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Our tools are Nutritional Programs, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine and Nutritional Supplements of the highest and purest quality. Treatment modalities are tailored to each person’s needs, after an initial assessment.
Our in-house retail store is open to the general public and offers an assortment of the most powerful Superfoods, a large assortment of protein powders, high quality professional supplements, essential oils,  organic skin care products, organic make-up, non-toxic home cleaning products, educational books and EMF protection devices from Europe. We have an in-house pharmacy of over several thousand products, designed for each person’s unique biochemical needs. At Holistic Options we have created a peaceful, calming and soothing environment for all to enjoy.

I welcome you to visit our facilities and get a tour by one of our staff members and while there,  make sure you check out our Beautiful Ballroom Facility. If we have not contacted you in a period of 3 days, please call our office 407-333-1059 to make sure we did receive your information.
Our assessments and treatment modalities are strongly rooted in German Biological Medicine and Chinese Medicine. Our entire internal and external environment was created using healing colors, non-toxic paints. All products used throughout the facility inside and outside on our grounds are green and earth friendly.

We have a Hospital Grade Super Air Filtration system and full spectrum lighting throughout the facility.

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