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My clinical practice as a nurse includes ICU with a focus on neurology and trauma, general floor nursing, home care nursing, and teaching nursing at UW-Eau Claire. Integrative therapies I use include relaxation techniques, guided imagery, Healing Touch, nutritional therapy (both oral and IV), and ozone therapy, including MAH, prolozone, and direct application techniques. My philosophy of practice is that when you listen to the client’s story, and help them ask the questions, the cause of the illness can be identified.
Which of the following is a holistic nurse: a nurse practitioner working in an academic cancer center, a staff nurse in a long-term care facility, a nurse educator, a wellness coach, a neonatal intensive care clinical nurse specialist, a stress management consultant, a geriatric case manager, a pediatric nurse? The American Association of Holistic Nurses defines holistic nursing as “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal”. Many of us entered the nursing profession with this goal in mind, but somehow through specialization, increased work load and technical demands, we have diverged from this original goal. As increased specialization has occurred in healthcare, patients are seen as a number of parts, without much attention paid to the whole person.
Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, is considered to be one of the first holistic nurses.
Many nurses who embrace holistic concepts of nursing care work in acute care settings, while others may be community based or have their own private practice.
Holistic nursing received specialty designation in 2006 when it was officially recognized by the American Nurses Association [2] as a defined nursing specialty. The holistic nurse recognizes the interconnectedness of health and illness and strives to facilitate healing the body, mind and spirit at any point along the life spectrum. 30mins of expert dialog with leading Doctors, Practitioners, integrative and holistic healers talking about pertinent and interesting topics of all things holistic.
ALL ABOUT KALE  A conversation and discussion about the much talked about KALE, with Chef Florence Quinn who teaches about holistic living through real and flavorful food.
Working with the energy field explained many things for me - how we often know things, or we sense things, or feel things – that aren’t explainable in the medical world.
This included more than 600 hours of clinical practice with the nurse practitioner training.
I've taught bachelors, masters, and doctoral level students, and supervised their clinical practice. In addition, I provide routine medical care such as annual exams, physical exams in preparation for surgery or a procedure, and routine lab work.

We, as human beings, are much more than the sum of our parts, and are much more than the particular diagnosis by which we are defined by the health care system. She believed that nursing care should be focused on unity, wellness and the interrelationship of human beings and their environment. Holistic nurses integrate complementary or integrative modalities into their plan of care, recognizing that the healing process involves helping to facilitate and honor the individual patient's values and beliefs about health and illness.
Like other nursing specialties, holistic nursing has its own body of knowledge, standards of nursing practice, and evidence-based research. Santucci is a board certified Adult Nurse Practitioner who has a wide range of experience in Adult Health and Integrative Medicine. Yet I just knew there was more to it than could be explained by the medical model we were taught. My doctoral dissertation research looked at clients with arthritis and the effect of Therapeutic Touch (experimental group) and progressive muscle relaxation (control group) on their pain, anxiety, and functional ability. I’ve worked as a nurse practitioner with adults and elders since 1996, both in clinics and as part of my teaching responsibilities. Clients I work with often have long-term chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive problems among many other chronic disorders.
Matt and his wife Raquel are both teachers of Spanish and English languages, and live in Spain where she is from.
Integrate the therapies, including the mainstream medical components when needed, for the best care.
The practice of holistic nursing seeks to care for the total human being: body, mind and spirit, by recognizing the dynamic interconnectedness of these domains.
The philosophy of caring for the total human being is the essence of holistic nursing and for that reason it can be practiced in multiple care settings. But, unlike other specialties, holistic nursing calls upon nurses to integrate self-care, reflection, and the healing process in their own lives as they care for patients.
I am pleased to call myself a holistic nurse and have been board certified in holistic nursing since 2006.
Will talk with me about Respectful beginnings and endings that can make the whole family calm during hard times. Cooper, Pastor and educator of Nu-Way International Christian Ministries here to talk with us about Spiritual living!

In my continued search for those explanations I entered the Masters program in nursing at Texas Woman's University, Dallas, TX. I was certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 1996 (board certification as a specialist in gerontology). I left teaching in 2013 to begin my private integrative practice with the Optima Health & Vitality Clinic. Spencer and his wife Megan live in Thailand where Megan does her doctoral work on brucellosis and Spencer is a lawyer.
My clinical experiences were primarily with acute trauma and the resulting long-term consequences.
I maintain that board certification along with WI state authority to prescribe medications. Jeremiah is a paramedic, ski patrol and white water raft racer and guide, and his wife Katie is an OB and neonatal RN and EMT-I.
Santucci has also been a nutrition consultant for the South Jersey AIDS Alliance in New Jersey.
Some clients were able to stop pain medications; some found the pain medications gave better relief with Therapeutic Touch.
Jeanne Achterberg Lawlis learning guided imagery for pain management with clients who had sustained severe burn injuries.
I continued with the energy therapy, Healing Touch, during my doctoral work, earning certification as a practitioner in 1996. The pain control for these clients was phenomenal, using mind over matter, and once they learned the techniques, no narcotic pain meds were needed. I graduated from the Masters program in 1979, with Clinical Nurse Specialist certification.
I'm certified internationally as both a practitioner of Healing Touch and as an instructor to teach Levels 1 and 2 of a 5 level curriculum. I continued to use guided imagery in my work with clients who were post trauma in the ICU and with labor and delivery coaching.

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