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Homeopathy is a natural system of healing that works by using a small dose of a substance to help stimulate the body's healing process.
The homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa (Red Onion) is used to treat hay fever like symptoms, like a runny nose and watery, burning, itchy eyes that occur with the common cold or allergies, the very same symptoms it would cause if one were cutting a red onion. Do you feel that you need to take mega-supplements, tonics and maintain a strict diet or else your chronically recurring problems will flare up? A person with a strong constitution can handle dietary indiscretions, stresses, exposure to some germs, and life crises without getting ill. Picture a house with windows, doors, a roof, and plumbing, all sitting on a solid foundation.
You CAN treat your own horse but it is advisable get a proper veterinary diagnosis and advice first. Despite all the advancements in medical science, there are still a lot of people who rely on natural medicine and treatments to handle diseases and disorders. One of the primary differences between homeopathy and naturopathy is that the former involves introducing diluted harmful substances into the body with the intention of making the body develop immunity to these substances that cause problems, whereas the latter on believes in introducing beneficial substance into the human body in order to fight disease. Another really key difference between homeopathy and naturopathy is that homeopathy relies on medication to treat a disease and get down to the root of the problem, whereas naturopathy relies on lifestyle alternation, which include modifying the diet and exercise regimen, both of which play a significant role in the maintenance of health and even overcoming certain disorders. Homeopathy and naturopathy also differ on the account of how they act to rid the patient of the disease or disorder. Homeopathy is safe for even pregnant women and children, as it does not involve giving toxic medicines to the patients.
Primary use: Fright, and sudden feverish illness especially after exposure to cold dry wind. Aconite might be indicated in the first stages of a painful illness and it is especially useful in illnesses that come on after exposure to cold dry wind. Dosage: Give one to three times daily at the first hint of illness or for fright or trauma.
Calcarea Phos is of great use in fractures of old people and where the healing of the fractures is slowed down by deficient nutrition to the bone.
Arnica Montana comes into use when there has been an injury to soft parts due to a fall or by a blunt-weapon hurt that results in a blackish-bluish discolouration.

It is very effective in controlling internal haemorrhages (bleeding) and their absorption, thus its effectiveness in the initial hours of severe head injuries is high. Natrum Sulph works well to treat epilepsy, arising from a recent or remote head injury, vertigo, memory impairment and blindness arising from such an injury. Belladonna and Kali Bromatum are effective in treating headaches resulting from head injuries. Symptoms are all signs our body gives us when our immunity (vital force, governing system) is stressed out and off-balance.
We are each born with a constitution that is individual to us and which contains weaknesses and strengths inherited from our ancestors. Not only are these medicines and treatments generally cheaper, some of them are way more effective than allopathic medicines and modern treatments.
Introducing harmful substance, even in diluted form, may raise many eyebrows, but its effectiveness and benefits heavily outweighs the risk involved. The former has nothing to do with the mind and spirit of the patient, whereas the latter gives a great deal of importance to both the mind as well as the spirit of the patient. Naturopathy, however, can be harmful to pregnant women and children as some of the natural herbs prescribed for treatment may be toxic.
In an Aconite case the mental state of the dog is terror and this can be reflected in the physical symptoms such as rapid respiration, bounding pulse, shining or widened eyes, or trembling.
Older homeopaths that worked with animals before the advent of antibiotics often reported that one could prevent a serious infection by using Aconite at the very first hint of illness.
Vikas Sharma MD 71 Comments SYMPHYTUM Officinalis, or knit-bone, as the common name suggests, is of great use in wounds penetrating to the bones, and in non-union or slow union of fractures. Injury at times can cause swelling in the optic canal (a barely negotiable passage) through which the optic nerve passes, which can lead to severe visual disturbances.
We do not claim to cure any disease which is considered' incurable ' on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine .The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis.
Both homeopathy and naturopathy focus on finding out the cause of a particular disease or disorder and then tackling it through natural medicine and treatment.
It is because of this boarder spectrum that it has often regarded as the holistic medicine or treatments.

Conditions such as sudden fever or cold symptoms that come on suddenly or that closely follow a cold snap or wind-storm respond to Aconite. If indicated, 30 C potency of the above-mentioned medicines can be taken four times a day until substantial relief occurs. Cicuta Virosa is another homoeopathic medicine having a significant role in a concussion to the brain. You engage a plumber to fix the pipes, a carpenter to mend the doors, and a roofer to replace the tiles.
The effectiveness of treating a patient by focusing on his mind and spirit has come under debate many times. If a dog is frightened by distressing situations think of Aconite.  Aconite can help the frightened dog or puppy regain composure. The remaining pain and soreness of the periosteum may be promptly relieved by Symphytum and would also quicken the union of fractures.
When initial hours after the injury are very crucial, these medicines can be extremely useful. Violent forms of epilepsy and also squint resulting from such an injury are treatable with it.
But it's really the foundation that needs stabilizing in order to balance the house in its right place, and to fortify it against future earthquakes. The connection between a person’s health and their state of mind is something that is acknowledged in modern science as well and therefore any debate on the usefulness of treating a patient’s mind and spirit while trying to cure him of a disease or disorder is bound to go in the favour of naturopathy.
Their application is equally important and significant in immediate and remote effects resulting out of such an injury. Of course, some people have more far more faith in modern medicine and treatments instead of naturopathy or even homeopathy. Homeopathy looks at the whole foundation and seeks to provide long-term solutions to your health problems.

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