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Much the same as in US, UK, Australia and other countries, Japanese obstetricians and gynecologists advocated HPV vaccines as a highly effective method of preventing uterine cervical cancer. HPV vaccination programs began in 2010 under a recommendation made by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (JMHLW) to administer HPV vaccines to girls from 11 to 14 years old. Japan Medical Association and Japan Pediatrics Association supported HPV vaccination program.
After discussions in the Japanese parliaments, it was decided to add three vaccinations (HPV, Hib and PCV7) to the mandatory ones on Mar 28 2013. March 11 2011, huge earthquakes and tsunami attacked the north-eastern area of Honshu island of Japan, and atomic power plant in Fukushima lost external power supply and lost the means to cool reactor cores.
In the midst of this turmoil, a non-commercial video made by Advertising Council Japan was broadcasted on TV repeatedly and repeatedly. Joint meetings of the Vaccine Adverse Reactions Review Committee (JVARRC) are held three times a year. The presence of girls suffering from adverse effects of cervical cancer vaccine was revealed gradually from the beginning of 2013. The Congress of Professionals for Suppressing Uterine Cervical Cancer and Japan Pediatrics Association made a statement that JMHLW should “withdraw the suspension of recommendation” for HPV vaccination and should “restore the recommendation” for the vaccination. In the early period of HPV vaccination program, many girls who were injected with the vaccine fell down to the floor within several minutes injuring their heads or faces. But, with my experience, visual stimuli such like seeing wounds or blood may bring nausea and hypotension.
In the case of Cervarix, the first row in the above table shows that low blood pressure was observed only in 39 cases (20%).
The first and the second row of table 4 shows that girls did not necessarily fall down with hypotension. GSK had made a file titled as “List of cases with secondary injury to syncope brought by injection of Cervarix” in which 41 case records are contained (page 7 to 35).
In case 26 (see Addendum), tonic-clonic seizure and apnea occurred just after the injection, although blood pressure was not low.
These tables and case records in this document may show that girls fell to the floor with an attack of unconsciousness brought by hypotension (pre-shock).
Consciousness derangement occurred more than 30 minutes after injection in vaccinated girls. If recipients fell into vaso-vagal reflex and pre-shock, they might recover within 30 minutes at the most.
GSK made a list of cases with late syncope attack which occurred more than 30 min after injection of Cervarix, and which title is “Cases in whom syncope occurred more than 30 min after injection of Cervarix” (page 36 to 52).
In some cases, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, taking bath or generalized urticarial seemed to bring syncope (case 1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 23 and 28). As to Gardasil, one list is included, in which 13 case records are contained and titled “List of cases in whom secondary injury, such like fall, occurred with syncope after injection of Gardasil” (page 61 to 74).
As EEG, took at neurosurgery of the other hospital, showed spikes and it indicated epilepsy, she was medicated with anti-convulsant.
As she did not visit to my clinic after the second injection, I consider that following up this case is difficult. Those few, albeit loud voices that seem to think every medical advancement in women's health will also serve as a dangerous aphrodisiac, if not a public health crisis, can lament a new study proving them wrong this week. While the Center for Disease Control recommends the vaccine for all girls between ages 11 and 26, only about half of American women actually receive the shot.
In this sense, the HPV vaccine discussion resembles the decades-long debate over birth control: If a medication mitigates the consequences of unprotected sex, it must also encourage it. Research released this week from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital suggests that young women who receive the HPV vaccine are no more likely to have unprotected sex than they were before they received it.

