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Receiving a holistic treatment can encourage and begin self healing, enabling you to gain a sense of well-being.
In today’s fast paced society, our bodies can take a beating, and disharmony is created – we need to stop, re-evaluate….. A Japanese healing treatment that will help still the mind, calm emotions, heal the body and awaken the spirit; bringing inner peace, profound relaxation and healing.
A relaxing treatment working on pressure points of the feet relating to the organs and systems of the body.

If you’re thinking of what to get a loved one for their birthday or Christmas present, or simply want to give someone an indulgent treat, why not give them a ‘With Love’ gift voucher to help them find calm, peace and tranquility too? By taking time out for YOU, I believe you can start to change the balance in your lifestyle and improve your energy levels and health by taking a more holistic approach. When the body is relaxed and in balance it can cope with the everyday stresses and strains of life much more effectively. Choose from one of the unique Elemis advanced anti-ageing or skin solutions facials and combine it with the powerful effects of a full body massage.

Holistic Treatments are one of the best methods to promote and restore balance within the body by easing tension and the effects of stress.
Holistic therapies can boost the immune system, help eliminate toxins, help relieve pain, improve circulation, improve sleep patterns, increase energy levels, induce deep relaxation, reduce stress and tension and restore balance to mind and body systems.

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