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Cleverly, this infographic is a mind-map which shows how to make, yes you guessed it, a mind-map.
There are certain scenarios where packaged bank accounts were mis-sold and those account-holders can claim back their fees. The signs of this disaster are unpleasant enough, but at the same time a good part of the world population suffers from this problem. This is the disease, connected with the toenail, that grows into the lateral cutaneous area (the nail fold).
The most common nail, which grows into the flesh, is the nail of a big toe, but in some cases the nails of other fingers can cause the injury.
If you do not pay attention to these signs, then you should look forward to the further development of the disease – large swelling can form around the nail, pus can appear and an abscess can develop into a tumor, which can bleed. However, the disease often occurs due to the incorrect pedicure, because if the nail is cut too short, it may start growing into the skin.
Ingrown toenail can occur if someone wears too narrow, uncomfortable or inconvenient shoes, as well as shoes which cause strong feet-sweating. If you will do warm foot baths ( bath should be with a light solution of baking soda and potassium permanganate and you have to take them three times a day for fifteen minutes ) at an early stage of the disease, when there is no pus yet, then you may avoid the severe degree of disease. If your condition has already worsened and pus began to appear on a finger, you can’t avoid using the ointments. However, you can go strictly to the surgeon to seek for the surgical intervention, so that the specialists may help you operatively and quickly. If you want to prevent yourself from the ingrown nail, you should wear good shoes – comfortable and spacious.

Later a finger turns blue with reddish and suppurates, its size also can increase, which will not allow you to wear any shoes.
So if your close relatives or parents often face the problem of the ingrown toenail, you have a risk of getting the disease. After the adoption of such a bath you should immediately try to cut off an ingrown nail with scissors as carefully as you can.
You can apply the sheets of aloe (the cut should contact the affected area), and bind it with a bandage so that it was fixed. However, this recommendation is suitable only when the disease is not complicated: there is no pus, abscess, and bleeding skin. However, the wound is healing up for a long time after the application of this method, because the soft tissues are burned by the laser interference. Always observe the rules of personal hygiene, keep your own towel for the feet, wash them every day before going to bed. However, we  are able to stop the development of this unpleasant symptom and the deterioration of a feet condition by ourselves.
In most cases, this ingrowth is unilateral, however, there are also bilateral ingrowths of a nail plate. The ointment should be carefully applied with a small piece of bandage, folded several times. When the pain decreases, cut the nail and put a piece of aloe again for a further treatment. If the nail will be removed, you will have to go to the doctor every day for the bandaging.

The last two ways make the nail regrowth painful enough, but you still should not neglect the problem. It is enough just to pay the attention to a pain in time, when it first appears in your toes. If you have an ingrown toenail, the soft tissues on your legs will be inflamed and become reddish, a finger will swell; you will experience some pain in the injured leg, especially during walking. It is easier to prevent this disease, if you know that you are predisposed to its appearance.
Put the piece on the affected area, wrap in a piece of cellophane so that the ointment will not melt. Then bind the whole structure up with a bandage and put on a warm sock to provide a good fixation. Even when the situation becomes severe, many people do not pay attention and treat it as a trifle.
But if the development of the disaster will not be stopped in time, it can lead to blood poisoning and other infections.
If pus has not diminished and the pain has not reduced, if the leg bleeds when you walk and an abscess breaks, you should urgently ask the surgeon for treatment.

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