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Another thing I like to take into consideration, as many of you might know, is my love for motivational videos and things that get my mind right. An article that appeared on TIMES, says that doctors are concerned about the health effects of energy drinks because of a new research that reveals that consuming energy drinks may increase blood pressure and modify the heart rhythms of healthy humans. The findings of the research, which was presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association in Phoenix, last Tuesday, adds to growing concern over energy drinks that combine ingredients like caffeine, guarana and ginseng into a potent stimulant. The new research is far from the first study to caution that energy drinks may lead to adverse health effects. In the study, the researchers had 25 healthy men and women drink a 16-ounce Rockstar energy drink on one day, and a placebo drink on another day.
Researchers behind the new study recommended that consumers, particularly young people, await further research before regularly drinking energy drinks. If you are tired you may think that you don’t have enough energy to workout, but research has shown that strenuous exercise increases energy levels. Place yourself on a sleep schedule and avoid taking naps more than 10 minutes in daytime since they can cause problems when going to sleep at night.
One of the most common foods that can give you an energy boost is a banana, a great source of natural carbohydrates and potassium.

With football season coming up, usually around this time of the year you will find a resurgence of great hype videos. Participants who consumed two energy drinks saw a statistically significant increase in abnormal heart behavior and a rise in blood pressure when compared to a control group given a placebo.
A 2015 study in the journal JAMA found that energy drinks raised blood pressure and caused a stress hormone in young people. The researchers then measured the men and women’s blood pressure and their levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine before the trial and 30 minutes after they drank the beverage. In the long run, exercise not just provides you more energy, but additionally enhances your general health and self-confidence. It’s very easy to become dehydrated since every day an individual loses water via simple activities like breathing, moving and urinating. If you’re a breakfast person, a good serving or oatmeal can also give you a good energy kick in the morning. I found an awesome pump up video that I have been watching lately, and I wanted to share it.
They found that blood pressure levels went up and norepinephrine levels rose twice as much after people drank the energy drink compared to when they drank the placebo beverage.

Yoga is a superb demonstration of low-impact exercise that doesn’t just energizes, but also enhances your cardiovascular health and flexibility.
A good guideline to ensure you’re adequately hydrated and energized is to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily. Oats have complex carbohydrates which are continuously released in the body for a constant supply of energy.
Whether it is before my workout, or before my work, I watch this video in order to get the blood pumping. The dreadful tasks of daily life can result in wear and tear on the body if you’re too worn out and fatigued to engage in them fully. Yes, it is football based, but whether you are a sports fan or not, this should still do the trick.
Possessing more energy through the day can improve our productivity, provide us with the best outlook, and make us a happier individual.

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