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Homeopathy is helpful in treating burning or painful urination burning or pain while passing urine, combined with a sense of urgency. There are several treatments for this disease in homeopathy, but the victim should possess the mentioned symptoms and thus should be able to take the medicine as well. Aconite 30: This medicine is useful when the victim is suffering from severe burning and pain, especially at the beginning of urination. Apis 30: The patient who is having the following symptoms should take the medicine named Apis.
Berberis vulgaris 30: Some of the symptoms that confirm the use of Berberis vulgaris can be mentioned as frequent slow urination with burning pain in the bladder, thighs and loins while urinating, especially at the end.
Cantharis 30: Constant urge to pass urine, but only a few drops pass out at a time is the common symptom to use the medicine Cantharis. Staphisagria 30: Though an urgent need is felt for passing urine, the person has to wait for a long time before urine actually flows out. Fortunately I had already had a chance to acclimatise to African weather as I had joined my husband in Cote D’Ivoire 2 weeks before travelling to Ghana. My first work placement was at Mafi Seva, the village setting in the lower Volta region where Ghana Homeopathic project has been active for the last 10 years. I am also an acupuncturist and gave a few treatments to local people including Emperor, mostly for problems with sore backs and extremeties. I gave talks introducing homeopathy to a group of midwives and nurses working in a hospital in Accra, and a group of Independent midwives working in Ho a town north of Accra.
I have had some feedback from Emperor about some of the homeopathic cases we saw together, so would like to briefly share some of our successful cases with you.
Case 3 – 5 year old boy who had been suffering from constant involuntary dribbling of urine with frequent urge to urinate for the past week.
Case 4 – 80 year old man who presented in the evening, unable to pass urine since early morning. Our SponsorsWe would like to extend a big 'thank you' to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers.
Our Duty of supports appropriate use of all health care technologies, and an unshakeable duty of care to every one under medical care. Homeopathy in the NewsOver thirty million people in Europe already benefit from homeopathic treatment. The symptoms are scanty, frequent and painful urination, with great urgency that can scarcely retain the urine for a moment. While passing urine, there is severe burning and pain, which becomes violent at the end of urination. There is such violent, cutting or stabbing pain in the bladder region that the person screams while passing each drop.

Urine, passing out in drops, causes itching, irritation and burning pain, which even extends to the genital organs and the legs.
All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. He is working in Abidjan as a Football Manager and I had taken the plunge to rent out our home and come and live with him. While I was there I liaised with the local TBA’s doing antenatal visits together with them. Gradually it was becoming know that I also did acupuncture and each day I had more people asking for it.
I also enjoyed spending 2 days with the students at the Premier School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine in Accra, as I was able to work with them on a deeper level. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. At all times during homeopathic treatment we encourage you to continue ongoing treatment with a medical professional. Pain or burning during urination can occur for various reasons including various sexually transmitted diseases, bladder conditions, urethral conditions and other causes of urethritis. Drinking coffee or cold water worsens the problem; warm applications to the bladder region seem to help. Sensation can be felt as if a drop of urine were rolling continuously along the urinary passage. Knowing that this was my plan, I contacted the British organisers of The Ghana Homeopathy Project, so I could volunteer my services teaching homeopathy to Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA’s), midwives and students, and familiarize myself with prescribing homeopathic remedies in an African context. I worked together with Emperor their resident homeopath, to doing between 5 and 10 homeopathic consultations most days, and assisted at 2 births.
My main objective was to teach them some basic homeopathy because they believed it would a valuable tool working in isolated communities. The following day he had a delusion that the Fetish priest came and hit him with a stick and ‘made him’ walk 3 kilometres to the fetish shrine for treatment, which was unsuccessful.
It is important that you have sufficient information to make an informed choice about your healthcare. The location of pain or burning during urination is important to distinguish urethral pain from bladder pain or kidney pain. While passing out, the urine severely scalds the passage especially the last drop burns and smarts. The urethra is so sensitive to touch and pressure that the victim keeps his legs wide apart while walking. There is no similar organisation in Cote D’Ivoire that I am aware of and the fact that they speak English in Ghana has the added bonus for me.

It was a challenge for me as they were illiterate and spoke little English so I was working with an interpreter. Originally he had dreams of spirits and monsters who argued with him; now he no longer sees them but still hears them every time he falls to sleep. I am both a midwife and homeopath of 25 years experience, and worked in a private midwifery practice in London for 7 years integrating these skills. She had given birth to the other 3 at home with the support of her mother, but as she was away this time she decided to come to the clinic. I had produced graphic representations of the remedies, and tried to act out some scenarios where they might be used. I was keen to share my knowledge and also to learn from the people of Ghana what their midwifery and health challenges are and how they have overcome them, hoping to also be able to apply my newfound knowledge on my return to Abidjan. Although contracting regularly, Horlali, the resident TBA, assessed her to be in early labour. I gave her a dose of Caulophyllum 200c and she pushed her baby out easily a few minutes later, during one contraction. In consultation with the Emperor we decided to teach them about three remedies to start with. Because he sees ghosts, hears voices and talks with spirits, was probably suffering from Delerium Tremens and was waking as if from fright, we decided that the best indicated remedy was Stramonium. As I was about to have a shower when this woman arrived, she suggested I should go and have it as she would not have the baby for a while. I was away for about half an hour and when I returned I was greeted with the sound of a baby crying before I opened the door.
Arnica and Sepia tackle the issue of haemorrhage after birth, which they identified as one of their main issues, and Carbo Veg helps with resuscitation of the newborn. I gave the mother a dose of Arnica 30c, immediately after birth, as is my routine in the UK.
We decided on Sepia as many of the women in that community spent their lives working hard on their farms and had birthed several babies. Psychologically she is depressed, angry, disappointed and homesick, so Emperor has given her Nat Mur 200c as a 2nd prescription.
I would have liked to give them some Caulophyllum too, but it was decided not to give them too much new information to absorb at one time.

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