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Nutrition and wellness are vital to feeling your best, and if you’re passionate about helping others feel their best, earning a degree in holistic nutrition will allow you to reach that goal. Our site helps prospective students find a degree program in holistic nutrition – a relatively new field with great employment potential. Our site is designed to help you make the right choice about your educational and professional goals. Erin Thole, RDOur blog is maintained by Erin Thole, a Registered Dietitian Nutrition, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Running Coach. Upon graduation, she moved to Charleston, South Carolina to complete a dietetic internship with the Medical University of South Carolina. Our blog is maintained by Erin Thole, a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Running Coach. This is basically where the dog food not only meets the needs of your dog but facilitates¬†an extremely strong immune system.

This in turn switches on your dogs ability to fight off illness and limit degenerative disease like kidney, heart, liver and arthritic issues. Marketing and sales people would have you believe that one product or another is the be all and end all.
At Land Of Holistic Pets it is the combined effort of the whole team, the sum of which, is greater than the individuals. Her free class will teach participants how to eat from what she calls the healing food pyramid and how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods in your every-day meal plan.
The class will be held in the Rochester Hills Public Library’s multipurpose room and guests must have a library card to participate.
About Jen BucciarelliVeggie lover and aspiring word chef, reporter Jen Bucciarelli covers all things health and medicine for Rochester Media and The Community Edge. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.

We link visitors to accredited degree programs as well as other useful resources designed to prepare future nutritionists and dietitians with the skills of a qualified specialist. She attended Iowa State University for both her Bachelor or Science degree and Master of Science degree in nutritional sciences. Erin now resides in Chicago where she is a personal trainer, running coach, nutrition consultant and personal chef.

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