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First, think back to your prior succees in losing weight before entering college – no small feat! It sounds like your main goal is seeing 170 on the scale, but you can also get a motivation boost by setting intermediate  goals along the way. I know being in college can make eating well hard, but even minimal effort to shop for some staples can help you eat better with a lot less stress. And lastly, go ahead and check out people with good habits (and good bodies!) to motivate yourself.
Aside from motivation, you can also keep yourself on track by avoiding temptations, and things that will lure you away from your goals. Here’s a link to a good article with some more specifics on keeping your calories down in the drink department. I won't spam you, however from time to time I do send announcements or discounts about our coaching. Anyone who’s ever tried to accomplish a goal – whether to grow a business, lose weight or achieve some other purpose – knows how difficult it can be to stay motivated.  While you might start out excited, the struggle of working towards a larger goal day-in and day-out can take a serious toll on your mood and energy levels. Self-assessment is the first step towards successfully changing your ability to stay motivated. The only way to start changing your ability to motivate yourself to success is to realize that something needs to be changed in the first place.
Studies show that willpower and motivation are both – unfortunately – finite resources, which means that you can run out of these important reserves. Once you recognize that you must work on honing your personal motivation skills, you’ll find that your overall mindset changes. Perhaps your new goal is to keep track of what you eat or to finish your daily reports before your first break.
We learn from failure, and once you accept this, you can remove one of the roadblocks that keeps you from staying motivated.
Despite the fact that failure is possible and that willpower is wavering, you must maintain a positive attitude. Overall, maintaining a positive outlook will help you to reach long term goals faster, with plenty of motivation to spare for your next personal or business project.
A real break is something that’s completely unrelated to the goal you are trying to stay motivated for.  For example, if you’re stuck on a business project, you could go to the gym, meet up with friends or take a walk outside. Above all, thinking long term is the most sure-fire way to cultivate willpower and motivation. For example, you can think about your work in terms of how it will affect future generations, which will be especially motivating for those who have children.
So, yes, it’s definitely challenging to try to stay motivated in our busy, distracting world.
They also exhibit a willingness to answer questions and to make a patient feel safe and comfortable.

This is all good, but in the end only you can make decisions about your kitchen renovation. Buying your own home is one of the biggest investments and commitments that most people will experience in a lifetime.
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Since you’ve been successful before, that makes you highly likely to be able to do it again. It can be most challenging to maintain motivation early on, when you feel like you’re working so hard and the scale hasn’t moved yet!
I’m no gazelle, trust me, but I get a charge of motivation when I sign up for an event, such as a 5K or charity bike ride. When your fridge has some apples, some cheese, some turkey or roast beef and whole grain bread, it can motivate you make a sandwich for a meal rather than order greasy takeout, if only to not waste your money!
Are you the kind of person that flits from one thing to another, never quite making an objective stick? Both your business and personal goals are important – and taking steps towards accomplishing them can be difficult when motivation and willpower are nowhere to be found. Because of this limitation, you must look at willpower and motivation in a different way and actively work to keep them both at a high level.
You’ll stop yourself from giving in and giving up, simply because you recognize how motivation truly works. These aren’t hard goals, but they do require attention and run the risk of being dismissed because they’re “boring.” However, if you allow yourself to feel a little joy at these accomplishments, you’ll be more inclined to complete them – and more likely to complete your overarching goals. Doing so will help you to achieve your goals by stirring your motivation – if you have a positive outlook, why not move forward?
Just make sure it actually a break – don’t let your mind wander or go off on a tangent instead of actually resting! Switching gears for a while helps you to return to your task with the high willpower reserves needed to continue working towards your goal. One recent study, co-authored by Vanderbilt management and sociology professor Bruce Barry, shows that there are different kinds of thinking that aid in accomplishing goals – and each will help propel you forward in your professional or personal achievements.
You can also picture your goal in the context of solving a puzzle – this will appeal to the analytical brains. But by implementing the techniques described above, willpower and motivation will come to your aid and help you to accomplish whatever personal and business goals you set your mind to. You can listen to all previous episodes and be one of the first to hear the new episode each week when we publish it.
You don’t have to see pounds coming off on the scale to pat yourself on the back, you can start noticing good things right now!

I really admire some things other people do better than I do – instead of making me feel bad I try and use it constructively.
You might want to try constantly hitting up the gym or basketball court more than worrying if one drink has more calories than another. You’ll feel a twinge of guilt if your mind strays – that’s good, as that is self-evaluation beginning to work.
What many people do not realize is that by accepting failure as a possibility, you cushion the blow of any failures you may encounter along your path.
This is because entrepreneurs recognize that failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen – missing out on a great opportunity because you were too scared to risk bruising your fragile ego is.
A third way to concentrate on accomplishing your aim is to think of your work as one piece in a grander scheme, which – in turn – contributes to some future, higher goal. If you’re really interested in socializing, go to the movies or rent some for less damage to you wallet and waistline. Or do you find yourself struggling with boredom and routine once your initial goal-related excitement wears off?
Set tiny goals to accomplish and then allow yourself to feel great once you’ve accomplished them. While it can be supportive to have a close friend or two to lean on, the best motivation comes from YOU.
While some people are motivated by health outcomes, such as improving their blood pressure or cholesterol, I know what it’s like to be in the younger crowd – we care about our physiques! The lower calorie adult beverages would be ones without sour mix or other sugary mixers, or try hard liquor mixed with diet coke. Right from the get-go you can feel good about giving your body better nutrients by choosing lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean protein.
If you can’t bear to part with regular beer, just work on decreasing the amount you drink and frequency.
Source of motivation #2: Revel in all the good results of your smarter nutrition plan, big and small. Once your body starts changing, use that reflection to pat yourself on the back and remind yourself how much the work is worth it!
So, aside from the close friends I’ve told, what other types of motivation can I seek?

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