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For those who have already considered and implemented energy-saving ideas such as lighting economization, air-conditioning efficiencies, air-compressor system control, air leakage minimization and the implementation of high efficiency motors, etc. When consideration is given to the fact that 45% of a factory?fs total power consumption is consumed by machining processes then quickly it can be understood the dramatic energy-savings realized by using Daikin oil hydraulic equipment. DAIKIN?fs innovative IPM motors are the key technology to energy-saving in air conditioners with over one million installations. The dramatic energy-savings is realized by reducing the motor rotating speed under a retained pressure condition. Tandem pump of fixed displacement(high and low) is autonomously controlled according to load pressure. By monitoring pressure of each control axis from three to six, the high-speed response motor provides the idle stop function. LED retrofit lamps of the future is a new light bulb design from German engineers that presents the next generation of light and offers tried and tested shapes, an attractive look and the cutting edge LED technology for modern eco homes. Diodes are forever, and the engineers guarantee an 80-year lifespan at average use of new light bulbs, creating eco friendly product that is timeless and decorative.
New lamps show  the brilliant color rendering performance and instant brightness, while beautifully decorating modern home interiors.
Energy efficient, light weight and innovative, enhance by the green technology and unique design, the Bulled lamps are high quality product for eco friendly houses, hotels, schools, libraries and restaurants. 30 Unique Bed Designs and Creative Bedroom Decorating IdeasSome words about bathroom mirrorsSome Tips For Dining Room Lighting.

Although this day is really for monitoring the quality of water I thought we’d also encompass design ideas on conserving this precious resource as well. Water purification systems are a great idea in homes where the water from the tap is unfir for human consumption. This 5-star rated bathroom suite is another innovation that’s very plausible and could be fitted in all of our homes. Don’t throw money down the drain – use water wisely by fixing dripping taps and turning the tap on and off while brushing your teeth.
If there’s a hose pipe ban in your area you can and should be collecting water in rain butts and using this to water the garden. If everyone does their bit to use water wisely this precious resource will last considerably longer. Get involved in water testing if you can – we should all remember not to pollute water with harmful chemicals. I love the 1940’s and 1950’s everyone made an effort and made the best out of what they had.
Energy-saving of more than 50% is achieved (In comparison of a conventional hydraulic system to our product while when pressure is retained).
Bulled light bulbs come in various designs: classic, modular and star, which can replace any existing standard bulbs and create perfect lighting.
A careful choice of extremely robust materials and thoughtful design allow conservation without compromising the comfort, functionality and convenience.

Innovative lamp design preserves the good qualities of the conventional incandescent light bulbs, a?? its round shape, light dispersion and unrivalled light quality. There’s some fabulous and innovative ideas that you may be able to put into your home or workplace.
You use fresh water for washing your hands and the dirty or used water is then sent to the toilet filling it ready for the next flush. Using a washing-up bowl rather than leaving the tap running to rinse plates can save copious amounts of water on a daily basis. German engineers from LED LEDO Technologie,  created eco friendly design of Bulled light bulbs, keeping the shape and luminosity of a 60 Watt incandescent light bulb, but at an energy use of only 11 watts. Using only 15 % of energy, dimmable new lamps add a stylish contemporary design to modern homes, protecting the environment and supporting green living concepts. LED retrofit lamps create warm light just like a standard incandescent light bulbs, saving the energy and the environments with an innovative green technology.

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