and reason and away from opinion-based and faith-based medicine is appealing, but these data alone are not sufficient to demonstrate such a shift is really happening. He did not promote the use of conventional medicine because he says it is possible that this will interfere with a body’s natural ability to heal itself. As medical technologies have evolved, todayA holistic medicine is primarily used as complementary approach to health and wellness. To explain it simply, it is when a person gets treatment for the illness, then asked to dig deeper.
While it is not a complete collection of everything ever published, since no such resource is likely even possible, it does include a large enough sample of books published in the last two centuries to provide a rough guide to the popularity of specific terms in published writing. When people proved unwilling to give up conventional medicine, the term “complementary and alternative” and ultimately just “complementary medicine” arose to suggest one could benefit by using both science-based and other therapies. Of course, given the limitations of the ngram viewer, it is not clear if this is entirely a real change in the popularity of the term or simply an artefact of the database. Also similar to the patterns for these terms, the use of “acupuncture” in published writing seems to have declined since about 2000. However, what these data suggest is that terms associated with alternative medicine as a general ideological concept, and with specific alternative therapies, have experienced a significant increase in frequency of appearance in published English in the last few decades, primarily in the 70s-90s.
Nevertheless, for the sake of human and veterinary patients, I will continue to hope this is the case! This is added on to the conventional medicine that regular doctors prescribe to sick people. This may reveal a lot of different things such as depression because of unsatisfactory social life.
This, however, carries the implication that alternative medicine is subsidiary or an afterthought to conventional treatment, which some CAM practitioners dislike. However, looking at the results for other CAM terms might shed some light on this question.
Interest in these approaches seems to have increased as a function of larger cultural trends, including the increase in cross-cultural communication and awareness, the counterculture movement, the rise of post-modernism, and so on. The most recent innovation, in my view, has been “integrative medicine,” a term which implies that alternative and science-based therapies are equally legitimate and that there is some advantage to using them together despite the lack of evidence for many specific CAM practices and for any real improvement in outcomes to mixing these with conventional medicine.

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