While a study late last year indicated that the HPV vaccine was not correlated with increased incidence of other STIs or pregnancy among young women who received it, the Cincinnati study focused more on participants' attitudes about safe sex. Researchers surveyed young women between 13 and 21 years old before they received the vaccine, and then again two and six months later. Ultimately, those who were sexually active reported no decline in their condom use after receiving the vaccination, and that they understood the shots did not protect against other STIs or pregnancy. The study is heartening for those hoping to increase vaccination of young women in the interest of preventing cervical cancer. The findings offer a welcomed reprieve from the near-constant task women have in defending their sexual health choices. One of the most buzzed about parts of the Affordable Care Act is the so-called contraceptive mandate, which requires that most private health insurance plans cover birth control without a co-pay or deductible.
Et storre japansk TV-selskab, TBS, sendte i efteraret 2014 et japansk filmhold til Danmark. Pa TBS’s hjemmeside blev dokumentaren introduceret med folgende: ”NEWS23 har rapporteret om forskellige bivirkninger, som piger har indberettet.
Udover at folge det japanske samarbejde med Frederiksberg Hospital, folger dokumentaren blandt andet ogsa Sara, der er bivirkningsramt her i Danmark. Indberet din bivirkningOplever du bivirkninger efter HPV-vaccination er det vigtigt at fa det registreret, for at give det bedst mulige billede over den mulige sammenh?ng mellem vaccination og bivirkninger. Om sidenTil Kamp for Retf?rdig Oplysning om HPV-vaccinen er en side der arbejder pa at informere om den nyeste relevante viden om HPV-vaccinen.
Websitet anvender cookies til indsamling af statistik, ved yderligere brug accepterer du disse vilkar.
In 2008, they formed an organization named “the Congress of Professionals for Suppressing Uterine Cervical Cancer” to further promote this recommendation.
The Japanese government allocated 15 billion yen (187.5 million dollars) for urgent HPV Vaccination programs. There was no political party which stated an opinion opposing the addition of HPV vaccines. In that video, an actress known to have recovered from uterine cervical cancer and her daughter stressed the importance of cervical cancer checkups. The Nationwide Liaison Association of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Victims and Parents was organized by efforts of Toshie Ikeda, Mika Matsufuji and members of municipal assembly on Mar 25, 2013.
During the press conference after that, videos in which girls are suffering from walking disturbances, tic of the body, absence seizure and choreic movement was presented.
The same day, JMLHW sent a notification to local governments that HPV vaccination should not be recommended actively until the time when MHLW and JVRRC made a report as to the safety concerns of HPV vaccines and that vaccination should be done for those who want vaccination. Some girls fractured their jaws and teeth.  JMHLW and the JVRRAC announced that the reaction was due to vaso-vagal reflex and vaccinated girls should be kept in medical facilities and lying down for­ at least 30 minutes.
Postures before collapsing were sitting in 8 cases, standing in 4 cases, unknown in 1 case. But these also show that girls had been attacked with seizures, which caused unconsciousness and loss of controls of skeletal muscles of the body. Therefore, the cause of consciousness derangement or convulsion was not brought with hypotension due to vaso-vagal reflex. As to Cervarix, two lists are included: one is a list in which 41 case records are contained and titled as “List of cases with secondary injury to syncope brought by injection of Cervarix” (page 7 to 35) and another is a list in which 30 case records are contained and titled as “Cases in whom syncope occurred more than 30 min after injection of Cervarix” (page 36 to 52). About 2 minutes later, when she was sitting on a sofa in the waiting room of the clinic, she fell on her face unconsciously (duration 2, 3 second) and hit her forehead.
According to research published in the journal of Pediatrics, the HPV vaccine does not lead to riskier sexual behavior in young women and teens.
The vaccine's relative unpopularity is partly due to fears that receiving a vaccine that only protects against one type of virus will give young people a false sense of security about their risk factors vis-a-vis other STIs and pregnancy.

In other words, getting vaccinated neither promotes nor discourages risky behavior, and a young person predisposed to safe sex is not likely to abandon healthy habits after receiving the vaccination. At each stage, they were asked about their rate of their sexual activity, whether they were using condoms, and if they thought the vaccine had diminished the necessity for condoms during sex.
Though about 20 percent of women who had no sexual experience at the start of the study had become sexually active six months after (as one could probably expect from any population in this age group), these participants said their understanding of risks associated with sex were not influenced by the vaccine.
The vaccine protects against the two types of the HPV virus that cause 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. While many women for whom the HPV vaccine is beneficial still defer to their parents when considering health care, we're confident this study and others like it will remind families and health care providers that women can trust themselves when it comes to having safe sex. Certain plans have been grandfathered in, or given more time before they have to adhere to the change.
Efter at Japan stoppede deres anbefaling af HPV-vaccinen er de i den grad begyndt at undersoge de potentielle bivirkninger efter vaccinen, som flere tusinde japanske kvinder har indrapporteret. HPV-vaccinen er anvendt af sundhedsmyndigheder i mere end 50 lande i verden, mens det fremgar, at ”klager over bivirkninger kun er set i Japan”. Dokumentaren viser ogsa hvordan foreningen Vaccinationsforum arbejder for at hj?lpe bivirkningsramte og hvordan vores hjemmeside – HPV Vaccine Info – arbejder pa at oplyse om HPV-vaccinen. As HPV vaccination was voluntary and not yet mandatory, local governments eagerly recommended the vaccination. 15 2013, JMA conducted a signature-collecting campaign for a petition to urge the addition of seven vaccinations (HB, PCV7, PCV23, Hib, HPV, chicken pox, mumps) to the list of mandatory ones. The figure below shows the transition of vaccination count reported to JMLHW from local governments. Asked after regained consciousness, she was smiling just before fall and she had no previous history of discomfort on administrations of other vaccines or collecting blood. In order to revive, mom tried to open her daughter’s mouth by inserting mom’s fingers in her daughter’s mouth. Japanske forskere og l?ger kom i den forbindelse i kontakt med Danmark, hvor de nu har faet etableret et samarbejde med Frederiksberg Hospital.
Officials visited junior high schools to advocate the effectiveness of the vaccine and persuade students to be vaccinated. Low blood pressure results in an insufficient blood supply to the brain and normal brain function cannot be maintained. But her daughter bit mom’s fingers strongly, mom could not pull out the fingers for 5 minutes. And while the mandate requires that the full range of FDA-approved prescription contraceptives be covered, it does not require that all brands be covered, so you might have to switch to a generic drug in order to get your contraception for free. They also stressed that the expensive vaccination (48,000 yen, $600, for three shots) would be free within the 2 year limit. Planned Parenthood recommends calling the member services number on the back of your insurance card to talk about what is covered by your plan. Municipal offices sent letters to families which had girls of the targeted age group to urge vaccination.
Nishioka er en af de japanske l?ger, der er med i samarbejdet og har tidligere udviklet den specifikke HPV-diagnose, HANS.
She sat on a chair outside the classroom and her head was cooled with ice bag on her forehead.

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