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The immune system produces proteins known as antibodies which protect the body from viruses and bacteria and other harmful elements. The person suffering from lupus begins to lose or gain weight, bruises easily and becomes prone to ulcers in the mouth and the nose. The vitamin E found in it enhances the function of the immune system and stops the damage to the healthy tissues.
Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons are very high in vitamin C which is an excellent antioxidant.
Vitamin C is also essential for the growth and repair of the cells and the tissues in the body and to keep them healthy. Amla is full of vitamin C and other nutrients that rectify the functioning of the erratic immune system and prevent the healthy tissues from being damaged and destroyed. Selena Gomez revealed she went through chemo to treat lupus when several tabloids speculated she was in either in rehab or pregnant. For reasons that doctors still don’t understand, the immune system sometimes becomes confused, attacking the body itself, a condition known as autoimmune disease. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, 1.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with the condition, with 16,000 new cases every year.
No one food offers a golden ticket to fighting cancer, but a smart combination of eight “cancer-blocking” foods offers the strongest protection and contributes to overall health. Plummeting grades, weight change, trouble focusing, it might be easy to blame your teen's behavior on the changes in adolescence.
Teen punk Avril Lavigne has been notably out of the spotlight for several months and now she's explaining why: she's been struggling with Lyme disease. About MS Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive, neurological disease that can affect the central nervous system (CNS).
Waiting until a child is in third grade or later before identifying dyslexia is no longer acceptable, researchers say. Magnetically controlled growing rods can treat the spinal disorder scoliosis in children without the need for repeat invasive surgeries, a small new study suggests. In Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, the immune system begins to recognize and attack itself, going after and injuring healthy tissue.
Approximately two-thirds of people living with lupus will develop some type of skin disease or cutaneous lupus. About 50% of people with SLE will experience lung involvement during the course of their disease. The Renal System (Kidney): It is estimated that as many as *40 percent of all people with lupus, and as many as two-thirds of all children with lupus, will develop kidney complications that require medical evaluation and treatment. The Gastrointestinal System (GI system): GI system complications and problems from the esophagus to the intestines are a common occurrence in lupus patients. Oral Disease in Lupus: Approximately 95 percent of lupus patients suffer from some form of oral complications such as the development of sores and lesions inside the mouth or nose.
Reproductive System: Pregnancy with lupus has always been considered “high-risk” due to the potential for an increased possibility of miscarriage or premature delivery.  However, it is important to know that many women with lupus, receiving the proper monitoring and care of a physician, go on to deliver normal, healthy babies! While lupus is a lifelong disorder of the immune system with as of yet, no cure, there are treatments that can minimize the damage that lupus causes to the body.

When the immune system starts functioning erratically it is unable to discriminate between the healthy tissues of the body and the antibodies and directs the antibodies to attack the healthy tissues. This disease occurs between the ages of fifteen to forty-five years and women are more prone to it than men. Rashes or lesions erupt on the skin of the hands, arms, face and neck and there is shortness of breath. These seeds have innumerable health giving benefits and are extremely useful in curing and preventing a number of diseases and ailments. It eliminates all the harmful radicals from the body and enhances the body’s defenses against foreign invasion.
Sesame is also rich in calcium and other essential minerals which improve the overall body health and boost its energy levels. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil alleviate the pain and swelling in the joints and maintain the proper functioning of the immune system.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Lupus is a chronic disease in which a person’s body is attacked by the immune system, which normally fights infections and foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, said Gilkeson, a professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. With lupus,the immune system can attack any organ of the body, including the kidneys and brain, although skin and joints are often most affected, he said. Like Gomez, people with lupus often begin chemotherapy, which helps to suppress the immune system. But relatively few young people are familiar with the disease, said Josie Pearce, 17, who was diagnosed with lupus two years ago. Refined flour is a common ingredient in processed foods, but its excess carbohydrate content is a serious cause for concern. This can cause several complications as well as inflammation throughout the body’s various systems. Complications from this can cause headaches, depression, mood swings, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog), stroke and seizures. These can be related to the inflammatory process of lupus itself but in other cases, problems may be due to drug treatment (corticosteroids or antimalarials) or may be a separate problem (glaucoma or retinal detachment). For more information on this topic, please read our blog on the butterfly rash and other rashes. A very important point to note- cardiovascular disease (heart disease), a common symptom of lupus, is the number one cause of death in people with SLE. This can include the surrounding organs such as the stomach, liver, pancreas, bile ducts, and the gallbladder.
Increased education among the medical community and the public are leading to earlier diagnosis and strides are being made in the discovery of new lupus treatments which will, one day, lead to a cure.
The personal views do not necessarily encompass the views of the organization, but the information has been vetted as a relevant resource. The specific cause is not yet known but it is deduced that genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, exposure to toxic chemicals, extreme stress, smoking and certain medications and antibiotics can contribute to lupus. Sunflower seeds are extremely rich in magnesium, phosphorous, iron and vitamin B complex which provide vital nourishment to the body and all its organs.

Lupus can cause a variety of symptoms, including severe fatigue, headaches, painful or swollen joints, fever, swelling in the hands or ankles, a butterfly-shaped rash across the nose and cheeks, sensitivity to light, mouth and nose ulcers, anemia and hair loss.
Because it can lead to cardiovascular disease, lupus can kill women in their 20s by causing heart attacks and strokes, Gilkeson said.
Gomez has said that she is in remission, which means her disease is not causing her any symptoms. But the chemo drugs used to treat lupus are often gentler than those used to treat cancer, so the side effects aren’t as severe.
Developing a strong relationship with your doctor is vital so that you may work together to create the most effective treatment plan specific to your needs.
It is very important to schedule annual comprehensive eye exams to catch and treat any issues that may come about.
If you experience swelling in your feet, legs, fingers, or eyes; blood in your urine or increased frequency in urination especially during the night, it could signify inflammation in your kidneys that, if not treated, can lead to kidney damage and kidney disease. Often the muscles aren’t able to effectively move waste through the intestines causing many of these digestive problems.
Please join us in our mission to raise awareness for and help those who are living with lupus by sharing and commenting on this blog.  And don’t forget- our newest blogs go out on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.
We encourage you to be your strongest advocate and always contact your medical provider with any specific questions or concerns. Sesame also contains huge amounts of lecithin which is an exceptional nutrient for the cells and the tissues. The disease is most common in women in their child-bearing years – from adolescence up until menopause. People with lupus also can die at young ages due to infections that are related to the immune-suppressing drugs taken to control the disease. But any type of chemo can harm a woman’s fertility by putting her in early menopause, Gilkeson said. When this occurs, it is often called an overlap disease.  This is one of the main reasons that lupus can be so difficult to diagnose and, all too often, misdiagnosed.
It’s also more common in minorities, such as Hispanics and African-Americans, than in whites or Asians. Although lupus doesn’t make it harder to become pregnant, women with lupus are more likely to miscarry. While cancer patients sometimes bank their sperm or eggs in order to preserve their future fertility, people with lupus may not have this option, because doctors often want to begin chemo as quickly as possible. To keep the disease under control, people with lupus need to be treated for the rest of their lives.

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