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While taking a more holistic approach to your health may seem obvious, it does require more from you.
When one part of us is not working well, it affects all the other parts of us—maybe not right away, but the effects are there. It takes ongoing self-awareness and a commitment to the process of getting more healthy which often requires some kind of change in lifestyle.
Have you ever had a stomach ache, or diarrhea from worrying about something like an upcoming exam or job interview?

Have you seen someone go through a long intense emotional situation only to develop a serious physical illness? You gain more control over your state of health which can reduce the amount of times you need to visit your family doctor—if you are fortunate enough to have one. This is just a very simple example of how things work holistically—our mental, emotional and spiritual state directly influence our physical and vice versa. And if you do require more conventional drugs or surgery, complementary medicine can often be used to help you recover more quickly or ameliorate side effects.

In fact, the holistic approach taxes our conventional medical system less overall, benefiting us all and leaving the system more available to those who really need it.

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